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What Can You Use To Clean Concrete Countertops? (How To)

Man fixing the concrete countertops

Concrete countertops are designed to last for many years, providing your kitchen with a sleek and modern appearance that is pleasing to the eye. Despite their durability, concrete countertops are not indestructible. In fact, several common household cleaners can severely and irreversibly damage your concrete countertops. 

When wondering what you can use to clean concrete countertops (how to), the most important aspect is to ensure you are using a gentle cleaner that won’t damage the concrete surface. Furthermore, avoid using abrasive cleaning tools to cleanse the countertop. 

The ideal cleaners are non-abrasive cleaners or pH-neutral cleaners designed for use on concrete countertops. Other safe options are gentle dish soap, such as Dawn, or rubbing alcohol diluted with water. Make sure to also only use soft sponges or lint-free, microfiber cloths to clean the concrete surface. 

Can You Use Alcohol To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Man fixing the concrete countertops

You can use alcohol to clean concrete countertops, though you will need rubbing alcohol and not the kind you drink on a Saturday night to unwind. Rubbing alcohol is a relatively inexpensive item that is readily available at grocery stores and pharmacies. One of the many benefits of rubbing alcohol is that it dissipates, or evaporates, much quicker than water.

To use alcohol to clean concrete countertops, mix ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol with 2 cups of lukewarm water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle, and then spray the counters with the solution. Let the mixture sit on the countertops for 3 minutes before wiping the surface clean with a soft cloth.

Rubbing alcohol not only cleans the concrete countertops, but also disinfects the surface. With that said, however, the rubbing alcohol mixture is not as effective as getting tough dirt or grime off the surface. For these really dirty situations, consider washing the countertop with soapy water first, rinsing the surface clean with water, and then disinfecting it with the rubbing alcohol mixture. 

Can You Use Bleach To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Bleach is one of the most commonly used cleaning products that is both versatile and effective. It can be used to clean a wide array of items and surfaces, including bathtubs and laundry. But can you use bleach to clean concrete countertops?

Bleach should never be used to clean concrete countertops as this common cleaning agent can leave stains on the concrete countertops. Furthermore, experts recommend not using any abrasive cleaners on concrete countertops.

Even diluting the bleach with water won’t make it weak enough to not pose a threat to concrete countertops. That is why it is important to read the ingredient list of any cleaner before using it to ensure it doesn’t contain abrasive ingredients, such as bleach. 

Can You Use Car Wax To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Countertops in the kitchen

Car wax helps to keep your vehicles looking their best, while applying a layer of protection on the exterior of the car. Because of this, some people wonder if they can use car wax on their concrete countertops.

It is not recommended to use car wax to clean concrete countertops, though it is not uncommon to wax concrete countertops. If you want to wax your concrete countertops, choose one designed specifically for this type of countertop. 

Most car waxes are not made with food grade/safe ingredients. Purchasing one made specifically for countertops helps ensure all the ingredients are safe for you and your family. Countertop waxes made with food grade carnauba wax, mineral oil, and beeswax are usually the best choice for concrete countertops.

Can You Use Dawn/Dish Soap To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Dawn, or most other types of dish soap, is often used for more than just cleaning dishes. They can help keep your home clean without overly harsh chemicals. In fact, Dawn is so safe that you can even use it to bathe your dogs and cats. But can you use Dawn/dish soap to clean concrete countertops?

Dawn/dish soap can be used to clean concrete countertops as long as the dish soap doesn’t include bleach, ammonia, or other added ingredients. To use the dish soap, dampen a soft sponge with warm water and add a little of the dish soap directly to the damp sponge.

Scrub the countertops with a sponge and then rinse the dish soap residue off the surface with a damp cloth. Because Dawn and dish soap is so gentle, you can use it daily to wipe the concrete countertops clean. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse the soapy mixture off the surface to prevent a layer of dish soap from building up on the countertop. 

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Can You Use Fabuloso To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Countertops in the kitchen

Fabuloso is not a new cleaning product. In fact, it was created in 1980 and featured a pleasant aroma. While Fabuloso can be used to clean walls, floors, and even some countertops, depending on what it is made of, it is not safe for use on concrete countertops. 

Fabuloso can be used to clean concrete floors, but most experts recommend against using this popular cleaning product on your concrete countertops. Instead, choose a gentler cleaning method, such as soap and water, or diluted rubbing alcohol. 

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Hydrogen peroxide is most commonly used to disinfect wounds, but can also be used as an effective cleaner. While hydrogen peroxide is considered relatively safe, especially when compared to harsh cleaning products, it still should be used with caution. 

Hydrogen peroxide shouldn’t be used to clean concrete countertops. However, you can create a paste with water, flour, and hydrogen peroxide to help remove stains on concrete countertops. Simply mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of flour, and enough water to make a paste.

Spread the mixture over the stain and then cover the paste completely with plastic wrap. Let the paste sit on the stain for a few hours. After the allotted time has passed, use a clean cloth dampened in lukewarm water to wipe the paste off the concrete surface. 

Care must be taken when using hydrogen peroxide on concrete as it can bleach the surface. If you’re worried about possible bleaching or discoloration, consider testing the paste mixture on an inconspicuous area of the countertop. If, after a few hours, there has been no discoloration or damage to the surface, continue using the paste as needed. If, however, you do notice damage, immediately discontinue use. 

Can You Use Laundry Detergent To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Man fixing the concrete countertops

Laundry detergent may seem similar to dish soap, but it is not as versatile, and shouldn’t be used as a replacement for other cleaning products. With that said, however, it can be used to clean concrete countertops if you’re in a pinch. Keep in mind, however, that it shouldn’t be used as a regular cleaning agent for anything other than your laundry. 

Laundry detergent can be used to clean concrete countertops as long as the detergent is liquid and doesn’t contain any harsh or abrasive additives, such as bleach. Simply dampen a sponge with water and drizzle a little laundry detergent over the sponge.

Wipe the countertop down with the soapy sponge and then rinse clean with a damp cloth. If you have stuck-on grime on the counter, scrub the area with the soapy sponge before rinsing the spot clean. The countertop can either air dry or you can wipe it dry with a soft, lint-free towel.

Can You Use Lysol/Clorox Wipes To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Lysol/Clorox wipes have revolutionized the cleaning world. Instead of having to dampen a cloth with the cleaning agent, you can simply grab one of the wipes from the container and clean a wide array of surfaces. Once you are done, just toss the wipe into the trash. While these products are versatile, can they safely clean your concrete countertops?

Lysol/Clorox wipes should never be used to clean concrete countertops since these cleaning items are considered harsh and abrasive. Using these items to clean the countertop can actually stain the surface and wear down the concrete countertop’s sealant.

Can You Use Mrs Meyers To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Man fixing the concrete countertops

Mrs Meyers creates well-known and loved cleaning products to help their customers keep their homes clean and looking their best. They even offer a multi-surface cleaner that can be used on various surfaces, including countertops. But what about countertops made from concrete?

Mrs Meyers shouldn’t be used to clean concrete countertops. According to the Mrs Meyers website, Mrs Meyers Multi Surface cleaner can be used on all non-porous surfaces. Unfortunately, concrete is porous and this popular cleaning product, which means Mrs Meyers, can damage the counter.

Can You Use OdoBan To Clean Concrete Countertops?

OdoBan is a pH neutral cleaner, which means it is safer to use than acid or alkaline cleaners, both of which can damage the surface of the item you are cleaning. While OdoBan is considered safer than many of the most commonly used cleaners on the market, can it safely clean concrete countertops?

OdoBan can be used on concrete countertops as long as the countertop is sealed and the usage application is followed. OdoBan cannot, however, be used on porous surfaces, and concrete is a porous material. If, however, the countertop is sealed, you can safely use OdoBan to clean it.

Before using OdoBan, make sure to read and follow the instructions on how to use the product on concrete countertops. Misusing the product could actually damage the concrete surface, and leave you with a bigger problem than a dirty kitchen countertop. 

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Can You Use Simple Green To Clean Concrete Countertops?

Man fixing the concrete countertops

Simple Green was released in 1979, as an alternative to toxic and potentially harmful cleaning products that consumers filled their homes with. While it is taught as safe and non-toxic, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t damage any surface. 

Simple Green can be used to clean concrete countertops as long as you use the Simple Green Granite & Stone Cleaner. This product states that it is safe to use daily on various kitchen countertops, including those made from concrete.

Like other cleaning products, it is recommended to only use the Simple Green cleaner as outlined on the back of the bottle. Not following the usage instructions could potentially damage the concrete surface and threaten the safety of you and everyone in your home.

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Can You Use Zip To Clean Concrete Countertops?

There is an abundance of different cleaners on the market, and some of them state they work to clean concrete. But concrete floors and concrete countertops are not always the same thing. That is why it is important to ensure the product you use is safe for use on countertops. 

You shouldn’t use Zip to clean concrete countertops as it has the potential to damage and wear down the sealant on the countertop surface. While using it once probably won’t cause damage, it is better to play it safe and choose a different and safer cleaning method.

Dawn dish soap and rubbing alcohol are two safer alternatives to cleaning your concrete countertops. Not only do most people have one or both of these products on hand, they are usually more cost-effective than cleaners such as Zip.

What To Look Out For To Properly Clean Your Concrete Countertops

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As with most other countertops, a concrete countertop is an investment that can cost thousands of dollars. Because it comes with such a high price tag, it is only natural that you want to prolong the life of the countertop for many years. One way to do this is to make sure you know what to look out for to properly and safely clean the countertop. 

When you want to properly clean your concrete countertops, you should look out for a pH-neutral cleaner designed for use on concrete countertops. This cleaning product is the safest option since it is designed specifically for that type of surface. 

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If you cannot find this type of cleaner, you can use a mild dish soap, such as Dawn, to clean the surface, and diluted rubbing alcohol to sanitize the countertop. With that said, however, the best thing to clean this specialty countertop is a product made specifically for concrete kitchen countertops. 

How To Properly Clean Concrete Countertops

To properly clean concrete countertops, you must first remove any debris, such as crumbs, off the counter. Once the crumbs and debris have been removed, you can disinfect the surface with a few simple and cost-effective ingredients. 

Properly clean concrete countertops by pouring  ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol and 2 cups of water into a spray bottle. Swirl the bottle around for several seconds to mix the two ingredients together. Spray the mixture over the entire surface and wait a few moments.

After the allotted time, wipe the countertop clean with a microfiber cloth. This will disinfect the countertop surface. For tough stains, a paste made from flour, hydrogen peroxide, and water can be applied directly to the stain and then covered with plastic wrap. After several hours, remove the plastic wrap and use a sponge damaged with water to wipe the paste away. 

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/09/2022.

If the concrete countertop is grimy or dirty, you can first clean the surface with a soft cloth dampened in warm soapy water. Rinse the countertop with a damp cloth and let air dry. Once dry, you can then spray the rubbing alcohol mixture over the surface to disinfect it.

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