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What Can You Use To Cut Sandstone? (How To)

Sandstone is a relatively soft natural stone that is often used in DIY projects. It can be applied inside and outside to add beauty and durability to any living space. Cutting sandstone requires some specific tools, so what can you use?

Using either a chisel or a saw are the best options to cut sandstone. If a saw is being used, you should choose an appropriate blade, such as a diamond tip blade and if possible, use water to keep dust at a minimum.

Cutting the sandstone

As you will see in this article, there are actually numerous ways to cut sandstone. You aren’t limited to one particular option but rather, you can use almost any saw you have at your disposal.

The real key is to use the proper blade. This can’t be stated enough, because using a blade that is not used for cutting stone will not last very long. It will cost you money and can even be dangerous to use.

Generally speaking, you can use a diamond blade to cut through sandstone. There may also be other blades that are used for this purpose. Check the package for the options that are available.

What Can You Use To Cut Sandstone? (How To)

The primary focus of this article is going to be on cutting sandstone using a saw. In reality, however, sandstone can also be cut with a hammer and chisel. We will discuss that in the how-to section at the end.

It is also important to consider your personal health and safety when cutting sandstone. Unfortunately, this is a step that is often skipped and it has led to some serious problems.

Sandstone is made up of quartz, to a large extent. In other words, it has an extensive amount of crystalline silica contained within it.

When it is in its natural state and is solid, it is not a health hazard. The problem is, that when you cut sandstone, you are releasing the silica and making it breathable. That is when the real problems happen.

When silica gets into the lungs, it does not come back out, ever. Your natural immune system will begin to attack the silica and pull it into the lining of the lungs where it will harden. Eventually, silica can lead to silicosis which is an incurable and deadly disease.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep silica exposure at a minimum when cutting sandstone. This includes wearing an N95 mask, which will filter out 95% of all particles 0.3 µm or larger.

If possible, you can also use water. There are some attachments for even circular saws that make it into a wet saw. Water knocks the dust down and keeps it from entering the lungs.

Other factors to consider for your safety include using safety glasses or goggles. You can also use a face shield. The use of all-purpose or cut-resistant gloves is also beneficial.

Never underestimate the benefits of safety when cutting sandstone or doing any other DIY project.

Let’s take a look at some of the tools that may be used for cutting sandstone properly.

Can You Use Grinder To Cut Sandstone?

Tools to cut sandstone

If you have a grinder, can you use it for cutting sandstone? Is a bench grinder a proper tool for this use?

As long as the sandstone you are cutting is not larger than the blade, you can use a bench grinder to cut sandstone. Choose a diamond tip blade that will easily cut through the stone for that purpose. Be careful with your fingers while cutting sandstone with a bench grinder.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with cutting sandstone with a bench grinder is the dust. You will not be able to keep dust to a minimum so you must wear a respirator.

You should also ensure that the bench grinder has a motor that is powerful enough to get through the stone. Generally speaking, the motor should be a minimum of 5 A but a larger motor will also benefit.

It is inconvenient, for the most part, to use a bench grinder for cutting sandstone because you have to carry the sandstone to it. Let’s consider some of the portable options for cutting sandstone.

Can You Use an Angle Grinder To Cut Sandstone?

Tools to cut sandstone

Angle grinders are similar to bench grinders but they are portable and convenient. Can you also use an angle grinder to cut sandstone?

Angle grinders make an excellent cutting tool for sandstone. Equipped with a diamond blade, you can cut through the sandstone and you have a lot of control over the cut as well. Angle grinders make an appropriate choice for cutting sandstone when you have to do so in place.

Although we would recommend using angle grinders for cutting sandstone, it’s not going to be the best choice in every situation. Generally speaking, it is better to use a stabilized saw, such as a title saw for this purpose when possible.

If you have to cut the sandstone in place, then you will find the use of an angle grinder with a diamond tip blade to be the best choice possible. You can get into fairly tight spaces and at the same time, you can cut the stone without having to remove it.

Can You Use a Circular Saw To Cut Sandstone?

Tools to cut sandstone

Circular saws are among the most common tools we have at our disposal. Can you use them for cutting sandstone?

If you have a diamond tip blade on your circular saw, it can be used for cutting sandstone. It is better to use a circular saw if you have larger pieces of sandstone so you don’t have to get your fingers too close to the work.

One of the benefits of using a circular saw is the fact that you can use water on some models. Essentially, you are changing your circular saw into a wet saw.

Can You Use Tile Saw To Cut Sandstone?

Confused man standing

If you have a tile saw, is it also capable of cutting sandstone?

A tile saw is one of the best choices for cutting sandstone. As long as you have a diamond blade that is large enough to cut through the stone, it will cut through it easily and the water from the tile saw will keep the dust from being a problem.

Any type of masonry saw is always going to be beneficial for cutting sandstone. A tile saw, however, is specifically made for that purpose.

You can cut sandstone just like you cut any other type of tile in a tile saw. The only difference is that sandstone is relatively soft so it will be easy to cut.

How To Properly Cut Sandstone

Confused man standing

They sometimes say that there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. In the case of cutting sandstone, there are actually two proper ways to do so.

Cutting Sandstone with a Saw:

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Step 1: Use the right blade – Make sure that the saw you are using is equipped with a diamond blade. This is the type of blade that will cut through the sandstone easily. If you have to change the blade, make sure that you do so with the saw unplugged.

Step 2: Mark the stone – Measure the stone carefully and the area where you have to install it. You should ensure that you are leaving at least a little bit of extra room because you will want to take the line and not leave it.

You can mark the stone with any type of marker, especially considering the fact that you will be cutting the line. Some people use a pencil but I prefer to use a sharpie.

Since you will be cutting the stone with a wet saw in some cases, a sharpie is preferable because the line does not wash away as you are cutting it.

Step 3: Safety – The dust that is created when you are cutting sandstone should not enter your lungs. Even if you are using a wet saw, it’s a good idea to wear a respirator. Generally speaking, you will want to wear an N95 or similar respirator for this job.

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Step 4: Cut – Now is the time that you actually make the cut. Allow the saw to do the majority of the work and slowly push the sandstone through using minimal pressure. Take a little bit of extra time at the end of the cut so you don’t break through.

Cutting Sandstone with a Chisel and Hammer:

Step 1: Measure and Mark – Measure the area you want to install the stone carefully and mark the sandstone with a pencil. Be careful that you are as accurate as possible when marking the stone.

Step 2: Chisel – Use a carbide tip chisel and begin pounding the end of it with a hammer. You will work your way along the line to remove some of the material. Don’t try to get the entire way through the stone in one hit.

Continue to tap on the chisel until eventually, the stone will break at the line. It will do so because you have created the weakest point by chiseling along the line. You can then begin removing any additional material.

The best choice for cutting sandstone is to use a power saw equipped with a diamond tip blade. This could include a tile or masonry saw that uses water. Otherwise, you may want to consider using a hammer and chisel.

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