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What Can You Use To Cut Carbon Fiber? (How To)

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel, so there is always some confusion over what can be used to cut through it. Let’s cut through the confusion and see what can be used for carbon fiber.

Any power tool or hand tool can be used for cutting carbon fiber if it is equipped with the proper blade. A fine tooth blade will always be beneficial and if it is carbide tipped, it will not wear out quickly. You can also upgrade to a diamond blade for even better cutting.

cutting the carbon fiber

Carbon fiber, which is also called graphite fiber, is a lightweight and very strong material. It is used for a wide variety of industrial purposes because it is possible to replace steel with carbon fiber in many cases. Some of the areas in which carbon fiber is used include race cars and aircraft.

What Can You Use To Cut Carbon Fiber? (How To)

As we will discuss in the next section, another thing that makes it possible to cut carbon fiber in unique ways is the fact that it is electrically conductive. This does pose some safety risks, but it also makes it possible to cut with tools such as a plasma cutter.

Let’s consider some of the safety factors associated with cutting carbon fiber and then we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of what tools to use.

Is Cutting Carbon Fiber Dangerous?

tool to cut carbon fiber

One important thing to consider any time we are doing a DIY or construction project is our personal safety. Carbon fiber may seem like a relatively benign item, but what are the safety factors associated with working with it?

There are many dangers associated with cutting carbon fiber that should be kept in mind prior to starting work. Not only can this help you to safeguard your own health and safety, but it can also reduce the risks that could lead to property damage if things are done properly.

Before we start to talk about some of the specifics of cutting carbon fiber safely, it’s important to recognize that this is not something you should fear. However, having a healthy respect for cutting carbon fiber will be helpful because it will allow you to protect yourself in advance.

Respiratory Safety – When you cut or sand carbon fiber, it is likely that you will generate a lot of airborne dust. This can be extremely dangerous, considering the hazards associated with carbon fiber dust.

Those risks include the possibility of lung cancer and mesothelioma. It is very similar to the dangers associated with breathing in asbestos.

You can get beyond this particular safety measure by wearing a disposable respirator at a minimum. If you have an N95 and are wearing it properly, it will filter out 95% of all particles that are 0.3 µm or larger.

If you really want to take your safety to the next level, you could wear a higher-quality respirator, such as a half mask or full-face respirator. If you are machining and creating an excessive amount of dust, you should wear a forced air system to completely protect your respiratory system.

You can also reduce the dust by using a fine tooth saw blade or by using a hand tool if possible.

Electrical Safety – Most people don’t think much about electrical safety when it comes to cutting carbon fiber. Since the fibers can conduct electricity, it is important to consider.

When carbon fiber dust becomes airborne, it can easily get inside of electrical equipment or nearby electrical circuits. This could lead to some serious problems, such as the possibility of a short circuit, tripped breakers, or even electric shock.

Protecting electrical equipment is vital during this difficult task. You can also reduce dust by using a hand tool or perhaps using water to reduce the dust that is being generated during this time.

PPE – Finally, give some consideration to the personal protective equipment you will be using while cutting carbon fiber. You don’t want the fibers to come in contact with your skin, eyes, or respiratory system.

Safety glasses or even better, goggles, can be worn to help protect your eyes. This isn’t only to protect them from flying debris while cutting, you don’t want the dust to get into your eyes as well.

As discussed, we can use a respirator, such as an N95 or a half/full-face respirator. Carbon fiber dust carries many of the same dangers as asbestos, so take it seriously.

Long sleeve shirts and pants will help to ensure that the carbon fiber dust does not become a problem on your skin.

Can You Use Laser To Cut Carbon Fiber?

Although there may be many different ways to cut carbon fiber, one that is sometimes considered is using a laser. Is this a possibility?

Carbon fiber can be cut with a laser and it will actually make a nice, clean cut when it is done properly. You can choose either a fiber laser or a CO2 laser to get the job done.

As you can imagine, cutting with a laser is a special type of job that is not going to be possible for everyone. If you have to cut a piece of carbon fiber for your own needs as a DIY project, using a laser may not be the best choice.

Lasers are used for cutting a wide variety of materials, including those that are metal and those that are not metal. Carbon fiber textiles are easily cut with a laser, but there are many other tools that can also be used for that purpose.

Can You Use Hacksaw To Cut Carbon Fiber?

tool to cut carbon fiber

One option to consider for cutting carbon fiber is a hacksaw. Most people have them available, so can they be used?

If you have a hacksaw available, you can use it for cutting carbon fiber. As long as the blade is of high quality and has not yet been dulled, you can cut through the fiber quickly and easily. Use a metal cutting blade and you will be able to cut straight lines.

One of the issues that many people have when using a hacksaw is that they only use a small amount of the blade. They tend to focus the cut on the center of the blade, and that can wear out the teeth very quickly.

If you really want to make the most out of your hacksaw usage and for cutting carbon fiber, try to use the entire blade for the cutting process. You will find that the blade lasts a lot longer and that the cut is a lot neater.

Can You Use Dremel To Cut Carbon Fiber?

One option that you may think about for cutting carbon fiber is using a Dremel tool. Most of us have these simple tools for DIY projects or we may have a higher quality Dremel for doing larger jobs.

Any type of rotary tool will cut carbon fiber if you use the proper blade. This includes a Dremel tool that is equipped with a cutting wheel made for metal. Another option is to use a diamond cutting wheel, especially if you’re going to be cutting a lot of carbon fiber.

Although it certainly is possible to use a Dremel tool that you may use for smaller projects, you will find that using a larger Dremel tool that may be used for construction projects is of much greater benefit.

Those larger Dremel tools will last a lot longer and the blades will last longer as well. Otherwise, you could go through blades very quickly.

Can You Use Router To Cut Carbon Fiber?

tool to cut carbon fiber

If you have a router, can you use it for cutting carbon fiber? This is a question that really needs some careful consideration.

You can use a carbide bit in a router to cut carbon fiber and it will cut through it easily. If you are using the router to cut carbon fiber, you need to wear a respirator because the dust is going to be a problem.

First of all, a standard router bit is not going to work well for cutting carbon fiber. You must use at least a carbide bit to chew through the fiber quickly.

If you’ve never used a router before, you might be surprised by how much dust they generate. You could quickly be overcome by the dust, which has some serious health consequences that are similar to breathing in asbestos.

Always wear long-sleeved shirts and a high-quality respirator, which would be an N95 at the very minimum. A half mask or full face mask respirator is a better choice for using a router.

Can You Use Water Jet To Cut Carbon Fiber?

If you have access to a waterjet tool, can it be used to cut carbon fiber?

If you have to cut a thick piece of carbon fiber, you can cut through it easily with a waterjet. Doing so has many benefits, including controlling the cut and reducing the amount of dust that is generated during the process.

Although a waterjet is a good choice for cutting carbon fiber, if the piece is exceptionally thick, you may have to run through a couple of passes before it actually cuts through it. This shouldn’t be a problem, but it may take you longer to do the job than using another tool.

Can You Use Scissors To Cut Carbon Fiber?

tool to cut carbon fiber

If you’re cutting through a thin piece of carbon fiber, should you consider using scissors to get the job done?

Carbon fiber sheets may be strong but if they are thin, they can easily be cut by any number of different tools that are used for cutting, including scissors. You will find that scissors cut through the carbon fiber sheet easily but you may also want to consider using a rotary tool equipped with a diamond blade.

Scissors are good when you don’t have any other option available. They can easily cut through a carbon fiber sheet but don’t think that it is the only option you have available.

You can use a razor knife or even a hobby Dremel tool with a diamond blade to cut through the sheet quickly and easily. Those options will also give you the control that is necessary to make a clean cut that is exactly what you need.

Can You Use Miter Saw To Cut Carbon Fiber?

One of the tools that we often have available is a miter saw. Is this a tool you can use to cut carbon fiber?

A miter saw can be used to cut through carbon fiber but only if the piece is small enough to be cut in a single pass. You should not try to pull the carbon fiber through the miter saw, as that bypasses the safety features of the saw and puts you at risk.

Many people are surprised that you can use a miter saw for cutting carbon fiber. In reality, any type of saw can be used for that purpose, including many that are used for cutting wood or metal.

The real key to making sure that the cut is done properly is to use the right blade. The wrong blade will dull very quickly but a carbon blade or better yet, a diamond blade will cut through the carbon fiber and still be ready to do more.

Can You Use Plasma To Cut Carbon Fiber ?

tool to cut carbon fiber

A plasma cutter uses an electrical arc to ionize the air and generate a strong flame that cuts through metal. It will literally melt the metal, leaving behind a smooth and polished edge. Can you use a plasma cutter to cut through carbon fiber?

Since plasma cutters can cut any conductive material, they can be used to cut carbon fiber, which does conduct electricity.

You may find that using a plasma cutter is a convenient way to make very accurate cuts through carbon fiber. It is not the best option, and you may want to consider using another option, such as a rotary tool with a diamond blade.

Can You Use Glowforge To Cut Carbon Fiber?

If you have a GlowForge tool, can it be used for cutting carbon fiber?

You can use a GlowForge tool to cut a thin piece of carbon fiber but you should never use the tool if the carbon fiber is coated. As the tool cuts the piece of material, it will cause fumes to release from the coating that could be harmful to your health.

Typically, there is not a need to use a GlowForge tool for cutting carbon fiber. If you need to cut out a specific shape or design, just make sure that the piece you are cutting is not coated.

Can You Use Cricut To Cut Carbon Fiber?

Confused man standing

Many crafters are surprised with how versatile the Cricut tool can be. Is it versatile enough to cut carbon fiber?

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You could use a Cricut to cut through carbon fiber if you use the proper cutting attachment. The real key is to use a thin enough sheet so it can be attached to the carrier sheet before it is cut.

Although you can use a Cricut tool for this purpose, it is not always going to be the most appropriate option. There are some instances in which it would work well but only if it can be attached to the carrier sheet.

Can You Use Wire EDM To Cut Carbon Fiber?

If you have access to EDM machining tools, can they be used for cutting through carbon fiber?

You can use an EDM wire cutter for cutting through carbon fiber material because it is electrically conductive. It is the fibers that are conductive, which allows the EDM tool to cut through the sheet using electrical sparks and heat.

How To Cut Carbon Fiber Properly

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As we discussed, there are many different tools that can be used for cutting carbon fiber. There is one particular method, however, that should be considered the most appropriate.

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As long as you are using a carbon or diamond blade, you can use any type of power tool or hand tool for cutting through carbon fiber. Make sure that the blade is of high quality and after cutting, you can use a file or sandpaper to finish up the edges.

Perhaps the most important factor for cutting carbon fiber is cutting it safely.

Wear a dust mask that is at least an N95 to protect your respiratory system against carbon dust. Fiber dust carries many of the same dangers as asbestos, so it needs to be respected.

You should also wear long sleeves and long pants so the fibers don’t irritate your skin.

Finally, always wear safety glasses or better yet, goggles so the fibers don’t get in your eyes.

You can use any power tool to cut carbon fiber if you have it equipped with a carbide or diamond blade. Choose the tool that is appropriate for the task, use the right blade, and then use some sandpaper to smooth the edges after the cut has been made.

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