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What to Do Hotpoint Dishwasher Noise Problem (Troubleshoot)

Having a dishwasher can be great—you don’t have to get your hands wet just to clean the day’s dirty dishes and there are no family members fighting over whose turn it is to clean up. But, like any other appliance, problems can pop up and noises are some of the most common issues.

Your Hotpoint dishwasher could be making noises because the dishes aren’t stacked properly, the water inlet valve may be deformed, or there could be food particles stuck in the pump intake.

Putting plates in the diswasher

It’s not easy to know what the cause of the noise coming from your dishwasher is until you’ve inspected it closely. You may have to open up the dishwasher to determine what’s going on. If you’re not comfortable with this, it might be best to contact a professional technician to help you out.

Keep in mind that it’s fairly normal for noises to be coming from any dishwasher, but if it gets too loud or sounds bad, you should examine the appliance for malfunctions.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Buzzing Noise

Putting plates in the diswasher

A buzzing noise coming from your dishwasher is probably the last thing you expect when you’ve loaded your dishes and expect it to start cleaning. It can be quite unnerving when an appliance starts making a noise you didn’t expect.

Your Hotpoint dishwasher could be making a buzzing noise because the dishes have been stacked improperly, the dishwasher itself isn’t level, or the pump seals are dry and need lubrication.

Here are some of the most common reasons why a Hotpoint dishwasher could be buzzing and what you can do about it:

Dishes Placement

Although stacking your dishwasher isn’t supposed to be tricky, it is possible that you’ve failed to stack the dishes properly. This is especially easy with plastic cups and containers. These dishes can rub against each other and this can lead to a buzzing noise.

Change how you’ve placed your dishes and start up the dishwasher again. You should now notice that the noise is gone. If not, move on to the next possible cause on this list.

Dishwasher Position

Another reason why your dishwasher is making buzzing noises could be because it isn’t placed in a good position. If your appliance is not sitting level on the ground, it can make a buzzing noise as it’s cleaning your dishes.

This noise could also be produced if the dishwasher is rubbing or bumping against a cabinet or kitchen bench. Make sure your dishwasher is completely level and that it’s not placed too tightly against other objects like cabinets.

Problematic Pump Intake

You should check your dishwasher’s pump intake if you hear buzzing noises. The function of the pump intake is to catch food particles, and as such, it can become clogged. Pieces of plastic, glass and other dishes-related debris can get stuck in the pump.

You will have to clean the pump intake and remove any objects that have become stuck and are now causing this horrible noise.

Dry Pump Seals

This is not as common a cause of buzzing as the other possibilities on this list, but it can happen. If you have a new dishwasher, or you haven’t used yours in quite a while, the pump seals can become dry. 

This will result in a strange, buzzing noise. Fortunately, water is good enough at lubricating these seals, so you will just have to pour some water into the bottom of your appliance and run a cleaning cycle to get rid of the noise.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Making Grinding Noise

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Your dishwasher should be making lots of cleaning noises, but a grinding noise is usually not a good sign. There is no reason for a dishwasher in good condition to make any kind of grinding noise.

Your Hotpoint dishwasher will make a grinding noise if the drain pump is clogged by debris, the drain impeller is broken or damaged, or the circulation pump bearings are worn out.

You may have to open up the dishwasher to determine the cause of the grinding noise, and then replace or repair the offending parts.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Pump Noise

Man fixing the dishwasher

Your dishwasher’s pump should be making a noise when it is performing its tasks, but this noise won’t typically be disturbing or very loud. If it is very loud, it is possible that there may be problems with the internal parts.

Your Hotpoint dishwasher pump makes noise in general, but if the drain pump is clogged or the circulation pump’s bearings have become worn out, the noise will be loud and upsetting.

You will have to inspect your dishwasher to determine why the pump is making a noise and either repair or replace anything that is broken or malfunctioning.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Humming Noise

confused woman standing

A humming noise coming from a dishwasher is usually nothing to worry about. Most dishwashers make some noise as they run through the cleaning and rinsing cycles.

It is probably normal that your Hotpoint dishwasher is making a humming noise. Since it’s an appliance that washes dishes, there are many moving parts and gears, and these things tend to make at least a little bit of noise.

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If you’re concerned about the humming noise, you can examine the dishwasher and try to determine if there is anything wrong with it.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Making Clicking Noise

Man fixing the dishwasher

Hearing a clicking noise from your dishwasher doesn’t mean it has suddenly turned into a bomb waiting to go off. Although the noise may take you by surprise, there is a reasonable cause and you should be able to sort it out quite easily.

Your Hotpoint dishwasher may make a clicking noise if the circulation pump bearings are worn out, the drain impeller is broken, or the drain pump has become clogged.

Here’s what could be causing the clicking noise and how to respond:

Worn-Out Circulation Pump Bearings

Old and used circulation pump bearings could be the reason for the clicking noise you’re hearing because the bearings aren’t performing as they should. If that is the reason for your dishwasher making a buzzing noise, you’ll have to replace the pump.

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Broken Drain Impeller

Your dishwasher’s drain impeller has to push water through the drain hose so everything reaches the garbage disposal or drain line. However, the impeller can break, causing a malfunction in this part of the machine, which can lead to a clicking noise. If that’s the case, you will have to replace the drain impeller.

Clogged Drain Pump

A clogged drain pump is a common cause of many different noises, so it could be the reason why you’re hearing weird noises you didn’t expect. It’s not unusual for debris to get stuck in the drain pump, so you’ll have to check it and make sure it’s clean. If the noise doesn’t go away, though, you may have to replace the drain pump.

Deformed  Wash Impeller

The wash impeller in your dishwasher allows water to go through the appliance’s spray arms. If the blades of the impeller have broken, there will be an audible noise. The impeller itself can also bend, get warped, or suffer damage, which can lead to loud clicking noises.

You should be able to replace the wash impeller quite easily, and you won’t have to worry about the rest of the dishwasher’s pump and motor assembly being affected by the replacement.

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