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Toshiba TV Sound not Working

Toshiba TVs are known for their reliability, sleek designs, and great picture and sound. When the sound stops working it becomes like a family emergency that drastically disrupts your family’s TV-watching routines. Everyone in the family undoubtedly will want the sound restored back to normal as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about the most common reasons for the Toshiba TV Sound not working and how you can get this problem diagnosed and fixed quickly.

If your Toshiba TV Sound is not working start your troubleshooting process by making sure that the TV sound setting is not on mute and that the TV’s volume level is turned up to maximum. Then press Menu on the Remote and click on Audio Options to check the stereo sound settings.

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If you keep increasing the volume indicator, but your sound level remains the same you will need to continue checking for the cause of the problem of the Toshiba TV Sound not working. Other possibilities for a lack of sound include problems with connections to cable boxes or problems with audio signals themselves.

Toshiba TV Sound not Working

Another reason for your Toshiba TV Sound not working could involve faulty internal speakers. This is usually caused by the audio IC (chip for the speakers that is the driver for the speakers) malfunctioning. Unfortunately, they tend to heat up extremely quickly which causes their failure.

If your Toshiba TV sound is not working, connect it to an external set of speakers. If this works normally you will know that it is the internal speakers which are faulty. You can try to replace the IC if you feel comfortable doing this, or you can simply replace the entire mainboard.

Toshiba TV Sound not Loud Enough

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After making the expensive purchase of the Toshiba TV that your family has always wanted, the last thing you want or need is for the sound not to be loud enough. Straining to try to hear the TV can be exhausting for all the members of your entire family. Luckily, there are several quick troubleshooting steps that can easily diagnose the problem.

If your Toshiba TV Sound is not working and is not loud enough, press the remote’s Home button and then go to Settings. Select Sound and then Sound Output. This will enable the external speakers only and will disable the Volume and Mute buttons on the Remote.

Toshiba TV Sound Keeps Cutting Out/Going Off

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If you are trying to watch interesting content like on Netflix, and it keeps cutting out and/or going off it can cause havoc. Content that keeps dropping off or stopping during playback is indeed maddening. If this is happening there is usually an easily workable solution.

If your Toshiba TV Sound is not working and the sound keeps cutting out and going off scan your output ports to see if any devices that may be connected to them including wireless devices could be causing the problem. Try disconnecting all of these devices and then check the sound level again.

Toshiba TV Sound not Synchronized

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When you are watching videos on Netflix or on Amazon Prime or on Disney, you may frequently run into problems with audio sync and delay issues. You may also have difficulty with headphones not synchronizing with your Toshiba TV. These problems can be easily diagnosed and then repaired.

If your Toshiba TV Sound is not working, try clearing your cache of apps. Open Settings and go to Applications. Select Managed Installed Applications and then select all the installed applications you wish to clear and then clear the cache.

Toshiba TV Sound Distortion

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Toshiba TV sound distortion can ruin an evening of watching your favorite TV programs. Sometimes sound distortion will occur soon after turning on your TV, and sometimes it occurs after an hour or so. If this is the case try the following remedial steps for a Factory reset.

If your Toshiba TV Sound is not working press the Menu button on the Remote and then press on the Setup Menu. Click on Installation and then on Factory Defaults. Once the TV turns off, unplug and re-plug the power cord into the outlet and the Factory Reset will be completed and the sound distortion problem should be resolved

Toshiba TV no Sound

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As long as you are able to see a picture on your Toshiba TV even there is no sound, this is not a problem that is due to your TV’s hardware. In fact, the root of the problem is probably either a problem stemming from a TV setting problem or a problem from a loose or non-functioning cable or TV connection.

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If your Toshiba TV Sound is not working. Try to reboot your TV and see if this solves the sound problem. Make sure your TV is not erroneously set to SAP which means Secondary Audio Profile. Now check the TV Audio Input and make sure the right input option is being used.

A Toshiba TV may have no sound because of incorrect audio settings. This can happen if the TV’s internal and external speakers are turned off, or if the Secondary Audio Profile (SAP) is enabled. To fix this issue, you should check your TV’s audio settings and make sure that the speakers are turned on and that the SAP is disabled.

Another possible cause is faulty cables or interference from external devices. If the cables connecting your TV to your cable box or other devices are damaged, it could result in a loss of sound. Similarly, if an external device is causing interference, it could affect the sound output. The solution to both these problems is to check all cables for damage and replace any that are faulty, and to disconnect any external devices to see if this resolves the issue.

Another potential cause is an issue with the TV’s software. If the software is outdated or has become corrupted, it could result in a loss of sound. The solution to this problem is to update your TV’s firmware. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, a factory reset may be necessary.

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