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Roku Keeps Overheating (Why/What’s Causing/How To)?

Being able to use Roku at any moment’s notice is one of the greatest advantages of modern technology. It would seem that such an advanced system would have no trouble operationally, but what do you do if your Roku keeps overheating? What causes it?

A Roku device may overheat due to insufficient ventilation. If it’s placed in a confined space or near heat-generating devices, it can get too hot. To solve this, relocate your Roku to a more open area with better air circulation, away from other electronics, and avoid covering it.

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Dust accumulation inside the Roku can also cause overheating. Over time, dust can clog the air vents, restricting airflow and leading to increased internal temperatures. Regularly cleaning the vents and surrounding area with a soft, dry cloth can help maintain proper ventilation and keep the device cool.

If you think your Roku may be overheating, you could notice it by the actual heat that the device is putting out. It may be even less obvious though as there may be issues with the audio dropping out, problems with the audio syncing to the picture, or Roku may be shutting down entirely. If you find that your Roku is overheating, continue reading to figure out what may be the cause of this and how to fix it.

Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating

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When a device overheats, it causes the internal temperature to reach a temperature that is too high for it to function properly compared to the temperature of the environment in which it is in. This can cause devices like Roku or Roku TVs to force shutdowns, can cause issues within the audio of your device, and can cause relay problems between the picture and sound of your TV. What do you do when Roku is always overheating?

If your Roku is always overheating or keeps overheating repeatedly, you need to first unplug the power cable directly from your Roku and give it time to cool down. Be very careful when doing this, as the device can be extremely hot. Once the device has cooled down, you need to place the unit in an area that allows for more ventilation which means that you should avoid certain areas.

Avoid placing the Roku unit inside a cabinet or with any other closed space, do not place it on top of any other electric devices like cable boxes or routers, and never set it in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight. Wait for at least 10 minutes before your Roku player has completely cooled, then plug the power cable back into it as you wait for it to power back on. If the device still feels warm, wait a few minutes more to ensure it has completely cooled.

Once it turns on, if you see a solid red light appear, unplug the device and repeat the same once more. If you repeat these steps a second time and the red light still appears, you will need to stop using this Roku device. You can also use an HDMI extender for the Roku streaming stick to help move it away from the back of your TV. This will help to give it more area away from other warm devices, which can prevent it from overheating.

Why Does My Roku Stick Keep Overheating?

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When your Roku device continually overheats, this is not only an incredibly inconvenient occurrence as far as seamless TV viewing goes, but it also raises concerns as to what is causing the same problem over and over. If you are using a Roku stick, it may seem like an overheating issue would be something that is relatively rare due to its size, but owners who do have problems with overheating are left wondering what the cause is.

If your Roku stick keeps overheating, one of the few reasons that this can be caused, and most often is caused by, is that the device isn’t in an area that is conducive to good airflow. As previously mentioned under “Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating,” it is imperative that you store your device in a place that is away from direct sunlight, is not on other electronic devices, and is not in a confined space.

This problem can also be caused by your Roku Stick being plugged directly into your TV. This power transfer can be something that causes your Roku Stick to overheat, but it can easily be resolved through the use of an HDMI extender. Once you have the extender in place, you should have no more trouble with your device overheating due to the electric point being spaced further away from the device.

One other cause of your Roku Stick overheating that many people overlook is that the device may be too close to the TV itself. Your TV is an incredibly large device that, although you may not feel it, can put out a tremendous amount of heat. If the Roku Stick is placed too close to the TV, the heat which comes from both devices can cause the Roku Stick to overheat without there being any internal problems with the device itself.

How Do I Check the Temperature of My Roku?

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If you have concerns that your Roku is overheating, but are not sure if this is what is occurring, you may be wondering how to check the temperature of the device. Checking the temperature of your Roku device regularly can also be a great way to ensure that the system is running properly. This is a way to not only keep tabs on the Roku, but also make sure that no other areas around the Roku are in danger of any heat that it may be producing.

To check the temperature of your Roku device, there is a secret screen that can be accessed to see what temperature your Roku is running on. To get to this screen, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control. Once you are there, press the same ‘Home’ button 5 times > then press ‘Fast Forward’ > ‘Play’ > ‘Rewind’ > ‘Play’ > ‘Fast Forward.’ Be sure to press these buttons in the exact sequence listed.

Once this sequence has been pressed, the temperature of your Roku will be displayed at the top of the screen and will be shown in Celsius. Roku does not give a temperature that indicates that the device is too hot, but if you find that the device is warm or overheating, the temperature that is displayed can obviously be considered to be too high. If you would like to keep an eye on temperature inconsistencies, check this over a period of a few days.

If you do not want to use the workaround to get to the secret screen that will display the temperature of your Roku, you can always use the back of your hand as a method of seeing how warm or cool the Roku device is. By using the back of your hand, you will be sensitive to the heat and will be able to tell if the device is too warm. Never touch the Roku device directly with your hand as it can be extremely hot when in an extreme state of overheating.

How Do I Stop My Roku Stick From Overheating

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If you are someone who is constantly experiencing problems with your Roku Stick overheating, you are certainly in a place where you need to keep this problem from recurring. If your device overheats repeatedly, it does not necessarily mean that you will need to replace the Roku Stick completely, but there are a few different preventative methods that can be applied that will stop your Roku Stick from overheating in the first place.

To stop your Roku Stick from overheating, the most effective thing that you can do is store it in an area that has plenty of ventilation. As mentioned previously under “Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating,” avoid areas such as placing the Roku stick in drawers, cabinets, or other confined spaces. You also should be sure to never place the Roku stick in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight

For many owners of Roku Sticks, it seems practical to place the device directly next to or behind your TV, but this can also be an area that leads to overheating. Try to keep the Roku Stick distanced from your TV to prevent any heat transfer between the two devices. Also mentioned under “Roku Always Overheating/Keeps Overheating” are the steps to use an HDMI extender to prevent overheating as well.

Is It Normal For Roku Stick to Get Hot?

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With so many electronic devices, overheating is something that seems like an inevitable aspect of operation from time to time. Although this may seem like a common occurrence, it does not necessarily mean that it is one that should occur. Even more, when you find that your Roku Stick has gotten hot, this should be rather concerning as it can cause damage within the device, but also within your TV as well.

It is normal for a Roku Stick to get warm during use, as this indicates that the device is running, but it should not be hot on a regular basis. To know if your device is at an appropriate temperature, you should be able to touch it comfortably without having to remove your hand. This can easily be determined by placing the back of your hand right over the Roku Stick to see if the temperature is comfortable to your skin.

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If your Roku Stick is warm, there should be no reason for concern. However, if it is constantly getting very hot and you notice that you all of the sudden have issues with the audio of your TV or are having problems with the audio syncing to the picture, it is likely that your device is experiencing problems with overheating. This can be resolved by following previous solutions mentioned under the various paragraphs above.

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