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What Can You Use To Cut Granite? (How To)

Granite is some of the hardest material that you could cut at home. It is possible to cut it, but you need to use the right tools and the right methods.

The best tool for cutting granite is a wet-cut circular saw. It allows you to cut a straight line in the granite and to do so at an even speed. The water with the wet-cut circular saw helps the saw cut through without overheating and it keeps dust to a minimum.

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Tool to cut granite

Along with using the wet-cut circular saw, you also need to consider the blade that is used. Obviously, a regular blade that is used for cutting wood would never work for this type of heavy-duty work.

There are diamond blades available that can cut through granite easily. It is still going to take some time, however, and you need to be cautious that you are using a quality blade and tool because you wouldn’t want to ruin the granite.

What Can You Use To Cut Granite?

Primarily, you will need to be concerned about the type of blade you are using. There are a variety of tools that can cut Granite, but without the right blade in place, it will not work.

A diamond blade is the proper type of blade. You can’t use other blades that are typically used in a wet saw, such as those that will cut through marble or ceramic.

Quite simply, those standard blades are not going to be heavy-duty enough to cut through granite. Granite is one of the hardest materials that you will have to cut through at home and many of those other blades will only burn out quickly if you try to cut granite with them.

When choosing a diamond blade, you will have different options available. One important factor to consider, however, is to ensure that the blade is labeled for cutting granite. Otherwise, it will not be strong enough to handle the work.

You can also get diamond blades suitable to the task of cutting granite to use with other tools as well. That will help you to cut angles and shapes rather than just cutting a straight line, which is what a wet-cut circular saw will do.

Below, we are going to take a look at some of the different options you have available for cutting granite. In almost every case, you will be using a diamond blade that has granite on the label. Otherwise, it will not be able to handle the job.

Can You Cut Granite With an Angle Grinder?

Cutting the floor using angle grinder

One of the tools that are often considered for cutting granite is an angle grinder. Can you use this tool for cutting granite effectively?

An angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade suited for cutting granite can handle the job. It is not necessarily going to be the best option, because it is hard to control an angle grinder enough that you can cut through the granite without the potential of cracking it.

Of course, most people who are considering using an angle grinder are not going to be cutting through a large slab of granite, such as what you would use as a countertop. More than likely, those people will want to cut through smaller pieces of granite, such as tiles.

That is where the problem comes in. Cutting through granite tiles will often result in cracks and chips if you use an angle grinder. It is much better if you use a tool that gives you better control.

You can use a wet-cut circular saw equipped with a diamond blade to cut both thick and thin pieces of granite. You can also use a wet saw equipped with a proper blade for cutting smaller pieces, such as tiles.

There is something that angle grinders can do quite well. If they are equipped with a pad and some specialty sandpaper, they can polish the edge of the granite that has been cut already.

Angle grinders use sandpaper that becomes progressively finer in order to completely polish the edge of the granite. You would start out with 50 grit, which would remove much of the saw blade marks and then progressively work your way down to 3000 grit.

When polishing the edge of granite, you would not skip any grit along the way. Each of them is important in order to polish the granite effectively.

Can You Cut Granite With A Circular Saw?

man thinking

If you have a circular saw, can you use it to cut granite?

A circular saw is one of the best tools for cutting through granite. It works well for both thick granite, such as countertops, and thin granite, such as tiles. A regular circular saw equipped with a diamond blade suited for cutting granite is a great option. It is better if you have a wet-cut circular saw, because that will help to lengthen the lifespan of the blade and keeps dust to a minimum.

Even though you may consider using a variety of tools for cutting granite, you will never find one that is better suited than a circular saw. If you are talking about doing a straight cut, the circular saw should be your go-to tool.

One thing that a circular saw can’t do is to cut odd shapes in the granite. For that, you will have to use a special saw but it will still have to be equipped with a quality diamond blade that is labeled for use with granite.

You should also not use a regular circular saw as you would a wet-cut circular saw. A circular saw that is designed to be a wet-cut saw has taken the measures to protect the electrical equipment of the saw so that it is not damaged by water.

Spraying water on a circular saw while cutting granite is going to be damaging to the equipment and it could be potentially harmful to the operator. Always use the tool you have available in the proper way.

Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the granite is properly held in place. If it is not clamped down, it could move while you are cutting it and either ruin the cut or potentially crack the granite. That could ruin the entire piece.

It is not enough to allow the weight of the granite to hold it in place. Always make sure that you are using clamps, regardless of the size of the granite you are cutting.

Can You Cut Granite With Tile Saw?

Cutting the floor using saw

Most people assume that a tile saw can be used interchangeably with a wet-cut circular saw for cutting granite. Is that true?

A tile saw can be used to cut granite but it has to be equipped with the proper diamond blade. The blade should be labeled as approved for cutting granite and designed for that specific purpose. Using a standard diamond blade on the tile saw will not work. The blade will burn up quickly because of the hardness of the granite you are trying to cut.

Most homeowners who have a wet-cut tile saw have a smaller, tabletop version. They would typically use the saw for cutting smaller tiles of ceramic or porcelain, such as flooring tiles or subway backsplash tiles.

A wet-cut tile saw is properly-suited for that task. It can also be used for granite, but you will have to avoid using it for any thick pieces, such as a countertop. In most cases, a standard tile saw will not be well suited for cutting those large pieces of granite.

On the other hand, if you are cutting smaller pieces, such as granite tiles, a tile saw can be a perfect choice. Equipped with the proper diamond blade, it can make short order of the work for cutting straight lines through the tile.

Like a circular saw, you will be limited by the style of cut you are doing. You may be able to bevel the cut, but you will not be able to cut circular cuts or odd shapes with a tile saw.

Can You Cut Granite With Diamond Blade?

Cutting the floor using diamond blade

With all of the different blade options available, are you choosing the right blade for granite when you use a diamond blade?

The best saw blade for cutting through granite, both thick and thin is a masonry diamond blade. It is the type of blade that can cut through granite without burning up very quickly. Trying to use a standard blade will not work because it will fail within just a few minutes after getting started.

Not all diamond blades are created equally. In fact, there are some diamond blades that are not well suited for cutting granite.

That is why it is important to choose a blade that is specifically labeled for use with cutting granite. Otherwise, you may end up with a diamond blade that is better suited for cutting ceramic or another softer material.

Something else to consider is whether you are cutting the granite dry or if you are cutting it wet. It is always beneficial to use a wet-cut saw, such as a circular saw or a tile saw.

The wet cut variety has a number of different benefits. First of all, it is going to keep the blade cool so it will last much longer before it starts to wear out.

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In addition, cutting granite is extremely dusty. Although it is possible to cut it dry with the right type of diamond saw blade, you are going to create a considerable amount of dust in the process. If at all possible, use water.

That isn’t to say, however, that you should use water with all style tools. For example, you may be able to cut granite with a table saw using a proper diamond blade, but if you try to wet it down while doing so, you will likely ruin the saw.

Always use the proper tools for the proper job. In the case of using water to cut granite, make sure that the saw you are using is specific for that purpose.

Can You Cut Granite With a Water Jet?

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Do you have access to a high-pressure water jet? Can this tool be used for cutting granite?

A high-pressure water jet can be used for cutting granite. In fact, it is an excellent tool for doing so because it provides extremely accurate cuts and can even work in odd shapes and unusual patterns. The water coming out of the jet comes out with such force that it can slice through the granite quickly.

Admittedly, not everybody is going to have access to a waterjet but it is one of the tools that is used in the industry for that purpose. There is something else that is used along with it, however, that really makes a difference.

When you use a high-pressure waterjet along with a computer numerical control (CNC) water table, it can really make a difference in the quality of the finished product. The CNC table will make all of the turns and movements that are necessary to cut the granite, keeping the proper speed and angle so that the cuts are very precise.

The table is controlled by a computer, typically after entering the pattern to be cut in the granite into AutoCAD. This is a type of tool that is often used in commercial granite cutting, as it does an excellent job and can cut odd shapes precisely.

Although it may be possible to use a waterjet and to pass the granite through it manually, it is a much better option to use a CNC table because of the quality of work it produces.

Can You Cut Granite with a Drill Bit?

tools use to cut

If you have to cut a hole in granite, can you do so with a drill bit?

You can use specialty drill bits to cut through granite. The type of drill bit that is used for this purpose is a diamond core drill bit. These can either be small bits, which produce small holes or you can use a hole saw, which will produce a larger hole.

A diamond core drill bit can cut through granite easily but that does not mean it will do so without some prompting on your part. That is especially true when you are getting started because the drill bit can easily slip on the granite and ruin the finish.

Generally speaking, you would start at about a 45° angle, cutting into the granite enough to get a bite and then turning the drill upward to finish the hole. The other option is to use a drill press, if you have one available.

You should also keep a container of cold water available to dip the drill bit on occasion. This will help to keep the bit from burning and it will also keep things cooler, which is good for the granite and good for the tool.

How To Properly Cut Granite

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If you need to cut through granite, there is a type of tool that will always do the job.

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A circular saw is the primary tool used for cutting through granite. This can either be a regular circular saw, which would produce a lot of dust, or it could be a wet-cut circular saw. They work well for cutting straight lines through granite, both thick and thin.

The first step in the process, and one that should never be overlooked is to clamp the granite in place. Some homeowners feel as if they can cut through a large slab of granite and hope that it will hold itself in place. That is rarely the case and you can easily ruin the entire slab.

You should also pay attention to what is under the granite because that can be damaged when making your cut. It is not typically good to cut it on sawhorses, but you can make a jig for your workbench that may work well.

Don’t overlook the need to wear the proper PPE. Safety goggles or at the very least, safety glasses are a must and you should wear a dust mask, preferably an N95 to protect your respiratory system.

You may not have much dust if you are using a wet saw but there will still be some dust.

One other piece of PPE that you should wear is hearing protection. When you cut through granite it is going to be loud and it doesn’t take long to damage your hearing. Wear headphones or earplugs.

Use painter’s tape to cover the area where you are going to make your cut. Not only will this protect to the granite, it also allows you to mark the cut in advance. You may need to use multiple pieces of tape to cover it thoroughly.

The first cut should be on the opposite end of where you are starting. Making a small back cut will help to keep the granite from chipping.

At that point, you can move around and begin making your cut through the granite. Work slowly and steadily through the granite, allowing the saw to do the work and not forcing the saw through the stone.

It is especially important to work slowly when you reach the end of the cut. That is where most of the problems would occur, and although your back cut will help to keep it from blowing out, moving steadily will help even more.

When cutting granite, the best tool combination is to use a wet-cut circular saw with a diamond blade. You need to ensure that the diamond blade is specific for cutting granite. It is also possible to use a dry circular saw, but that will produce more dust.

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