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Shark Navigator Vacuum Not Working

It is quite unusual for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum to give you problems.

The vacuum cleaner requires very little maintenance. Not only that, the components are all designed to provide lifetime service.

The Shark Navigator vacuum not working problem is probably caused by a lack of basic cleaning and maintenance.

Unplug the Shark Navigator vacuum if it isn’t working and remove the dust cup. Empty it and clean the pre-motor filters on the top of the motor base. Lie the cleaner flat and remove any hair or fibers from the brush. Remove and inspect the hoses and head for items that might clog them.

Woman cleaning the carpet using vacuum

If the vacuum cleaner is still not working after having done the routine maintenance described above, then you may have a more serious problem.

Double-check that your vacuum cleaner is correctly plugged in and has power to the motor.

Inspect all visible components for cracks or damage.

If you require replacement parts, you can usually order them under a 5-year warranty. Most of these parts are easy to install at home using basic tools.

If the motor proves to be the problem, then you’ll have to send it to the factory for repair or replacement.

Due to its robust construction, this is seldom necessary.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

Woman cleaning the carpet using vacuum

The Shark Navigator comes equipped with a very effective roller brush.

If there is long hair on the floor or long threads, they are efficiently caught up in the brush and disposed of.

Hair or threads can often cause the Shark Navigator brush to stop spinning. You might also notice that the green light goes red. Switch off the vacuum cleaner and first clear any possible blockages in the hoses. Then remove the motorized floor nozzle and remove anything obstructing the brush roll.

There is an automatic cut-off switch that prevents damage to the motor and the roller brush drive belt.

If it activates due to overheating or obstruction, the light changes to red, and the vacuum cleaner switches off.

When you check the roller brush, you may have to carefully cut away any obstructing threads or debris. Once that’s done, switch the vacuum cleaner back on and if all is well, the light will return to green and you can continue using the Shark.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Beater Bar Not Working

Woman cleaning the carpet using vacuum

If you have established that the beater bar is spinning, but it is still not working, then it is very likely that your brushes have worn out.

If your Shark Navigator vacuum beater bar is not working, then you need to inspect it for wear. Turn the vacuum over and check the state of the bristles. If they’re worn, order a new beater bar. To fit it, unscrew the bottom plate, remove the worn roller and replace it with a new one.

It is easier to send the vacuum cleaner to a repair center if you lack the skills or tools to do the job.

The process to replace the roller is quite simple if you are moderately skillful at DIY.

You’ll require a Torx bit set or Phillips screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver. Six screws hold the bottom plate in place, with two of them hidden under the little roller wheels in the front.

Use the flathead screwdriver to ease the wheels out of their housings, unscrew all the screws, and ease the clips at the rear loose. Turn the vacuum over and remove the top cover (it will easily pop right off).

Your model may have a plastic cap covering the drive belt, in which case, pop it off with the flat head screwdriver.

Ease the drive belt off the roller and remove the worn beater bar. Replace it with the new component and put everything back together in the reverse order that you took it off.

Shark Navigator Vacuum No Suction

Woman cleaning the carpet using vacuum

Lack of suction is the most common problem that you will encounter with any vacuum cleaner.

Everything from hair to socks gets sucked into the pipes, blocking the free flow of air.

To fix a Shark Navigator vacuum with no suction, remove sections of the vacuum pipe to check for obstructions. If they’re clear, your pre-motor filters may have a blockage. Empty the dust cup, cyclone assembly, and clean out the filters. You may have a broken motor or fan if the problem persists.

If the motor has overheated because of the obstruction, an automatic cut-off switch will activate.

Switching the vacuum back on will reset the switch and the green light will illuminate.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Not Turning On

Woman cleaning the carpet using vacuum

In the unlikely event that your Shark Navigator refuses to turn on, you need to check a few basic things before contacting the repair center.

To fix a Shark Navigator that is not turning on, first check to see that the machine is plugged in and that the power is on. The power button contacts may be dirty or damaged and in need of replacement. An overheated vacuum will trigger the cut-off switch or the motor may have burnt out.

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You can locate the power switch either on the top of the handle or on the motorized floor nozzle.

Replace the switches at the repair center or you can do the job yourself if you feel confident in your DIY abilities.  

If the switch is on the circuit board, you will need to remove it and re-solder the connections.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Loud Noise

Vacuum cleaners that have not been properly maintained tend to become noisy after extended use.

The cause of a Shark Navigator vacuum’s loud noise is mostly the result of a lack of basic maintenance. Remove the dust cup and empty all the debris into a trash can. Remove the hoses and check them for blockages. Clean out the pre-motor particle filters above the motor and the HEPA filter in front.

The filters consist of foam and material filters. You can wash the foam filters and then leave them to dry completely before replacing them in the vacuum cleaner.

Avoid putting wet filters into the vacuum cleaner as it will cause mold to grow inside, which is potentially hazardous to your health.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Overheating

Woman cleaning the carpet using vacuum

A vacuum cleaner that overheats can possibly cause serious damage to the motor. If the problem is not resolved quickly, then it can result in a costly replacement bill.

Shark Navigator vacuum overheating problems are usually caused by debris blocking the pipes or the filters. Switch off the vacuum cleaner and remove the hoses. Check them for blockages and clean out the filters. Finally, check the plastic elbow at the bottom, as it is a common site for blockages.

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The auto cut-off switch will deactivate after the vacuum cleaner turns on again. Check that the green light is on and your Shark Navigator vacuum not working problem is fixed.

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