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What Can You Use To Cut Plexiglass? (How To)

There are so many different uses for Plexiglass, we may find that we are using it on an ongoing basis. There is also going to be a need to cut the Plexiglass, so what is the best way to do so?

If you are cutting a thicker piece of Plexiglass, then using a power saw is going to be the best choice possible. Power saws can include circular saws, table saws, and saber saws. On the other hand, if you are cutting a thinner piece of Plexiglass you may need to use a utility knife to cut the acrylic.

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Hand saws also make an excellent choice for cutting any type of acrylic sheet. It doesn’t matter if you are using one that is typically used for cutting two by fours, you will be able to cut it conveniently.

That being said, there is always a benefit to practicing on a scrap piece of material prior to the time that you cut any difficult or important cuts. You want to make sure that the edge is going to be clean enough so that you can dress it up and make it look as precise as possible.

Although most people tend to go for some type of power saw when they are cutting acrylic, it is not always going to be the only choice available. In fact, there are times when you can simply cut the acrylic with a utility knife and a straight edge.

Before you pick up any tool to begin cutting Plexiglass, it’s always a good idea to consider some of the important factors that will make the job go well. We will consider them below.

What Can You Use To Can You Cut Plexiglass?

What are some of the considerations for cutting Plexiglass so that the job goes flawlessly? There are actually a few things to consider that will make a difference.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when cutting acrylic is the blade choice. To be honest, almost any blade is going to work but it needs to be sharp. You also may find yourself changing blades on a regular basis if you are cutting a lot of Plexiglass.

There are also some blades that are specific for cutting acrylic. These have their own benefits, especially if you are using the circular saw or table saw. Why is that the case?

There may be times when the edge of the acrylic is going to be hidden so you will not need a crisp, clean edge. At other times, however, the edge is going to be exposed and that is when you would benefit the most from using a blade made for acrylic.

Acrylic Blades will cut the edge and they will often do so without causing some of the ragged edges that could be created when using a standard saw blade. In addition, you may find that they result in a cleaner cut because they don’t tend to melt the acrylic like other blades.

You can also consider the following tips to ensure that the acrylic you are cutting is as clean as possible.

Plastic Film – If there is still a plastic film on the acrylic, it is better if you leave it in place. The film helps to prevent scratches from occurring and it will also help to keep those scratches from taking place as you are measuring and using other tools on the surface.

Go Sharp – It is always going to be beneficial to use a sharp blade. If you are using a dull blade, it will likely cause cracks or other issues that result in a rough edge.

Go Cool – If you are using a power saw, it can cause excessive heating along the cut edge that would cause the acrylic to break or crack. It is best to work in smaller sections and allow the blade to cool off if you are making a longer cut.

Scoring – If you are cutting a smaller piece of Plexiglass with a utility knife, then you should score the line in a deep, straight fashion. Doing so prior to the time that you break the acrylic at the mark will result in a much cleaner edge.

Let us now consider some of the specific tools that can be used for cutting Plexiglass.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With A Circular Saw?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Most people tend to reach for a circular saw automatically when cutting any Plexiglass. Is it the best choice for acrylic?

As long as you use the right type of blade, you can cut Plexiglass in a nice, straight line without chipping using a circular saw. It works quickly and effectively to make the cut when you do it properly.

The real key to ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible is to use a fine-tooth blade. Any blade with crosscut teeth is also going to make a difference in the quality of the cut.

If you have a variable speed circular saw, use a lower speed while cutting the acrylic. If you work at a higher speed, it could actually melt the Plexiglass and result in cracking or splitting along the cut edge.

Another option is to use a little bit of water by spraying or misting the area in front of where you are cutting. Not every circular saw is going to be able to stand up to the moisture.

If all else fails, simply work in smaller sections and stop cutting every once in a while to allow the blade to cool. You will still find that it works well and saves time.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With A Dremel?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Is it possible to use a Dremel tool when cutting Plexiglass? It might actually be a great choice.

The real key to using a Dremel tool for cutting Plexiglass is to use the proper bit. You want a bit that is specifically made for cutting acrylic and similar types of cuts. In addition, the Dremel tool should be set to a speed of either 6 or 7.

Dremel tools are excellent because we tend to have them for a wide variety of reasons. Higher quality tools can be used for cutting long lengths of acrylic but hobby tools can be used for smaller pieces.

One of the most difficult things about running a Dremel tool is regulating the speed. Most people who use them for crafting purposes assume that faster is always better, but that’s not the case.

If you move too quickly through the acrylic, it could result in cracking or chipping along the cut edge. It’s better to move slowly and then less cleanup of the edge will be needed.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With A Jigsaw?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Jigsaws are included among the different power tools that can be used to cut acrylic. Is it a good choice and how can they be used properly?

Jigsaws are actually one of the better tools for cutting Plexiglass, especially if you are cutting curves or unusual shapes. Other power tools, such as circular saws are best for long, straight lines. When you use a jigsaw, however, you can cut the acrylic cleanly without having to stick to a straight edge.

There are problems associated with using a jigsaw that can be overcome by taking a simple precaution. If the protective plastic is no longer on the Plexiglass, you can use some painter’s tape to cover the line to help avoid splitting or cracking.

It is also possible to use a jigsaw to cut a long, straight line. The best way to do so is to use a straight edge that is clamped to the acrylic and used by the jigsaw to maintain a straight line.

Otherwise, ensure that you are using an acrylic blade for every cut that you make. Other jigsaw blades may work in a pinch, but they will not cut nearly as cleanly as an acrylic blade.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With A Table Saw?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

If you have a table saw, can you use it to cut acrylic? The answer really depends on a number of factors.

Since a table saw generally runs at a high speed, you need to be cautious that you are not getting splinters or cracks along the cut edge in the acrylic. In order to avoid this, use a fine blade that also has crosscut teeth.

If you don’t have access to a crosscut tooth blade, you may also be able to use a trim blade. The key is to install the blade backward because doing so will help to avoid the cracking and splintering that could otherwise occur.

It is also important to protect the acrylic as you are sliding it through the table saw. You could end up with a lot of scratches as it rubs against the tabletop.

This can be overcome by keeping the film on the acrylic. You can also use painter’s tape if the film has already been pulled off.

One other problem that you may run into with the table saw is heat. The excessive heat from the saw could lead to the edge melting, along with cracks and splinters.

If the table saw allows it, you can use water to cool down the area. Otherwise, you will have to simply work in batches so that the blade cools down between cuts.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With an Angle Grinder?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

When you need to cut Plexiglass and you only have an angle grinder available, is it a good choice?

It is possible to cut Plexiglass with an angle grinder and it works quite well if you use the proper blade and work slowly, as to make a clean cut. In some cases, the Plexiglass may melt if the angle grinder runs too hot but even if it fuses together, the angle grinder can typically break the area clean with a slight touch.

Angle grinders can be used for a wide variety of purposes and they are one of the most common tools that we have available in our toolbox. You can use them for almost any purpose, but they are not always going to be the best choice when you have other tools available.

Generally speaking, you would want to use a circular saw or another power saw because they can cut through the area cleanly. On the other hand, if all you have available is a grinder, you can always use it in a pinch.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Bandsaw?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Not everybody has a bandsaw available but if you are cutting Plexiglass and have one, can you use it?

Plexiglass can easily be cut with the bandsaw and many people consider it to be the ideal tool for that job. It can cut acrylic of any thickness but if you are cutting thick pieces of Plexiglass, you will find that a bandsaw is the best choice.

When cutting Plexiglass with the bandsaw, you do need to be cautious about any pieces that shear off and become airborne. This can be a safety hazard so wearing the proper PPE is a good idea.

Protect your eyes with goggles or safety glasses and wear the appropriate gloves. It’s also a good idea to have on a long sleeve shirt, provided it doesn’t get caught in the bandsaw because it is too loose.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Box Cutter?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Some people have heard that it is possible to cut plexiglass with a box cutter. Is that true?

Plexiglass can easily be cut with a box cutter and it is one of the best tools, provided you are cutting thin acrylic. A thicker piece of acrylic will require some type of power tools, such as a circular saw or jigsaw. You might also want to consider using a heavy-duty utility knife if you are cutting more than a few pieces.

The real secret to cutting Plexiglass with a box cutter is repetition. Have a straight edge available that is clamped in place and then continually run the box cutter along the straight edge to score deeply into the acrylic.

At that point, you can move the acrylic so that the line is on the edge of a table and snap the Plexiglass at the line. It will make a clean edge.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Hacksaw?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

If you have a hacksaw available can you use it for cutting acrylic?

Hacksaws are a great tool for cutting acrylic. Although you would not want to cut a large amount of Plexiglass using a hacksaw, it’s a good tool for shorter cuts and for short-duration work.

One of the reasons why a hacksaw is such a great tool for cutting acrylic is because of the blade. A fine-tooth blade is often used for cutting metal and it will cut through the acrylic without causing much damage.

In addition, you can make slight curves to the cut, something that you can’t do with a power saw, such as a circular saw.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Hand Saw?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Are you trying to cut acrylic with a hand saw? Should you look for another tool?

If you have a hand saw available, you can easily cut through an acrylic sheet. It isn’t going to be as beneficial as using a power saw, but if you practice before cutting on the acrylic, you might find that a hand saw is an excellent tool.

Keep in mind a few different things when using a hand saw for cutting Plexiglass. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the blade itself.

In some cases, such as a finish saw, you will have fine teeth that can easily cut acrylic without causing a lot of damage in the process. If you are trying to cut it with a rip saw, on the other hand, you are not going to have the same benefit while doing so.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Laser?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

If you have a laser can you use it for cutting acrylic? It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

A laser is an ideal tool for engraving acrylic. You can use it for making designs and it often results in a very nice looking finish. On the other hand, it is also possible to cut a straight line with a laser or even a curved line, but it is not going to give you the polished edge that you might expect.

Like many different types of tools, using a laser is often done for a particular purpose. You can’t expect it to be used for a large-scale job of cutting Plexiglass, especially if you are trying to cut through it.

It’s always best to use the right tool for the right job. A laser may be the right tool, but only for engraving, not for cutting acrylic.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Miter Saw?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Are you thinking about using a miter saw for cutting Plexiglass? Is it a good choice?

You can cut acrylic with a miter saw but you need to be careful about the blade that you use. It is always best to use the blade specifically for cutting acrylic so that it makes a smooth, clean cut, rather than one that is jagged or cracked.

Like any type of power saw, a miter saw can be used for cutting acrylic. The problem is that you can only cut in short runs or it is best for cutting small pieces of acrylic at a 90° angle.

Make sure that you are using a fine-tooth blade or use an acrylic blade if you want the best finish. Be cautious about the blade overheating so you don’t ruin the edge.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Oscillating Tool?

Tools to cut Plexiglass

Are you using an oscillating tool to cut acrylic? It’s possible, but is it the best option?

An oscillating multi-tool can be used for many different purposes. This includes cutting acrylic. Make sure that you are using a blade that is well suited for cutting acrylic if you are using an oscillating tool. A standard blade may work, but it will not work as well as one for acrylic.

One of the problems you may run into when using an oscillating tool is that it can heat up the acrylic. This could result in an imperfect edge, perhaps one that is cracked or chipped.

Using the oscillating tool slowly and cutting through the acrylic, perhaps even stopping on occasion to allow the blade to cool is the best choice.

Can You Cut Plexiglass With Razor?

Worker man Confused

Is it possible to use a razor to cut Plexiglass? Actually, it may be a great tool if used properly.

You can use a razor to easily cut through a piece of Plexiglass. The key to doing so is cutting through the Plexiglass multiple times so that you score it deeply. Doing so will allow you to snap along that line so that you end up with a clean edge.

A razor can easily cut through a thin piece of Plexiglass, but you are not cutting the entire way through it. What you are doing is making a score mark so that you can snap the acrylic.

You should be cautious when using a razor because it will have to be used with the proper tool. For example, using a razor blade in a utility knife is a good idea. Holding a razor blade on its own can be a safety issue.

How To Properly Cut Plexiglass

Worker man Thinking

If you are ready to cut through acrylic, there is a proper way to do so. Here are some things to consider.

When cutting through Plexiglass using a utility knife, glass cutter, or box cutter, you can use the scoring method. This is the same type of method that is used for cutting glass.

Put the piece on a surface and use a straight edge to guide the blade as you repeatedly score the acrylic. You want a nice, deep groove in the acrylic so that it snaps properly.

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At that point, you can hold the edge of the scribed line on the edge of the table and with just a little force applied as a sharp pressure, it will snap cleanly along that edge.

If you are cutting a thick piece of Plexiglass, you can do so with any type of saw. The best choice, however, is to use a power saw, such as a circular saw or jigsaw.

Although it is important to choose the proper saw, it is better if you choose the proper blade. If you have a blade that is designed for cutting acrylic, it will cut through it cleanly without making the jagged edge or running the possibility of cracking.

After you cut through the Plexiglass, you can polish and buff the edge by using progressively finer grit sandpaper. It is best to use this as a wet sanding method.

When you get down to 600 grit sandpaper, it should have a nice, clean edge that will look good on its own.

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The best way to cut Plexiglass is to use a power saw. Make sure that you are cutting through it so that the blade does not heat up and cause damage to the edge in the process. In addition, choose a saw blade that is made specifically for cutting acrylic so that it works as cleanly as possible.

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