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TCL Soundbar Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

We come to expect the upgraded sound that comes out of a TCL soundbar. What can you do if it is no longer working?

The easiest way to fix a TCL soundbar that is not working is to perform a factory reset. This is done by pressing and holding the play/okay button on the remote control for five seconds. When the factory reset option appears, press the okay button on the remote control to confirm.

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This is a standard reset that helps with all conflicts and many different problems on the TCL soundbar. It is typically the first line of defense against those issues, but there may be other things lurking in the background that need to be considered as well.

One thing is certain, a TCL soundbar can certainly enhance your ability to enjoy the audio portion of your movies, TV, and music experience. That being said, it’s not the best soundbar on the market so sometimes, it is just going to experience problems.

TCL Soundbar Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

One thing that you should look for when your TCL soundbar is not working is if it is getting adequate power. If the power button and all of the other buttons are not responding and there are no lights on the soundbar, the power is the first thing to check. From there, you can check the other cables.

There are several points between the breaker box and the soundbar that should be considered. Here are the ones that will make the most sense.

Power Cable – Visually inspect the power cable that runs from your TCL soundbar to the receptacle. If you notice that it is damaged in any way or if the plug is burnt, you should replace it.

Receptacle – The next point in the line is the receptacle. I’m not necessarily talking about the power strip that you are likely using, I’m talking about the receptacle on the wall. It is always best if you plug the soundbar directly into that receptacle.

Inspect the receptacle for any signs of damage or heat. There may also be instances in which half of the receptacle goes out and the other half is still working. Something similar can also happen if the receptacle is switched.

The easiest way to test the receptacle is to plug something into it. I plug in a lamp and if the light comes on, the receptacle is working.

Circuit Breaker – There may be times when the circuit breaker trips. Go to the breaker panel and look for a circuit breaker that is out of line with the others. It may also have a small red stripe showing.

If you see a circuit breaker in that position, it is an indication that it has tripped. You can turn the circuit breaker off and back on again to reset it. The circuit breaker will likely feel soft when you try to turn it off.

Along with checking the power to the TCL soundbar, you should also check the cables. This would include the HDMI or USB cables that are connecting the soundbar to whatever device you are using.

Make sure the cables are in good condition and new. Older cables may not be able to carry the signal necessary to keep the soundbar operating properly. Cheaper cables are also more likely to have problems.

We will now take a look at some of the specific problems that may be associated with your TCL soundbar and how to fix them.

TCL Soundbar Not Turning On

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When your TCL soundbar is no longer turning on, there may be an easy solution to the problem.

Resetting the TCL soundbar is a good solution when it is no longer turning on. Press and hold the okay button on the remote for five seconds until the factory reset option appears. You can then push the okay button on the remote control again to complete the process.

It would also be a good idea to check through the potential power problems that we discussed above. Sometimes we may find that there is a power issue and that can cause the soundbar to stop turning on suddenly.

TCL Soundbar Not Connecting To TV (No Signal)

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Is your TCL soundbar no longer connecting to your TV? If you are getting a no-signal error, what can be done?

A common reason why a TCL soundbar does not connect to the TV is that the HDMI cable is not working properly. Make sure that it is plugged into each port solidly and that you are using a new, high-quality HDMI cable.

Many people do not give the HDMI cable they were using a second thought. They have been around for quite some time and if you have not kept up with the latest technology, they may not be able to send enough signal.

For the TCL soundbar to connect to the TV, they have to shake hands with each other. If your HDMI cable is not carrying the signal, then it will not be getting any type of connection to the TV.

Another type of technology is ARC or the upgraded version, eARC. This is especially beneficial for the soundbar because it carries the sound along with other signals to the computer on a single cable.

Sometimes, however, ARC causes problems that can cause connection issues because the TV may not detect the soundbar properly. This may be corrected if you find the ARC settings in the software for your computer. You can set things to auto-detect or disable ARC altogether.

This is not always going to correct the problem but in some cases, it will do the trick. It allows the TV to shake hands with the soundbar so they recognize each other.

TCL Soundbar Not Pairing With Subwoofer

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A standard TCL soundbar is sometimes lacking in the bass department. A subwoofer helps to correct that problem. What can you do if the soundbar is not pairing with the subwoofer as it should?

Sometimes we may need to cycle the power on both the soundbar and the subwoofer to get them to recognize each other properly. Begin by unplugging the units from each other and then turning off the power. After you cycle the power, plug back in the speakers again.

A simple reset such as this will correct many different problems. Since they are supposed to recognize each other automatically, giving them another opportunity to do so will often suffice.

Look on a subwoofer for a connection button. You may need to press it so it will search for the signal.

If the issue doesn’t correct itself at first, try cycling the power on the soundbar numerous times. Move the subwoofer closer to the soundbar to see if it helps.

TCL Soundbar No Sound

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If no sound is coming from your TCL soundbar, it can be a frustrating experience. It is also something that may correct itself easily.

One issue that can result in no sound coming from the TCL soundbar is if the audio on the TV is turned down. On some models, the audio output must be turned up on the TV, and then you want to adjust the sound from the soundbar.

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Anytime you connect something to the TCL soundbar, you need to pay attention to the volume. This would include any remote devices that have volume controls on their own.

The best thing you can do is to turn all of the volume controls on every device, including the TV, up to maximum. You can then adjust the volume on the TCL soundbar using the buttons on the soundbar directly.

After you have the sound established, you can begin using the remote control.

TCL Soundbar Not Loud

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Are you having a problem getting enough sound out of your TCL soundbar? Here’s how to correct this possible problem.

Anytime your TCL soundbar is experiencing lower volume, it is likely a problem with the connected device. Turn the volume up on the device directly and then try adjusting the volume either up or down on the soundbar.

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Be cautious when you are adjusting the audio on the connected devices. You may find that the soundbar suddenly puts out a blast of sound and it can be difficult to get it down to an acceptable level fast enough.

How Tor Reset TCL Soundbar

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Are you trying to reset the TCL soundbar? Here’s something you will want to try.

To reset a TCL soundbar, press and hold the pause/play/okay button on the remote control for five seconds. When the factory reset option appears, select it using the same button on the remote control. The reset will then begin.

The TCL soundbar does not come with a dedicated reset button because it is not generally necessary to reset a soundbar. Doing it in the way described above, however, is all that is often needed.

When your TCL soundbar is not working, try unplugging all of the cables from the soundbar and turning it off for five minutes. You can also restart the TV, computer, or any other device plugged into the soundbar.

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