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What Can You Use To Cut A Tree? (How To)

If you have a tree that needs to be cut down, you want to do it in the proper way. Doing it otherwise would not only be ineffective, it could actually be quite dangerous.

The most effective way to cut a tree is with a chainsaw. Using a chainsaw that is of the proper size can cut through a tree very easily and make short order of the work. It is still important to ensure that you are cutting properly, perhaps even using a wedge to help the tree fall as you would like it.

Man cutting the trees

Since we are talking about chainsaws, it’s important to understand that you can simply grab a chainsaw and begin cutting the tree. That is especially true if you are cutting a large tree that is near any type of structure.

It takes experience in order to cut a tree properly and using a chainsaw is dangerous, to say the least. That is why it is important for you to do things according to the proper safety standards and wear the proper safety gear.

In addition, a chainsaw is not going to be the best option for cutting every type of tree. Sometimes, you may need to use an ax or perhaps even a hatchet if you are cutting a smaller tree. Saplings can even be cut with anything from a machete to a hand saw.

What Can You Use To Cut A Tree?

Before we talk about all of the different options for cutting trees, it’s important to understand the safety of using a chainsaw. Safety is an important aspect of any tree cutting, but a chainsaw takes it to the next level.

In order to use a chainsaw safely, you must understand how to use it properly. This would require some experience and perhaps having somebody with you that is knowledgeable on the subject.

You also need to be wearing the proper gear. Here are some of the pieces of PPE you would want to have on.

1. Hard Hat – Don’t overlook the hard hat when it comes to your safety. This is especially true if you are cutting a large tree and it is possible that something could fall from above.

2. Face Shield – Most hardhats have the option of attaching the face shield. You should wear a face shield with safety glasses underneath for maximum protection.

3. Boots – Steel toe or similar boots should be worn because of the possibility of dropping something on your foot.

4. Chaps – You would be amazed by how much chaps can protect your legs. It is something important to consider, as otherwise, you could easily cut through your leg with a chainsaw in no time.

5. Ear Protection – Either earplugs or other types of hearing protection should be worn. Just as your hard hat can have a face shield attached, you can also attach a headset.

These are only it tip of the iceberg. You should also consider gloves and protective clothing such as long sleeves and long pants. The more you can protect yourself, the more likely you will safely cut a tree with a chainsaw.

As you will learn in this article, a chainsaw is only one of the many tools that are available for cutting trees. At times, you may not have a large tree to cut down but you just want to prune a smaller tree. Obviously, you would not always use a chainsaw for that purpose.

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The old axiom that you should use the right tool for the job is going to work very well when it comes to cutting trees. If you use the right tool, you can cut the tree down quickly and effectively in a safe manner. If you use the wrong tool, it could send you to the hospital or perhaps create a significant amount of property damage.

Let’s take a look at some of the different options available for cutting the tree and then we will have a discussion on the best way to cut trees for most purposes.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Chainsaw?

Chain saw to cut tree

A chainsaw is perhaps one of the best-known tools for cutting a tree. Can you cut any tree with a chainsaw?

In order to effectively cut a large tree, you need to have the proper chain saw. Generally speaking, you would need a chainsaw with a bar length of 50% of the tree diameter. So, for 36-inch diameter tree, you would need an 18-inch chain saw.

Chainsaws can be used for felling trees as well as for cutting trees that have already been taken down. It is a nice tool to use for larger projects because it makes short order of the work.

On the other hand, if you are cutting smaller trees, or saplings, or perhaps doing some pruning, a chainsaw may be overkill. It is best if you use a saw that is more specific to the task so that you can work safely and properly.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Axe?

toold to cut tree

One of the time-honored options for cutting trees is using an ax. Is it a choice that you should make?

An ax can cut a tree almost as quickly as any other tool out there, aside from a chainsaw. In the hands of the right person, it may even be a close race. It is important to know how to cut with an ax so that you can make the most out of each swing.

One important factor for cutting with an ax is to cut at a 45° angle. This would be the first swipe at the tree, and you would cut into the tree downward at that angle.

You can then hit the tree directly at the bottom level of where the first hit traveled. This will pop the small piece of wood out of the tree and create a notch.

One of the important factors for effectively cutting down a larger tree with an ax is to work from both sides. You would cut from one side, using a downward chop at a 45° angle and then a straight in chop. Then you would move to the other side and do the same.

Continue to work your way back and forth from one side of the tree to the other until the tree is about one-third of the way cut through. At that point, you would begin chopping on the side of the tree where you want it to fall.

Be cautious when doing this because every time you chop the tree, you are going to weaken it. Eventually, it will weaken to the point where you will start to hear a cracking noise and the tree will fall over. Begin moving out of the way quickly and safely as soon as it starts falling.

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Your ax can also be used for chopping the tree once it has fallen. It will be slightly different in the way that you use it, however, because you will only be chopping from one side.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Reciprocating Saw?

toold to cut tree

If you have a reciprocating saw, you already realize that they are a very convenient tool. Would it be good to use a reciprocating saw to cut a tree?

Reciprocating saws are often used for cutting tree branches and if the tree is a small enough diameter, you could also fell it using a reciprocating saw as well.

As is the case with using many different tools, it is not only the tool itself but also the blade that you are using. You can cut a tree and prune its branches with a typical reciprocating saw blade but it will do much better if a pruning blade is used.

You may find that it is most convenient to use a reciprocating saw that is cordless. Doing so allows you to get into more areas and it also reduces the risk of tripping over an extension cord if you have to get out of the way of a branch quickly.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Hand Saw?

toold to cut tree

If you have a hand saw can you use it to cut down a tree? Make sure you read this first.

Hand saws are one of the most common options for cutting trees, or at least they were many years ago. With the right type of hand saw and the experience of knowing how to use it, you can often cut through a tree as fast as a chainsaw.

Although there are many different types of hand saws that can be used for cutting a tree, a bow saw is the most common. It can cut through a tree very quickly and once it is down, you can use it to cut firewood.

A bow saw can be thought of as being like a hacksaw for wood. It is similarly shaped, although most bow saws are larger on the side where you hold it than on the forward side.

Since the blade is thin, it can go through the tree very quickly. There are also different blades that you can use for the bow saw, and some of them have teeth that can chew up a tree better than most.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Sawzall?

If you have a tree to cut or some branches to prune, is it worth getting your Sawzall and using it?

Sawzalls are a surprisingly effective means of cutting a tree. They are often used for pruning because they can cut through a branch quickly and with very little effort on the part of the worker.

If you are going to use a Sawzall or any type of reciprocating saw, it is best if you use a cordless option. This allows you to work without having to navigate the power cord in the process.

Use a blade that is specific for cutting green wood if you are using it to prune. Otherwise, you can dull the blade very quickly.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Circular Saw?

toold to cut tree

A circular saw is often used for cutting but can it be used to cut a tree?

Although it may be physically possible to use a circular saw for cutting a tree, it’s not an option that you should really consider using. Most circular saws are specifically made for cutting wood that has already been trimmed and has a flat side. You would be taking a risk by cutting the tree with it.

Along with not being made for the job, the blade would also likely dull quickly if you are cutting green wood with it.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Machete?

toold to cut tree

We all know that a machete can do a lot of cutting but can you use it to cut a tree?

Machetes are a surprisingly good tool for cutting trees and pruning branches. In the hands of somebody who is skilled, they can cut down a relatively large tree quickly if desired. They also are excellent for lopping off branches.

If you are going to use a machete, make sure that it is as sharp as possible. Using a dull machete is not only frustrating, but it’s also a safety hazard.

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Can You Cut A Tree Using Grinder?

Tools to cut trees

If you have a tree to cut and you have an angle grinder, can you use one to do the other?

An angle grinder would theoretically work for cutting a tree but it would be a poor choice for doing so. Not only would the blade likely wear out very quickly, the design of the angle grinder would not let you get into the tree very far.

Rather than trying to cut a tree with an angle grinder, you can use a hand saw or even a reciprocating saw much more effectively.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Jigsaw?

Tools to cut trees

If you have a jigsaw, is it a tool that should be used for cutting a tree?

Jigsaws are an excellent choice for cutting wood that has already been prepared, such as two by fours and plywood. It can be used for cutting trees but it is not a good tool to do so.

If you have to cut down a small tree or prune some branches and the only tool you have available is a jigsaw, you can use it in theory. I would suggest that you use a blade that is as long as possible and made for cutting wood quickly.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Laser?

Confused man standing

Have you ever thought about using a laser for cutting a tree? Is it even possible?

There have been many documented cases of people cutting dry wood using a laser. Trying to cut a fresh piece of wood, such as pruning branches or cutting a sapling is not likely to be as effective.

Of course, most people would not want to use a laser to cut a tree because they want to remove it from their property. It would be more of a science experiment, and probably one that would fail to a limited extent.

The bottom line is that lasers may be able to cut through wood but they are not the best choice for cutting trees.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Electric Saw?

Man thinking while sitting

If you want to save yourself some time and effort, you may be thinking about using an electric saw for cutting a tree. Is it a good idea?

The right type of electrical saw can be used for cutting trees and it is very effective in doing so. This could include saws such as a reciprocating saw or perhaps even an electric chainsaw. Other saws, such as a circular saw or jigsaw are not the best choice.

Electric saws are often used to do the same job that could be done by a hand saw. The reason they are used is that it is often more effective at doing so.

You can use an electric saw to cut down a tree but make sure you’re using the right saw for the job.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Hacksaw?

Tools to cut trees

If you have a hacksaw can you take it out and cut trees with it? Read this before you try.

A hacksaw is generally used for cutting metal but it can be used to cut wood. For the most part, you can saw branches off a tree with a hacksaw but it will take some time to do it. If you use the right type of blade, it may work better.

One benefit of using a hacksaw for cutting tree branches is that it will cut them cleanly. It also tends to be a quieter tool than most hand saws.

Can You Cut A Tree Using Hatchet?

Tools to cut trees

If you have a hatchet, it can be used for cutting wood but can you use it to cut a tree?

A hatchet is a very effective tool for cutting a tree but you need to use it properly. The short handle makes it possible to hit yourself in the leg, especially if you try to chop at the tree at too much of an angle. If you hit the tree at a 45° angle with the grain, it is an effective tool for cutting a tree.

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The hatchet is convenient because it can easily get into areas where you may not be able to take a full swing with an ax. Just make sure you are using it properly so that you are using it safely.

How To Cut A Tree Properly

Man worker thinking

As you are likely aware, there are many tools that can be used for cutting down a tree. How can you cut a tree down properly?

The best way to cut down any tree of substantial size is by using a chainsaw. This would include coming up with a plan to cover how you will cut the tree and also how it will fall.

Choose the proper size chainsaw for the job. Generally speaking, the length of the bar should be at least 50% of the diameter of the tree. Using the wrong size chainsaw is a safety hazard.

As you cut into the tree, make good use of felling wedges. These will help to keep the tree from coming together and pinching the blade of the chainsaw as you are cutting.

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^This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 05/18/2022^

Make your notch cut on one side of the tree so that it will fall in that direction. The notch should be about 1/5 of the way into the diameter of the trunk. You can then start cutting from the other side.

As you cut through the tree from the opposite side, continue using the wedge to keep the blade from getting pinched. Eventually, there will be a small piece of wood left that is the hinge.

The combination of the hinge and the notch cut will help the tree to fall in the right direction.

A lot of preplanning is necessary for this to go properly. Otherwise, you can end up in a lot of trouble quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The most effective way to cut down a tree is using a chainsaw. There are also other options available, including a hand saw, ax, hatchet, or even a machete. Make sure that you choose the proper tool for the job and then use it properly so the job goes well.

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