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Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Working

Most people would consider the refrigerator to be a modern convenience. When you really stop to think about it, however, it is more of a necessity.

Of course, we realize that there are plenty of bells and whistles on the refrigerator that we could live without, but they have become more than a convenience, they are now an everyday reality. One of those conveniences is the ice maker.

When the ice maker is working properly, we rarely ever give it a second thought. We simply go to the refrigerator, fill our glass with ice, and go merrily on our way.

When the ice maker breaks down, however, we suddenly realize how often we use it. Although it is a simple device, for the most part, there are numerous things that can go wrong with it.

If you have a Whirlpool refrigerator with an ice maker, there are specific issues that may happen that keep the ice maker from working.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Working

Generally speaking, if your ice maker is not producing ice, it is likely due to one of just a few problems. Most people will be able to fix the problem within a matter of minutes by thawing the unit and starting from scratch. There may also be some issues that are better left to the professionals.

Whirlpool ice maker

In this article, we are going to cover some of the more common reasons why a Whirlpool ice maker might stop working. The goal is to allow you to troubleshoot the problem on your own and then fix it within a matter of minutes.

It is rare that you will need any tools beyond a warm, damp rag and perhaps a wooden paddle to correct the issues. The real difficulty comes in diagnosing the problem correctly so that you can fix it and keep it from happening again in the future.

There may also be some issues that are beyond the ability of most homeowners to handle. That is especially true when parts need to be replaced or if electrical work needs to be done.

You can contact a professional to handle the work for you. It is generally recommended that you use someone who is certified by Whirlpool for working on Whirlpool appliances. A handyman may be able to handle the situation, but a certified technician is always a better choice.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Red Light Blinking/Flashing

Man getting ice from the ice maker

There is a red indicator light on most Whirlpool refrigerators that indicates the condition of the ice maker. In some cases, the light may be solid red and in other cases, it could be off altogether. If it is blinking or flashing, that could indicate some problems.

The most common reason why a Whirlpool ice maker’s red light is blinking or flashing is that the optic emitter is not operating properly. The optic emitter sends out a beam of light and if the beam is broken, it knows that the ice bin is full.

When the door to the refrigerator is closed, the red light will go out. When it is open, the red light will come on and shine solidly. If it is flashing, then the emitter is faulty and it must be replaced or the blockage must be removed.

If you are handy, you may be able to replace the emitter on your own. It can be ordered online and typically is replaced easily. You may also want to consult a professional to handle the issue for you.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice (Dispense/Drop)

falling ice from ice maker

Another common, and frustrating issue is for the Whirlpool ice maker not to dispense ice. In some cases, it may be creating ice but is not dispensing it properly. The bin may be full, but nothing comes out into your glass.

Check to See if Ice is Being Made

The first step in the process is to look in the ice bin and see if ice is being made. In most cases, the ice bin is located on the door of the refrigerator and easily accessible. It might also be located in the freezer compartment, depending upon which refrigerator you own.

Check for a Faulty Door Switch

If ice is being made but the dispenser is not dropping it, then it could be a faulty door switch. This is perhaps more common than most people realize. The switch for the door is typically located on the inside of the freezer or refrigerator toward the front of the unit.

The switch works by being pressed when the door closes. It shuts off the refrigerator light and signals the unit that the door is now sealed. If the door is open, then no ice will be dispensed. Check the door switch to see if the light turns on and off when it is depressed. If not, you may need to replace the switch.

Check if Ice is Clumping Together

Another issue is the possibility that the ice is clumping together. You will see it when you look into the ice bin. If that is the case, use a wooden paddle to separate the ice or remove the large clump of ice and start fresh.

If you continue to have problems with ice clumping in the dispenser, you may need to check the seals or turn the temperature of the refrigerator down.

Check if Ice Dispenser Lock is On

Another issue that could lead to ice not being dispensed is if the dispenser lock is on. This is a feature that is turned on and off on the control panel, and it could have been turned on by accident. Many people don’t even realize that the option exists.

If the chute is clogged, then you can use a warm, damp cloth to remove some of the frozen pieces and allow the ice to flow freely again. Make sure that the unit is fully dry, or it will just freeze over again.

Check if Ice Bin is in Place

Finally, the ice bin may not be fully in place. If it is not in place, then no ice will be dispensed, and possibly no more ice will be generated.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Jamming

inside of the refrigerator ice maker

If the ice maker is jammed full of ice, then there may be a number of issues that are leading to this problem. It is sometimes a matter of trial and error to determine why it is occurring.

Remove Large Clumps of Ice

The first thing you should do when the Whirlpool ice maker becomes jammed is to remove the large clump of ice. You can either remove it completely and take it to the sink or you can use a wooden paddle or spoon to break up the ice in place. Be aware that after doing so, the ice may come out quickly at first.

Remove Ice from Raker Bar

Another issue is for ice to be caught in the raker bar. This is not typically a problem, but if it does occur, you can remove the stuck ice manually or use a hairdryer to warm it enough that it starts moving again.

If ice continues to get caught in the raker bar, it may need more attention. There are times when the motor may even need to be replaced.

Adjust Refrigerator Temperature

If ice continues to clump in the ice maker and jam the unit, you may need to check the temperature of the refrigerator. If the temperature is set too high, the ice may be melting slightly during a defrost cycle. When it refreezes, it does so as a single block of ice rather than individual cubes.

Use Ice Maker Routinely

One other factor that may need to be considered is how frequently you are using the ice maker. If you don’t get ice daily, it could freeze up. The solution may be as simple as using the ice maker more often.

Whirlpool Ice Maker No Light

man pressing the ice maker start

When you open the door to the refrigerator or freezer, the red light on the Whirlpool ice maker should light solid. There may be times when it blinks periodically, but the LED light should be on and visible. If it isn’t, there are a few things to check.

Reset Optics Board

One option to consider is the optics board. The board may need to be reset and this can solve the problem. Keep in mind that an optics board that needs reset is not necessarily going to keep the unit from operating properly. It’s just a matter of whether you are going to see the red light or not.

Replace Optics Board

If the optics board has been reset, yet you are still not seeing a red light when the door is open, then you may need to replace the optics board altogether. This is something that may be beyond the ability of most homeowners. Seek the help of a whirlpool professional for assistance.

Check LED Light Bulb

One other thing to consider if you are not seeing a red light is that the light itself may be faulty. Although it is not common for the LED light to go bad, it does happen on occasion and may need to be considered as a possible problem.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Won’t Open

Man adjusting the ice maker

If the Whirlpool ice maker door won’t open, you need to check a few things prior to the time that you test the door itself. There may be a number of issues involved, and it could actually be a combination of issues that are causing this problem to occur.

Check if Ice Maker is Full

The first thing to check is if the ice maker is making ice and the dispenser is full. If there is no ice in the dispenser, then the door may actually be opening but no ice will be dispensed.

Check if There Are Large Clumps of Ice

You should also check the ice maker and see if the ice is frozen together in one large mass. This typically occurs when the temperature of the freezer is set too high and the ice melts slightly before refreezing into a clump. If the ice is frozen together, you can use a wooden spoon or paddle to break it into smaller pieces. You can also remove the clump and allow new ice to be made.

Check if Ice Maker is In Place And Door is Closed

Finally, make sure that the ice maker is fully in place and the door is closed. If either of those is an issue, the ice maker will not dispense ice and the door will remain in the closed position.

If everything checks out and the ice maker door is still not opening, it could be a bad ice maker seal or a faulty inlet valve. In either case, it is going to cause the door to freeze in position.

In order to fix an issue with a bad ice maker seal or faulty inlet valve, you need to thaw the ice maker completely. Trying to fix the issue while it is still frozen could damage the part even further.

After thawing things completely, try the door manually to see if it works. You can then make more ice and try it again before making the decision to replace the seal or inlet valve.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Keeps Dispensing Ice

Man getting ice from the ice maker

Many of the problems that occur with whirlpool ice makers are a matter of inconvenience. In this particular case, however, it may be somewhat of an emergency, especially if you don’t catch it in time.

We look at dispensing ice from an ice maker as being a fairly straightforward process. We push our cup into the dispenser lever, the cup fills with ice and when we pull the cup away, it stops dispensing. Unfortunately, there are also times when the ice maker continues to dispense ice.

First of all, the ice is going to continue to come out until there is no more ice left. This could cause a problem if you don’t have something readily available to capture the ice as it leaves the dispenser. If you don’t catch it in time, you may have a problem with the ice melting on the floor and causing damage.

Additionally, even after the ice is all gone, the ice dispenser may continue to try to dispense additional ice. When that occurs, the motor will continue to run and it can eventually cause the motor to fail. This is a very expensive problem but one that is avoidable.

Typically, the ice maker continues to dispense ice because the switch is stuck. That switch is visible on the outside of the refrigerator, as it is the trigger that you push with the cup to get the ice to dispense.

On the back of that lever is the switch and as particles continue to accumulate around the buttons and the mechanical switch, it can cause it to eventually stick. It is typically the mixture of sugary drinks, grease, and dust or small dirt particles that cause it to stick in the first place.

If this occurs, unplug the refrigerator to stop the motor from running. It might also stop the ice from being dispensed, although the door to the ice maker may continue in the open position.

After turning off the refrigerator by unplugging it, gently remove the lever and clean it. You may need to clean the mechanical switch on the back of the lever as well. Be cautious that you don’t cause any damage while cleaning it.

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There is a way to keep this from occurring. If you tend to fill your glass with ice after it is full of a beverage, then the beverage may splash behind the lever and cause the mechanical switch to get stuck. That is especially true if you fill a glass with ice after you have a sugary beverage inside of it.

In the future, fill your glass with ice first and then fill it with a beverage second. It seems like a simple process, but it is one that can save you a lot of stress in the future.

Be cautious that the lever does not get stuck while you are trying to fill the cup with water. If the dispenser continues to dispense water, immediately unplug the refrigerator and fix the problem.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Won’t Stop Making Ice/Turn Off

Man holding ice

Whirlpool ice makers are relatively simple machines. They make ice until the sensor tells them to stop doing so. Unfortunately, there are things that can go wrong and cause the ice maker to continue making ice.

Typically, an ice maker will continue to make ice when the sensor is stuck or blocked in some way. This may be different from one ice maker to another, but it is usually a switch, lever, or sensor light that is malfunctioning.

If the ice maker continues to work, even after the ice bin is full, you should check the switches to see if they are stuck in the on position. In some cases, it could be that they were frozen in place. You can sometimes move them gently into the off position or you may need to use a hairdryer to thaw the working part and get it to turn off.

After you have determined what is causing the problem, you should completely thaw the unit, empty the ice bin, clean everything, and retry. More often than not, you will have resolved the issue.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Motor/Auger Not Turning

Inside of the ice maker

One other problem that can occur with a whirlpool ice maker is for the motor or auger to stop turning. In most cases, it is simply frozen in place.

Before you start working on the ice maker, listen carefully to see if the motor is running. Reach in and try to turn the auger by hand. If the auger turns and the motor is running, thaw the unit completely and then retest it.

If the auger is turning and the motor is not running, test the motor continuity with a multimeter or have a Whirlpool professional come in to test it for you. It may be necessary to replace the auger motor if it is not operating properly.

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