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What Can You Use To Cut Quartz (How To)

Quartz is a great option when you are considering the type of countertop or backsplash you want, especially in the kitchen. Quartz is strong, naturally resistant to bacteria, durable against moisture, and is very easy to clean.

You can cut quartz by using the following tools: circular saw, wet saw, rotary stone cutter, or a grinder. Quartz is an extremely hard mineral that can easily split or crack if not cut properly. Be sure to use tools that are heavy-duty and fitted with a diamond-encrusted blade.

Tools use for the floor

Cutting quartz requires patience. Be sure to have the time needed to properly cut and smooth the quartz. You want your countertops and backsplash to make a statement that lasts a lifetime. This article will discuss other tools and if they are a good choice for cutting quartz or not.

Can You Cut Quartz With Grinder

Cutting the tile using grinder

Grinders are versatile tools. By attaching a wide array of discs to the grinder, you can use the grinder for everything from grinding, cutting, sanding, and polishing. Grinders are a great finishing tool for quartz.

You can cut quartz with a grinder that is fitted with a diamond blade. Diamond blades produce a lot of heat. When the blade overheats, the edges of the blade become jagged and will not cut as smoothly. Keeping the blade wet will prevent the blade from overheating.

Quartz is a strong mineral but it is brittle. If too much pressure is applied or if the blade is not smooth, the quartz countertop or tile will easily crack. Using water keeps the surface smooth and the blade cool.

Because the grinder blade needs to be kept wet, keep a bucket of water and sponge nearby or use a spray bottle. Once you start cutting, you don’t want to stop and go looking for water.

Cut The Quartz In Stages

When it’s time to cut the quartz, we get excited and just want to start cutting. It’s tempting to cut the quartz in one long pass but cutting in stages will ensure you get a good, quality cut.

Remember, quartz is brittle. If you move too quickly, you run the risk of cracking the quartz. There is no way to save a piece of cracked quartz so take your time. And don’t forget to keep the blade wet!

Curved Cuts

Curved cuts, such as openings for faucets or electrical outlets, are the most technically difficult cuts. When doing a curved cut, you will need to attach a diamond grinder drum to your grinder.

Using a grinder drum does not require water when cutting since the blade is not being used for an extended period of time. The blade is designed to handle a brief amount of heat.

Making angled cuts, however, does require some finesse and commitment. When you begin cutting, keep the drum at an angle until the blade starts to cut the quartz.

Once the blade has made a deep enough cut, straighten the blade to an upright angle and gently but firmly push the blade through the quartz.

Can You Cut Quartz With Circular Saw

Man using a circular saw

Circular saws are common tools in any DIYer’s tool chest. Circular saws are handheld saws that are much easier and more versatile to use than their counterpart the table saw.

You can cut quartz with a circular saw if the saw is fitted with a diamond blade. Regular saw blades are not strong enough to cut through quartz. A hand-held circular saw will also let you adjust the pressure and depth when cutting quartz.

A circular saw will create a ton of vibration. Before starting your work, secure the countertops with clamps to prevent them from moving around. Putting a soft cloth or piece of rubber foam between the clamp and quartz will help to prevent any scratches from the clamps.

Lay the countertop’s unfinished side up to avoid scratching the finished side. You will not be using a lot of pressure with the saw, but the vibrations could cause scratches from the clamps or sliding on the work surface.

Applying water to the blade will keep the blade from overheating and will ensure a clean cut. Keep a spray bottle of water nearby and spray the blade frequently. This will also help reduce the amount of dust released into the air.

Can You Cut Quartz With Dremel

Cutting the tile using dremel

Dremel is a line of rotary tools that can be used for heavy-duty jobs such as grinding and sanding but also for lightweight jobs such as polishing. The Dremel line allows for creativity when working with quartz, whether as a countertop or a more decorative piece in your home.

You can cut quartz with a Dremel tool if you are doing a small job. Dremel tools in themselves are not recommended for cutting a whole piece of quartz countertop but the tools are good for shaping, edging, sanding, smoothing, even polishing.

Depending on the blade you use, Dremel tools allow you to be creative with quartz. You can round the edges of tile pieces or go with other creative shapes instead of straight edges. The possibilities are endless with a Dremel tool.

Can You Cut Quartz With Tile Saw

Cutting the tile using saw

Using a tile saw is tempting, and at first, may even make sense if you are installing quartz tile. Not all tile saws are created equal, though, and not all tile saws are up to the challenge of cutting quartz.

You can quartz with a tile saw if it is a wet tile saw. A wet tile saw is designed to have a steady stream of water applied to the blade while cutting. The water keeps the blade from overheating and also reduces the amount of dangerous dust that is released from cutting the quartz.

Due to the strength and brittleness of quartz, a regular tile saw cannot be used to cut quartz. Instead, you will need to use a wet tile saw. A wet tile saw is similar to a small table saw or radial arm saw except it is stationary.

Another difference between a regular tile saw and a wet tile saw is in the name – it is a wet tile saw. A wet tile saw uses a steady stream of water to keep the diamond-encrusted blade cool as it cuts.

Instead of needing to keep a bucket of water or spray bottle handy, a wet tile saw will have either a reservoir of water that the saw draws from, or it will have an attachment for a garden hose.

Using a wet tile saw with the garden hose attachment provides a constant stream of water and is also constantly moving the old water out.

A more expensive version of a wet tile saw has an overhead-mounted motor and blade. This table is not stationary. The entire blade and motor can pivot and rotate to create bevel and angled cuts.

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Regardless of the wet tile saw you decide to use, be prepared to have a mess on your hands. If possible, set up your workstation outside where the water will not be a dangerous mess.

Working with water, electricity, and a rapidly spinning blade requires you to be alert and safety conscious at all times. If you are not able to set up outside, cover the floor and other surfaces with plastic to protect them from the water.

Only plug the saw into a GFCI-protected outlet. Make sure the electrical cord from the saw has a length of cord that is lower than the saw and the electrical outlet. This lowest point in the cord will keep water from dripping down the cord and running into the outlet.

How To Properly Cut Quartz

Man worker confused

As you can see from this article, there are a variety of tools that can be used to cut quartz. The main point to remember is that you need to use a diamond-encrusted blade and keep the blade wet while cutting so it does not overheat and then crack the quartz.

Safety First

Always wear your personal protective equipment. Your local hardware store has a great assortment of personal protective equipment that you can try out.

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The best protective equipment you can have is protective equipment you will wear. Make sure the safety glasses fit and can you see clearly. Earplugs need to be the right size so they don’t hurt your ears or worse, get stuck.

Safety gloves need to be appropriate for the task. If you are working with a wet tile saw, you want gloves that can handle the water while also protecting your hands when you are operating the saw.

A good dust mask will ensure you are not breathing in the dust from cutting the quartz. Keeping the diamond-encrusted blade will cut down on the amount of dust released but it is also good to be prepared.

You can properly cut quartz by using a heavy-duty tool such as a wet tile saw, grinder, or Dremel tool that is fitted with a diamond-encrusted blade. Keep the blade wet while in use to prevent the blade from overheating. If the blade overheats, you risk cracking the quartz.

How To Cut Quartz Backsplash

To cut a quartz backsplash, start by measuring and marking your cut line on the quartz with a non-permanent marker. Then, set up your work area with a stable surface and use clamps to secure the quartz slab. Equip a circular saw with a diamond blade, as it’s strong enough to cut through quartz. Wear safety gear, including goggles and a dust mask. Begin cutting along the marked line slowly and steadily, ensuring to spray water on the blade and quartz to reduce dust.

An important additional tip is to make sure your cutting tool is always sharp and in good condition. Dull blades can create jagged edges and might even damage the quartz. Also, it’s crucial to maintain a steady hand and consistent pressure while cutting to avoid chipping the quartz. After cutting, you may need to smooth the edges with a grinding tool. Remember, patience and precision are key when working with a material as delicate and hard as quartz.

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