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Roku Channels (Keep Changing/Reloading or Won’t Open/Install/Show)

Roku channels offer thousands of different movies, TV shows, and the ability to stream live TV without fewer ads than cable or satellite companies are able to offer. What, then, do you do when your Roku channels keep changing, reloading, won’t open or install, or won’t show?

If your Roku channels keep changing, continually reload, will not open, won’t install, or simply will not show up, try disabling the API setting, deleting and reinstalling the channel, using the Roku app to control channels, and rescan for channels among many other solutions.

Smart TV channels

By using Roku, users are able to tap into a plethora of different free television shows and movies, while also having the ability to create their own personal account filled with the subscription channels that they love. This gives users a hub where they can find everything they need through the use of one single remote, but what do you do when the Roku channels you use so regularly without interruption, all of the sudden starts exhibiting problems?

Roku TV Keeps Changing Channels

Smart TV channels

When you are watching the final episode of your favorite series, are in the middle of the very climax of a thriller, or waiting to see which team is going to win in overtime, there is nothing worse that could happen than the channel changing without your warrant. If you are using your Roku TV and find that the channels continually change on their own without you conducting the action, a solution is certainly needed to fix such an irritating problem.

If your Roku TV keeps changing channels, first be sure that your remote is not being sat on by someone or underneath an object that is causing the channels to change. If this is not the issue, it could be that your Roku TV has been hacked. To keep hackers out of your TV, simply turn off the API function by setting Remote Control to “disabled” in the advanced system settings.

Roku Won’t Open Channels

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When opening up Roku within your TV, you should be able to choose from a wide variety of different channels that come with Roku, but you should also be able to access various applications that are used for streaming and TV purposes. If you turn on Roku and notice that all of the channels are there, but you are not able to open the channels and watch them in live time, this can be a huge inconvenience.

If your Roku won’t open channels, try first to move from the channel you are having problems with and see if other channels will open up. If other channels work properly, then the problem is isolated within a single channel. To fix the channel that is having problems, remove the channel and then reinstall it by selecting the channel, hitting the star (*) button on your remote, then select ‘Remove Channel.’

After the channel is removed, restart your Roku device by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Restart’ > ‘Restart.’ You will then reinstall the channel by visiting the Roku Channel Store and adding the channel by simply selecting the channel and pressing ‘Add Channel.’ This should resolve any problems you are having with an isolated channel issue.

Roku TV Won’t Change Channels

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If you find that your channels open just fine, you may be thinking that you are out of the woods as far as channel issues go. However, some Roku TV owners have encountered problems with their devices not allowing them to change channels when they prompt it. If you are someone who is glued to one station and one station only, this may not be a problem, but for those of you that like a little variance, this can be a bit worrisome.

If your Roku TV won’t change channels, one of the most common problems is that the battery within the remote has died. This may seem like a rather trivial solution to some, but before moving forward with more extensive resolutions. Take the batteries from your remote and be sure to replace them with ones you know are new, but even more important, with ones that are high-quality.

If you replace the batteries in your remote and find that you are still not able to change the channels, try restarting the device. To do this on your Roku TV to go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Power’ > ‘System Restart.’ This should restart your TV which may help to fix any small bugs that are causing problems with your ability to change the channels.

How to Change Channels on Roku TV

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If you have a Roku TV, you know from the very start that the technological capabilities behind this TV are absolutely expansive. This is incredibly exciting for new owners, but for just as many, it can be rather intimidating to try and figure out. If you are new to the Roku TV community, as you get familiar with all of its different functions, you may be wondering how exactly to do something as simple as changing the channel.

To change the channels on a Roku TV using your remote, simply press the ‘Home’ button that is located on the remote then use the up and down arrows to change the channel. If you are not able to change the channel by using your remote, check to see if batteries are within the remote or that the batteries are of high enough quality to be able to transmit a signal to your Roku TV.

If you cannot find your remote control or you do not want to use your remote to change the channel, you can change the channel on your Roku TV by downloading the Roku application to your smart device. You will then open the app and follow the on-screen instructions, tap ‘Devices,’ select your Roku device, then tap the remote icon. You will then be able to use the remote on the application in the same way you would use a physical remote.

Roku Keeps Adding Channels

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When setting up your Roku, there are going to be channels that come with the device and then there will be channels which you can either add for free or pay for to have added to your channel list. You can also take any of these channels and delete them from your Roku channel list. If you turn your TV and notice that channels are randomly being added with your own doing, this can be a problem that goes far beyond bizarre.

If your Roku keeps adding channels, be sure to check that there is not another Roku that is associated with your account. If you find that there is another account associated with your own, this could be the reason that channels are randomly being added. You will then need to remove the account and then remove any channels that you do not wish to keep within your channel list.

Roku Keeps Switching Apps

If your Roku keeps switching apps, it may be due to a malfunctioning remote. Sometimes, stuck buttons or interference can cause unexpected behavior. Try using a different remote or the Roku mobile app to control your device. If the issue stops, it’s likely the remote that needs replacing or cleaning.

Another possible cause is a software glitch in the Roku system. To fix this, restart your Roku device. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘System’, and select ‘System restart’. This can help clear temporary software issues that might be causing the erratic app switching.

Roku TV Not Getting All Channels

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With your Roku TV, there should be a set of channels that automatically appear when you turn the TV on. These can differ depending on what channels you have purchased (or have no purchased), but you should have access to them without a problem. If you turn on your Roku TV and notice that all the channels that were previously displayed are no longer available, you might be left searching for something that simply is not there.

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If your Roku Tv is not getting all channels, it may be beneficial to rescan for channels which will help to pick up any channels that were previously lost due to internet or signal issues. To rescan for channels, you will need to first disable settings by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘TV Inputs’ > ‘Antenna TV’ > ‘Favorite Channels.’ You will then rescan by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘TV Inputs’ > ‘Antenna TV’ > ‘Scan Again for Channels.’

If you are still having trouble finding all of your channels, it may be that you have ‘Favorite Channels’ enabled. This feature actually puts what you watch most often at the top of your channel list, which can cause users to think that other, less watched channels are missing when they are actually at the bottom of the list. To disable this feature, go to your ‘Settings’ and select ‘TV Inputs’ where you will find the option to ‘Turn Off’ auto favorites.

Roku Keeps Deleting Channels

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You may not be having a problem with all channels not showing up within your channel list on your Roku TV, but some Roku users have found problems with their TV or Roku device deleting channels without them ensuing such an action. This can be completely infuriating, as it takes time to build up your channel list in a way that is easily accessible for you and those in your home. So what do you do if you discover that channels are being deleted?

If the channels on your Roku are randomly deleting, it could be that there is another account that is linked to your account, which could be the reason channels are disappearing. To see what devices are linked to your account, go to to see if there are any other users who may be deleting channels without your knowing.

Roku Not Installing Channels

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One of the advantages of owning a Roku TV or using a Roku device is that you have the ability to add or delete channels as you please from your personal channel list. This gives users the ability to customize what they are watching in a way that simply is not as possible when using other types of satellite or cable services. When you go to install a new channel though, what do you do if the installation will not process?

If your Roku is not installing channels, be sure that your network connection is functioning or that it is strong enough to be able to install new channels. To be sure that your internet is functioning properly, you should reboot both your wireless router and your Roku device to help to resolve the problem of channels not installing. To see how to reboot your Roku, see the previous section “Roku TV Won’t Change Channels.”

Why Are Channels Locked on Roku?

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If you have paid for a Roku device or you have a Roku TV, you have paid for a streaming service app that is exclusive to viewers who have these devices. For those who are living outside of the United States, this can be a big problem when it comes to the channels that are available to them. If the channels on your TV are locked, you might be wondering how to get around this issue so you can watch as you please.

If the channels on your Roku TV are locked, it is likely due to the fact that where you are located geographically has restrictions that are put in place which will block content that may be available elsewhere. This can take quite a bit of shows and movies from your list, and can look like it is seemingly impossible to work around. However, you can try downloading a VPN to help bypass geoblocking.

Roku Keeps Reloading Channels

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When you go to open a channel on your Roku TV or Roku device, it should be expected that the channel should open without any problem. However, some users have experienced problems with the channels on their device continually reloading. This may seem normal at first, as updates are normal, but when the channel reloads over and over again, this relays that a problem lies somewhere either within your TV or your Roku device.

If your Roku keeps reloading channels, it may be that you have reached the memory capacity on your TV. If this is the case, you will need to go through your TV and delete channels or applications to help to free up space. Once space has been freed, it should help to aid in the smoothness at which your TV or deceive performs which will help to decrease reloading problems.

If you delete various unused applications from your TV or Roku device and are still having trouble with channels reloading, it could be that your internet speed is temporarily slowed. To remedy an internet issue, you will need to reset the router. This can be done by following the instructions which came with your router or can be generally performed by unplugging the router for 60 seconds then plugging it back in.

Roku TV Not Showing Channels

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If you turn on your TV and cannot find any channels within the channel list, of course, you will be left wondering where on earth the list that was just there yesterday has gone. This channel list is where you are able to find your favorite TV shows, can access the best movies, and can watch games as you please. Therefore, if no channels are available to you, a resolution must be found to get you back into your favorite TV-watching mode.

If your Roku TV is not showing channels, you may need to rescan for channels to get them to reappear. To see the step-by-step process for rescanning, reference back to the previous section “Roku TV Not Getting All Channels.” Here you will find not only how to rescan for channels, but also how to reset your Roku device, which may be necessary to do as well so that the channels will reappear.

How To Unlock All Channels on Roku

Smart TV channels

If you turn on your TV and notice that there are channels that simply are not available to you, you may be wondering why you would be kept from such great content? In the technological world (which was previously noted), there are certain restrictions that each individual country puts on what TV their constituents have access to – this is called geoblocking. Therefore, you may be out a few channels simply due to your location.

If you want to unlock all the channels on your Roku TV or Roku device, you will need to download a VPN bypass so that you will no longer be constricted when it comes to content. Beware, not any VPN is a good choice for your TV and you need to download one with strong security to protect your device as well as the information on it. Once you have a VPN installed, you should be able to have access to any channel.

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It is also important to note that if you find that particular channels which you were able to watch previously are now all the sudden blocked, that this is not an issue that requires a VPN installed. This typically has to do with the actual TV provider like if you are using a cable or satellite provider. If this is the case for you, you need to contact that provider so that they walk you through the processes to unlock the channel.

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