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Whirlpool Dryer Noise Problem

There are several common reasons why your Whirlpool Dryer could have noise problems. These causes range from a frayed or otherwise broken drive belt to a worn-out drum roller to a drum roller axle issue, to a problem with the blower wheel or an issue with the drum bearing. Read on to learn how to best troubleshoot this issue so that you can quickly resolve it and again be able to use your Whirlpool Dryer normally to dry your family’s clothes.

If you want to know how to fix your Whirlpool Dryer noise problem, first examine the drive belt that is wrapped around the dryer drum, and which connects to the dryer motor. See if it has become either frayed or has suffered other damage such as rips or tears.

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This type of damage can cause noise as the dryer is turning. If the dryer drive belt is damaged in any of these ways, you will need to replace it.

Another issue that can cause dryer noise is when dryer rollers have become worn out. When this happens, they produce a very loud and rumbling type of noise. Carefully examine the rollers to see if they are worn and will need to be replaced.

If the drum roller axle is worn out, this can also cause a loud dryer noise. To check this, take the dryer belt off and close the drum axle for signs of extreme wear and tear. If this is the case, you will need to replace the drum roller axle as well.

You can also check the blower wheel to see if it is working normally. The dryer blower wheel takes air into the dryer and blows air out into the vent. To see if the blower wheel is damaged or is not functioning normally, take the dryer vent off and check to see how strong the flow of air is.

If the flow of air is very poor, check for any obstructions caused by either accumulation of lint or any other debris.

Whirlpool Dryer Squeaks on Startup

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If your Whirlpool Dryer is continually squeaking when you start it, it is often very confusing as to what exactly is causing the problem. Careful troubleshooting can often quickly delineate the cause of the squeaking. Most problems with your Whirlpool Dryer squeaking on startup is from a problem with the dryer drum.

If you want to know how to fix your Whirlpool Dryer squeaking on startup, first unplug the dryer. Open the dryer door and see if you can move the drum back and forth. If there is significant motion, unhook the dryer belt.

Now, remove the dryer drum and replace the drum’s rear shaft and mounting bearings.  

Whirlpool Dryer Squeaks While Running/Tumbling

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Your Whirlpool Dryer has bearings on the bottom of the dryer that can cause a squeaking sound while the dryer is running or tumbling because the bearings may not be properly lubricated.

If you want to know how to fix your Whirlpool Dryer squeaking while running or tumbling, first try lubricating the bearings with oil. Also, check the lint or drum filter to see if there is any accumulation of coins or other small objects that are rotating in the drum.

Lastly, check the dryer belt to see if it might be worn out and in need of replacement.

Whirlpool Dryer Squeaks Then Stops

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Few things are more upsetting than to be drying a wet load of laundry only to have your Whirlpool Dryer start squeaking and then suddenly stop. This type of problem is usually caused by a dryer belt that has become worn down or has fully snapped.

If you want to know how to fix your Whirlpool Dryer squeaking and then stopping, take off the worn or snapped dryer belt. Then, feed the replacement dryer belt through the pulleys and then onto the dryer roller. Now, pull the replacement belt around the central part of the dryer drum.

Whirlpool Dryer Making Loud Banging Noise

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If your Whirlpool Dryer is making a loud, banging noise it can not only potentially wake up or disturb your entire household, but it can also indicate that the dryer blower wheel of your Whirlpool Dryer has simply just worn out. Read on to learn about what troubleshooting steps you can take to analyze this problem and then how you can fix it.

If you want to know how to fix your Whirlpool Dryer making a loud banging noise, first, take the vent off of the dryer. Now, turn on the dryer. Check to see if the flow of air appears to be weak. This is an indication that there is a malfunction of the blower wheel.

Take out any blockages or obstructions and, if necessary, replace the dryer blower wheel.

Whirlpool Dryer Grinding Noise

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Your Whirlpool Dryer drum is supported by a drum glider support or drum slides. These are small plastic parts that the dryer drum slides upon as the dryer drum is rotating. When the drum slides have worn out, the drum will create a grinding sound as it slides onto the worn-out drum slides.

If you want to know how to fix your Whirlpool Dryer making a grinding noise, take the dryer cabinet off so that you can obtain access to the drum glides. If rivets are holding the drum glides in place, you will need to use a drill to remove them.

If screws are holding the drum glides in place, you will need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws so that you can take the drum glides out.

This issue could also be caused by a problem with the drum bearings that act to support the rear part of the dryer drum.

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Take the dryer belt off from the dryer drum and if you try to manually turn the dryer drum and you encounter the same grinding sound, you will have to replace the drum bearings.

At this point, unless you are totally comfortable with this type of repair, it is probably best to consult with a Factory Trained and Certified Whirlpool Dryer Certified Technician to have the dryer drum bearings replaced.

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