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What Can You Use to Cut Vinyl Door? (How To)

Cutting a vinyl door is not something you do every day, so it isn’t surprising that you’d be curious about which tools are best for this particular job.

You can cut a vinyl door with a circular saw, a miter saw, or even an angle grinder. It’s important, however, to make sure that whichever tool you choose is clean and sharp so it can cut the vinyl effectively and without causing problems.

Tool to cut vinyl door

With that said, as long as you measure correctly and work slowly and accurately, you shouldn’t experience any difficulties and should be done with cutting your vinyl door in almost no time at all.

Can You Use a Router to Cut Vinyl Door?

Tool to cut vinyl door

Routers are seriously powerful power tools that have flat bases and rotating blades. They are typically powered by an electric motor but some come with pneumatic motors. These tools hollow out hard materials like plastic and wood and they’re mostly used in woodworking. So are they suitable for cutting vinyl doors?

You shouldn’t attempt to cut a vinyl door with a router because it’s just not the right tool for the task. These tools are suitable for cabinetry and perform exceptionally well when used on wood and plastic.

Since a router isn’t made for cutting vinyl material (although it can cut plastic), it’s really not recommended that this tool be used for a project of this kind. Instead, a circular saw can be much more effective.

Can You Use a Circular Saw to Cut Vinyl Door?

Tool to cut vinyl door

Circular saws are versatile and popular power tools that can be found in most homes and on typical construction sites. These tools cut a wide range of materials using a rotary motion and are easy to use, as long as they’re used correctly.

You can cut a vinyl door with a circular saw and it’s actually one of the most recommended tools for this task. As long as the saw is fitted with a sharp fine-toothed blade, it should be able to cut a vinyl door in no time.

A handheld circular saw is especially good for rip cuts and crosscuts when cutting vinyl doors and siding. Plus, they’re also quite lightweight despite their impressive power, making them portable and easy to handle.

Can You Use a Miter Saw to Cut Vinyl Door?

Tool to cut vinyl door

Miter saws are power tools with great versatility and they allow the user to cut at different angles. If you’re going to make complex cuts, a miter saw is what you’ll want. But does that mean this type of cutting tool is good for cutting vinyl doors?

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You can cut vinyl doors and siding with a miter saw, as long as you ensure that the tool is fitted with a high-quality fine-toothed blade that is sharp. You will be able to make precise cuts, making the task of cutting a vinyl door relatively easy.

Miter saws are good for cutting vinyl materials, so you can definitely consider this cutting tool if you don’t have a circular saw or don’t want to use a circular saw for your project.

Can You Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Vinyl Door?

Tool to cut vinyl door

Angle grinders are useful power tools that truly shine when it comes to grinding and polishing. Still, it’s quite popular for cutting all sorts of materials, so it’s only natural to wonder if this tool will be good for cutting vinyl doors.

You can cut vinyl doors (and siding) with an angle grinder as easily and quickly as a miter saw. However, they are more portable and smaller, and you will have to be sure that you’re using an appropriate cutting wheel or you’ll risk melting the vinyl.

The heat created when using an angle grinder can cut the vinyl door, and that will affect how clean your cutting job ends up being. It can also cause problems such as too much of the door being removed.

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Can You Use a Cricut to Cut Vinyl Door?

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A Cricut is a popular computer-controlled cutting machine mostly used by home crafters. They’re not as powerful or useful as the cutting tools you may be used to or expect to use for cutting projects. So, can you cut a vinyl door with one of these machines?

You won’t be able to cut a vinyl door with a Cricut as this electronic cutting machine isn’t made for this purpose. It is best suited for smaller projects. Although it can cut vinyl, it’s meant for cutting small, thin pieces of the material. 

Cricutters are used in crafts projects such as cutting paper and cards and can cut many designs. However, it’s not good for cutting down an entire door.

Can You Use Laser to Cut Vinyl Door?

Tool to cut vinyl door

Using a laser to cut materials isn’t a new invention and has been done for many years, but cutting vinyl doors is a different matter. 

You should not use a laser to cut a vinyl door because doing so isn’t considered safe and is actually a health hazard. You can only cut laser-safe vinyl with a laser, and vinyl doors typically do not fall into this category.

The kind of vinyl that doors are normally made with contains PVC, and heating it isn’t a good idea. Doing so can lead to environmental and health hazards, so lasers should not be used to cut vinyl doors.

How to Cut Vinyl Door

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Cutting a vinyl door sounds like an easy task, but it should be planned properly so the project is as easy as possible and smooth sailing. Keep in mind that you need the right tools as well. In most cases, a circular saw would be your best cutting tool, but a miter saw can work well too.

All you have to do is measure where you want to cut the door and proceed to cut with a circular saw. It really isn’t much more complicated than that and should be easy to get done in a jiffy.

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