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What Can You Use To Cut Nails (How To)

There may be times when you need to cut nails in a home DIY project. What can be used to do so?

The best tool for cutting nails is a reciprocating saw. Use a metal cutting blade and change the blade frequently when it becomes dull. Choose a blade that is long enough to get past the nail but not so long that it will damage nearby material.

nails in the wood

Be careful when handling the blade because it gets very hot. Allow it to cool down before you change blades.

What Can You Use To Cut Nails?

When you’re cutting nails, you need to consider safety. The nails may go flying at a high speed in any direction, so protect your eyes.

Safety glasses are recommended but you can also wear a face shield over safety glasses for additional protection. Try not to work with your mouth open.

You can also wear some all-purpose gloves to help protect your hands from hot blades and sharp metal pieces.

Can You Cut Nails With Oscillating Tool?

tools to cut nails

Many people have an oscillating tool available. Is this a proper tool for cutting nails?

You can use an oscillating tool to cut nails and it may be the best tool for the job, depending upon the circumstances. As long as you are using a proper blade for cutting metal nails, you should be able to get through them in very little time.

One of the biggest issues with using an oscillating tool was the fact that you can’t control what happens after the nail is cut. You may find that it goes flying in almost any direction.

This can be a frustrating problem if you are trying to keep cleaning up after yourself. It also is an extreme hazard, so you should always wear safety glasses when cutting nails with an oscillating tool.

Generally speaking, the time that you would use an oscillating tool is if you have easy access to the nails that need cut. It is also a good tool to use if you only have a few nails to cut.

Can You Cut Nails With Multi Tool?

tools to cut nails

Multi-tools are extremely handy but they are not well-suited for every job. Should you consider using a multi-tool with a job that requires cutting nails?

It certainly is possible to cut through nails using a multi-tool. As long as you’re using the appropriate blade for cutting through metal, it can cut through the nail very easily.

Generally speaking, you are actually using an oscillating tool when you are calling a multi-tool. It really is just a tool that serves multiple purposes, but the oscillating benefit is one that will help you to cut through almost anything.

The most important factor for cutting with a multi-tool is the proper blade selection. You could probably get away with cutting one or two nails using almost any blade but you’re going to wear those blades down quickly if you don’t choose one that is appropriate for the job.

As I mentioned, it is also important to wear safety glasses when cutting nails with a multi-tool. They can go flying at very high speeds in random directions.

Can You Cut Nails With Dremel?

tools to cut nails

We often use Dremel tools for doing small jobs. They can be used for many DIY projects, so can a Dremel tool also be used for cutting nails?

If you have one or two nails that need to be cut, you can use a Dremel tool to cut through them very quickly. The tool works well in cutting off nails close to the surface if you have access to the area in order to do the work.

One important thing to consider with a Dremel is the fact that it is generally well-suited for light-duty work. If you only have a nail or two to cut, the tool can really do a great job at cutting them.

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On the other hand, if you have to cut off dozens or perhaps even hundreds of nails, then you would probably want to choose a better tool than a Dremel. This could include an oscillating tool or even better, a reciprocating saw.

If you do use your Dremel for cutting nails, make sure that you use the right blade.

Can You Cut Nails With Angle Grinder?

tools to cut nails

Angle grinders are amazing tools that can be used for cutting almost anything. They do well with both heavy-duty jobs and even jobs that require some finesse.

You can use an angle grinder to cut nails quickly and easily. Since you are able to control the angle grinder, you can get into tighter areas and cut nails near the surface. Be sure that you’re using the proper blade for cutting metal.

One of the benefits of using an angle grinder is the fact that you can control it very easily. It is easier to control than many other similar tools, including an oscillating tool.

Angle grinders are also able to fit into tight areas, so if you have a nail that needs to be cut in a smaller area, it may be a proper job to do so.

Always select the proper blade for cutting or shortening nails. You can use an angle grinder for many purposes, but using the proper blade is always going to be of benefit.

Can You Cut Nails With Reciprocating Saw?

tools to cut nails

Most people would say that a reciprocating saw is one of the handiest tools they have in their toolbox. Is this also a tool that can be used for cutting nails?

You can use a reciprocating saw to cut nails and it does an excellent job of making short work of the project. With the proper metal cutting blade installed, you can cut through nails quickly and easily. It’s great for use in a demo project.

Reciprocating saws serve so many different purposes and most people would never be without one. If you have a lot of nails to cut, such as nails that are sticking through a roof, a reciprocating saw is always going to be the right choice.

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Sometimes, you may also need to cut nails that are located in one that is already nailed together. If you are able to fit the reciprocating saw blade into the area, it can cut the nail without causing too much damage to the wood.

One thing to look out for if you have a reciprocating saw is the possibility that it is set on an oscillating feature. You want to make sure that any oscillating setting is turned off if you are cutting nails.

Can You Cut Nails With Circular Saw?

tools to cut nails

If you have a circular saw available, can it be used for cutting nails?

Although you could, in theory, cut nails using a circular saw, it is not the best tool for the job. Generally speaking, using a circular saw for cutting nails is dangerous and there are much better tools available to get the job done.

If you are cutting through wood and happened to run into a nail, the circular saw is likely going to cut straight through it. On the other hand, if you know that a nail is in the wood, you should avoid using the circular saw if at all possible.

Can You Cut Nails With Hand Saw?

tools to cut nails

If you have a handsaw available, can you use it to cut nails?

A handsaw is not a good tool for cutting nails because the blades are made for cutting wood. If you have a hacksaw, that can be used as a handsaw for that purpose. Otherwise, you should use a reciprocating saw or an oscillating tool.

There is an interesting hack that can allow you to use a handsaw to cut nails. It is done by making small teeth in the back of the saw and then using them to cut the nail.

This isn’t something that should be done at all times but it can work in a pinch if you don’t have any other tools available.

How To Cut Nails Properly

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Although it would seem that the process of cutting nails is fairly straightforward, there are some things you should know to do it properly.

One important factor for cutting many nails is to use bar lubricant. You can rub a little of this lubricant on the blade to keep it from getting too hot and from getting damaged as the nail is being cut.

If you are cutting many nails, you may need to change the blade from time to time. This is true of any type of tool, from a reciprocating saw all the way to a multi-tool. Keeping the blade sharp is one of the most important things you can do.

Use a blade that is long enough to cut the nail and have a little of the blade available on the other side of the nail. Using a blade that is too long could cause damage to nearby material.

Finally, always consider safety. Wear safety glasses when you are cutting nails because the nail pieces that are cut off can go flying in any direction.

You should also be careful that you never touch the blade after cutting nails. Those blades can get practically red-hot, so give the blade enough time to cool off before touching it.

The best way to cut nails is to use a reciprocating saw. Choose a metal cutting blade that is long enough to reach the nail but not too long as it will damage nearby material. After cutting the nail, allow the blade to cool down before touching it.

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