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What Can You Use to Cut Black Pipe? (How To)

Black pipes, also called steel pipes, are what are used to carry gas and water from the source to end users (i.e homes). The pipes are used by houses and businesses alike to supply propane or natural gas. In some cases, it’s also used for fire sprinkler systems because it’s so highly resistant to heat.

There are many tools you can use to cut black pipe. You can use a pipe cutter, which is probably one of the first tools you think of for this task, or you could use a grinder, a hacksaw, or a Sawzall.

tools to cut black pipe

Before you start cutting anything, though, make sure that your chosen tool is in good condition and that it will be up to the task of cutting black pipe. Dull tools cause a lot more accidents than sharp ones.

Can You Use a Pipe Cutter to Cut Black Pipe?

tools to cut black pipe

Pipe cutters are popular tools used to cut pipes made of steel, aluminum, copper, and bronze. They make ensuring that you cut pipes the correct length easy and uncomplicated. They can also come in useful when a damaged part of a pipe has to be replaced or completely removed.

Pipe cutters are well-suited to cutting black pipe because you’re able to achieve a cleaner cut with these tools than with hacksaws. This means that there will be less deburring necessary, making the overall task easier.

Also, pipe cutters can be a lot easier to use than some of the other suggested tools and they’re typically also much more affordable. Many plumbers have pipe cutters in their toolkits because they’re useful and cheap.

There are even different types of pipe cutters, all of them with their own benefits and uses. Wheel pipe cutters are great for awkward or small areas. Chain pipe cutters use a chain to cut pipes, internal pipe cutters can cut the insides of pipes, and ratchet pipe cutters use ratcheting to cut pipes and look like pruning shears.

Can You Use Sawzall to Cut Black Pipe?

tools to cut black pipe

Sawzall is the term used to refer to a reciprocating saw. It’s actually a registered trademark but people use the term when talking about reciprocating saws. They can cut cast iron pipes, metal, plastic, lumber, and plywood, depending on the blade installed.

You can cut black pipe with a Sawzall and they work in a back-and-forth motion, making using them similar to using a handsaw. They are designed to rest against the item being cut to prevent it from hopping around.

The blades of this tool come in a range between three inches to 12 inches and they can have between six teeth per inch to 18 teeth per inch. The blades with more teeth per inch will cut metal more smoothly. It’s not the most precise cutting tool but it’s pretty aggressive and versatile.

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Can You Use Chop Saw to Cut Black Pipe?

tools to cut black pipe

Chop saws, also known as abrasive saws, are circular saws that are generally used to cut hard materials like metals, concrete, and tiles. The cutting is done with an abrasive disc that is similar to a grinding wheel.

You can cut black pipe with a chop saw, and many people consider it to be the best tool for the job. These rugged tools can cut through even the toughest material and make cutting black pipe fairly easy.

However, if you’re only going to use the chop saw once, it might not be worth the money spent because these tools are rather expensive. If you plan to use it often, though, it’s a very good investment.

Can You Use a Grinder to Cut Black Pipe?

tools to cut black pipe

Grinding machines are often used to cut through tough materials. This power tool uses an abrasive wheel to do the hard work of cutting, making it relatively easy to use.

You can cut black pipe with an angle grinder, but you’ll have to use a workbench or use riser clamps to lock the pipe securely in place. The grinder will be able to cut around the black pipe and create a uniform groove.

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Just keep in mind that not all grinders will be able to cut black pipe neatly. A cheap grinder might not be up to the task because it’s not very strong or robust.

Can You Use a Hacksaw to Cut Black Pipe?

tools to cut black pipe

Hacksaws are fine-toothed saws made for cutting metal but they’re not as durable as most other suitable cutting tools. Hacksaws are usually handsaws with a C-shaped walking frame holding the blade under tension.

You can cut black pipe using a hacksaw, though this is probably the least suitable tool for the job. You may have to replace many blades as you cut through the pipe, which can be a bit frustrating.

If you’re going to cut many pipes, you may want to use a stronger and sharper cutting tool like a grinder or chop saw.

How to Cut Black Pipe

confused man standing

There is no one true way to cut black pipe because it will all depend on the situation. But, with that said, there are some tips on cutting black pipe that will come in handy for anyone who needs to take care of this kind of task.

To cut black pipe with a hacksaw, ensure that the blade is designed for this purpose. Keep the pipe securely in place using a clamp and cut carefully to achieve a neat and clean cut. Always take this kind of task slowly because being hasty causes accidents.

You should prepare the black pipe before you cut it by using a deburring so you can get rid of any sharp edges that might be present. Use your pipe cutter to score the pipe, after which you should be able to break it off. A hacksaw can be used to cut the pipe down to the length you need.

If you’re using a SawsAll, note that these saws are known for being versatile and aggressive, but not very precise. If your job requires precision, you’ll be better off using a different tool. They cut in a back-and-forth motion, much like a handsaw, and have a shoe at the blade’s base that is meant to rest against the black pipe so the saw doesn’t jump around and cause injuries.

Cutting black pipe with an angle grinder is also an option, and you’ll have to put it on a workbench for a smooth experience. Alternatively, you can use riser clamps to lock the pipe in place and start grinding. You will have to cut around the pipe so you create a uniform groove and then let the grinding wheel penetrate a specific point of the pipe. Complete the task by cutting around that single point.

You can also cut black pipe with a hammer and chisel, though this may seem rather unconventional. You’ll have to create a marking line and then use the hammer and chisel to score an even line around the pipe. You should find that the pipe snaps off at the line after you’ve struck the chisel with the hammer enough times.

A snap cutter can also be used to cut black pipe. Locate the spot where you want to cut the pipe and wrap the chain on the snap cutter on the pipe at that location. Use the device’s ratchet and tighten the chain and you should find that the pipe will snap off after enough force has been used.

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