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Toshiba TV Remote Not Working

Remote controls are incredibly convenient but they can also be frustrating at times. If your Toshiba TV remote is not working, the fix may be at your fingertips.

A reset of the remote control will often help to get it working again. Remove the batteries, press every button (one at a time), and operate the switches in every position. Each button should be held down for 2 seconds. Replace the batteries and start using the remote.

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Many people have been able to start using their Toshiba TV remote again after trying this quick and easy fix. Other possibilities may also help to reset the remote or to get it working again.

Toshiba TV Remote Not Working

A more thorough discussion of why the Toshiba TV remote may not be working is in order. It will help you to diagnose the problem and see how to fix the issue as easily as possible.

One of the most obvious issues is associated with batteries. Even if you just replaced the batteries, try using new batteries from a different pack.

You can also take batteries from another remote that you know is working and use them in the Toshiba TV remote. This will let you know without a doubt that the batteries are not the problem.

Some people also have difficulties when their television remote stops working and they start using a universal remote. Here are some of the common problems that could keep a universal remote from operating your Toshiba TV.

Repairing the Remote

Although you may have paired the device with the remote when you first started using it, it may need to be done again. That could be true, even if the other devices (DVD player, soundbar) are still operating using the universal remote.

Resetting the Remote

At times, you may need to reset the universal remote back to factory settings. This will allow you to connect the TV and other devices so you can start using it again.

Resetting to factory settings is something that is different on every device. You can often check the website for the universal remote and find the instructions.

It’s also important to understand that there is a difference between resetting the remote to factory settings and un-pairing the devices. You want all of the settings to be fresh, so make sure you are doing a factory reset.

You may also want to consider just getting a new universal remote. Most of them are relatively inexpensive and it’s an easy way to find out if it is a problem with the remote or a problem with the TV.

How to Reset a Toshiba TV Remote

To reset your Toshiba TV remote, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote.
  2. Press and hold any button on the remote for 20 seconds.
  3. Release the button and reinsert the batteries.
  4. Press any button on the remote to test if it’s working properly.

If the remote is still not working, try replacing the batteries with new ones. If the issue persists, try resetting your TV to its factory settings or contact Toshiba customer support for further assistance.

Toshiba TV Remote Not Pairing

Confused woman while holding a remote

Most universal remotes are able to connect to a Toshiba TV automatically. There may be some codes that need to be entered, but sometimes even a universal code will work well.

If you are experiencing problems with your Toshiba TV remote not pairing properly, consider the following steps that may help to get things working.

Point the Remote

Make sure that you are pointing the remote directly at the TV while trying to pair it. It may take some time for it to fully establish a connection, and any interruption could restart the process.

Get Closer

It is a good idea to be within 4 feet of the TV while you are establishing a connection with the remote control. If you are too far away from the TV, you may lose signal.

In addition, getting closer to the TV helps to avoid any issues with objects that may be in the way. Don’t try pairing the remote while sitting on your couch on the other side of the room.

Line of Sight

If you are trying to work the remote and you don’t have a direct line of sight with the TV, it may be a problem. Some types of remotes will work around corners without a problem but others need the two devices to be in visual range.

Check for Pairing Button

On some enhanced remotes, there is a pairing button that needs to be pressed to connect the TV with the remote control. It is often found on the inside of the remote by removing the battery cover.

Home Button

If there is not a pairing button on the remote, you may be able to hold down the home button on the remote for at least 30 seconds. This will sometimes force the remote to connect with the TV.

Factory Reset

If you are using a Toshiba voice remote, it is possible to do a factory reset. You need to hold down three buttons simultaneously in order for this to work.

1. Back button

2. Menu button (three lines)

3. D-pad left

Hold those buttons down for as long as it takes. It may take two minutes or longer before the remote resets and starts pairing with the TV again.

Toshiba TV Remote Won’t Change Channels

Confused woman while holding a remote

It can be frustrating when any part of your Toshiba TV remote is not working. It is especially frustrating when it won’t change channels.

The first, and perhaps most important thing to check is if it is a problem with the remote or a problem with the TV. Try switching channels manually on the TV using the buttons.

If you recently started using a new universal remote, it may not be fully compatible with your Toshiba TV. At times, some of the codes may partially work but unless you get the right code for the TV, it won’t pair fully.

Try cycling the source on the TV using the remote control. When you check it using other devices, you may find that it starts changing the channels.

Finally, perform a soft reset of your Toshiba TV. This is done by turning off the power, either unplugging it or switching off the circuit breaker for 60 seconds.

When you reestablish the power to the TV, it should correct the problem automatically. If not, you can contact support or get a new remote.

Toshiba TV Not Responding to Remote

Confused woman while holding a remote

If you are pushing buttons on the remote control and nothing is happening, you may have to start resetting devices. The first to try is the remote.

If you are using a Toshiba remote, you can reset it to factory settings by pressing and holding down the D-pad left, back, and menu buttons. Hold them down for up to two minutes to reset the remote and start the pairing process.

If you are using a universal remote, it will likely have the option to reset or re-pair, but the buttons you press will be different. Sometimes just removing the batteries and putting them back again will help.

You may need to establish a connection between the remote and the Toshiba TV again. Some remotes will drop that connection and it may be necessary to re-pair the device with the remote.

A fresh pair may also be possible if you disconnect all of the other devices from the universal remote. At times, incompatibility with devices, particularly older devices could cause issues.

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If there is something blocking the input on the TV, nothing will work. Move everything away from the TV or try going up to the TV and operating the remote within 4 feet of it.

Finally, you may need to clean the remote. This is typically a last effort, but it may help. Take apart the remote and clean it carefully, being cautious not to lose any parts or damage the components.

Toshiba TV Remote Volume Not Working

Woman shocked while holding a remote

This may or may not be a problem with the remote control. You should check the TV directly by turning the volume up and down using the volume controls.

If it is determined that it is the remote, try doing a system reset from the setup menu. This will sometimes reset the setting and allow the remote to work properly again.

If the rocker switch on the TV remote has become dirty, it may not work properly. You can take apart the remote, although you need to be cautious not to damage it in the process. Clean the rocker switch and put the remote back together.

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Toshiba TV Remote Sensor Not Working

Confused woman while holding a remote

There could be a few different reasons why a Toshiba TV is not working with the remote sensor. Here are a few things to check:

Obstructions – Make sure that there is nothing in the path between the remote control and the sensor on the television.

Distance – Don’t operate the remote control too far from the TV or it may not be picked up at the sensor. Try standing 4 feet from the TV and testing it. Replace the batteries if they are weak.

Clean Sensor – It is possible to clean the sensor on the TV. If it has been smudged or is too dusty, as it can block the signal. Be careful not to damage the sensor in the process.

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Resetting the Toshiba remote can often help to correct any Toshiba TV remote problems. Remove the batteries, push each button and operate the switch is for two seconds, one at a time. Replace the batteries.

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