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What Can You Use To Cut Glass Tile (How To)

If you are installing glass tile, you may need to cut some of the tile to get it to fit properly. How can you do it?

The best tool for cutting glass tile is a wet saw. It can help get the job done quickly but it is also going to produce an accurate cut that has less of a risk of damaging the edge of the tiles.

Cutting the white tiles

One of the reasons why a wet saw is so beneficial is because it has a steady flow of water over the saw blade as it is cutting. Primarily, this is done to help keep the saw blade from overheating and burning up but it may also have benefits when cutting glass.

As the blade cuts through the tile, the water flowing over the blade will help to reduce the amount of friction that is occurring on the cut edge. As a result of less friction, there is less heat so the breakage will be kept to a minimum.

The cut itself is also going to be much smoother when you use a wet saw. There are other tools possible for use in cutting glass tile but you will not be able to beat what a wet saw is able to do.

What Can You Use To Cut Glass Tile (How To)

We have already discussed the benefit of using a wet saw to cut glass tile. This may leave you wondering, what if I don’t have a wet saw available?

Most homeowners who are doing this job on their own will be using their own tools to do it. That is why we have a list of items below that can be used for cutting glass tile as well as some that should not be used.

That being said, you will absolutely find it beneficial to have a wet saw available to cut the glass tile. If you don’t have one of your own and can’t borrow one, you can plan the work and rent a wet saw from the local hardware store.

This is going to have benefits, because you can use the wet saw, clean it, and take it back again. It’s less expensive to rent the saw for a day or two than to go out and purchase one. Additionally, you would probably not get one as high of quality as you would rent.

Finally, anytime you are cutting glass tile, there is a possibility for chips flying off and dust is going to be a problem. It is kept to a minimum when you use a wet saw, but it is still a possibility.

That is why you need to consider your personal safety and the safety of others around you when doing any work on glass tile. Wear your safety glasses or goggles and make sure that you wear a respirator to keep from breathing in the dust that may be occurring.

Let’s take a look at some of the different tools that can be used for cutting glass tile. We will also consider some that should not be used for that purpose.

Can You Cut Glass Tile With A Tile Saw?

Cutting the white tiles

If you have a tile saw at your disposal, can it be used to cut glass tile?

A tile saw, which is commonly referred to as a wet saw can be used to cut glass tile. In fact, it is the best choice for doing so. You may need to change the blade to one that has a softer and finer diamond finish. This will allow for a smoother cut and will keep the glass from chipping.

Although we recommend changing the saw blade to one that is better suited for glass tile, you may be able to do quite well with a regular porcelain blade. You are more likely to chip the glass, but you can also reduce that possibility by working properly.

Most people tend to rush through the process and in doing so, they run the risk of chipping the glass. It is especially important to slow down and go nice and steady as you cut glass tile when you are using a blade that is not specific for that purpose.

In fact, one of the biggest problems is when you are finishing up the cut. This is when we tend to push to get the blade to go through that last quarter inch but it ends up blowing the glass out in the process.

The moral of the story is, don’t be in a rush when you are cutting glass tile. Take your time and you will have much less waste.

Can You Cut Glass Tile With A Regular Tile Cutter?

Cutting the white tiles

If you have a regular tile cutter that you’ve used for ceramic or other types of tile, can it also be used for glass?

You should not use a regular tile cutter for cutting glass. Even though it can cut a glass tile, the fragile nature of the tile is going to make it more difficult and it will be more likely to chip, crack, or break the tile.

Regular tile cutters come in both a manual style and an electric style. They are a very convenient option when you have to cut ceramic or porcelain but glass is an entirely different animal.

Of course, if you are only cutting a few pieces of glass and you want to try using the tool that you have available, by all means go ahead and do so. Just make sure that you don’t cut yourself short by breaking too many pieces in the process.

In the end, it is really up to you if you want to use a regular tile cutter for cutting glass or not. Can it get the job done? Absolutely! The problem is, it will likely cause problems along the way.

Can I Cut Glass Tile With A Dremel?

Cutting the tiles

Are you considering cutting glass tile with a Dremel tool? You might want to read on before doing so.

Dremel tools are very convenient and we love having them around the home. They can do almost any job imaginable, but they are also typically made for small jobs of a short duration. The same would also be true when cutting glass. You can use a Dremel tool with the right type of tip to get in a difficult location to cut the glass. For installation, however, you should use your Dremel tool sparingly.

In this particular case, we are thinking of a Dremel tool as being a hobby tool that we use around the home. There also other tools that are specific to other jobs, including some that can handle a lot of work.

You have to decide if you are going to put your Dremel tool through the paces and see how long it will last. If you only have to cut a piece or two of glass, go ahead and do so but if you have a lot of glass to cut, you might want to rethink your choices.

Can You Cut Glass Tile With An Angle Grinder?

Cutting the white tiles

Do you want to try cutting glass with an angle grinder? There are options that can work.

To properly use an angle grinder for cutting glass tile, you must use a blade that is made specific for that purpose. In this case, it would be a diamond blade but you should also choose one with very fine diamonds. This will help to cut the glass smoothly and reduce the risk of breakage.

One option to consider that can make this job go better is if you have a grinder that is variable speed. Rather than going all out as fast as you can, slow the speed down and take your time cutting through the glass.

When you go slowly while cutting glass, you are less likely to make a mistake. In addition, there will be less breakage and chipping of the glass, which could otherwise be a problem.

On the other hand, if you want to use an angle grinder with a regular porcelain saw blade, it will do just fine. You will end up breaking more glass and the edge will not be quite as smooth, but if you only have to cut a few pieces of glass, it may not be worth the extra expense to buy a new blade.

Can You Cut Glass Tile With A Diamond Blade?

Man cutting the tiles

As you can see, there are many options for cutting glass tile. Is a diamond blade an option to consider?

The best blade possible for cutting glass tile is a diamond blade. It is important to choose the right blade because you will want something that cuts through the glass smoothly and cleanly. You would also want a blade that can be used at lower speeds and will produce a cleaner cut. A high quality diamond blade will do the job.

Diamond blades are able to cut through glass easily but the problem comes when most people tend to rush the cut. Chipping may occur and that is especially true when you reach the edge of the glass it tends to blow out at the end.

This can be reduced by simply slowing down how quickly you are working. It can also be reduced even further by using a very fine, high quality diamond blade to do the job.

The reason why you can use many different types of tools for cutting glass tile is because they can all use a diamond blade. Choose one with the finest diamonds available and it will make the cut smoother.

Can You Cut Glass Tile With A Miter Saw?

Confuse worker man

If you have a miter saw, you might want to use it for cutting glass. Will it destroy a glass tile?

If you use the proper saw blade, a miter saw can be a very good tool for use when cutting glass tile. A very fine diamond blade will cut the glass and the fact that you are using a miter saw will make the cut straight. You need to take your time, however, because there is a safety issue involved.

With any tool, cutting a glass tile has some risk associated with it. This includes flying glass, especially if more chips occur.

It is especially a problem with a miter saw because they tend to run at a very high speed. In addition, if you are cutting small pieces of tile, you might find that your fingers are getting dangerously close to the blade.

A diamond blade, such as what is used on a wet saw will not cut your fingers. The same cannot be said for a diamond blade that is used on a miter saw. Watch your fingers!

Can You Cut Glass Tile With Oscillating Tool?

Tools for cutting the tile

Do you have an oscillating tool and want to cut glass tile? Read on to find out more.

An oscillating tool can be used to cut glass tile but you are likely to chip the tile in the process. If you only have one piece of tile to cut and all you have available is an oscillating tool, you can try it but expect to go through a few pieces of tile before you do it perfectly.

Oscillating tools can be very convenient around the home. They just aren’t the best choice for cutting glass tile.

Can You Cut Glass Tile With A Jigsaw?

Tools for cutting the tile

Have you been considering using a jigsaw for cutting glass tile? You might be surprised with how convenient it can be.

Jigsaws can be used to cut various types of tile cleanly and safely. They work very well with ceramic and porcelain but they can also be used for glass tile. As long as you are using the right type of blade, you can cut out notches or work your way around an obstacle.

You can use either a diamond or an abrasive carbide edge blade for cutting glass tile. Jigsaws are able to work in a straight line or in a curve, which is what makes them such a convenient option.

The one problem you may run into is working on a piece of glass that is too small. You need to be cautious that you don’t get your fingers somewhere that they could get hurt. That is especially true when doing fine work with a jigsaw.

How To Properly Cut Glass Tile?

Confuse worker man

The time has finally arrived and you are ready to install some glass tile. How can you cut it?

Using a wet saw is the best way to cut glass tile for a large job or a small job. It will save you time, because it cuts through the glass cleanly but it will also make for a beautiful job because you will have less damage and loss as a result of chipped glass.

When you first start thinking about the job, you need to have an estimate of how much tile to use. Since glass tile is easier to chip and break, you should buy extra in case of the worse. It’s a matter of planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

One factor that should also be kept in mind is the type of glass tile you are using. If you are using a very thin tile, it is going to be easier to break. On the other hand, larger tile pieces are easier to cut but a single mistake wastes more glass.

We recommend using a wet saw because it makes the cleanest cut. It also is something that is relatively safe to use because coming in contact with the blade will not cut your finger. The same can not be said for your fingernail.

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The beneficial use of water on the saw blade is also going to help with the glass. It reduces friction and therefore, heat. You will find that the edge is much better as a result.

After marking the cut with a washable marker on the tile, you would start the wet saw and get it up to speed. This ensures that the blade is already waterlogged. You never want to run a wet saw dry.

Cut the glass slowly and deliberately to ensure that you are reducing the possibility for a glass blowout. One of the areas that is most dangerous is when you reach the end of the cut.

Let the blade do the work and don’t try to force things through too quickly. A slight blowout of glass at the end of a cut can ruin a lot of work in the progress.

After you cut through the glass completely, turn the saw off and wipe away the leftover marker using another cloth. You can then install the glass in place and get ready for the next piect.

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Any power tool using a diamond blade can cut glass tile but your best option is to use a wet saw. It’s perfectly suited for cutting glass, because it cuts it cleanly and reduces the likelihood that you will have excess waste.

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