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Wii Remote not Syncing

Wii Remotes are automatically synchronized at the factory and normally work well and reliably for your gaming pleasure. This is why it is indeed disturbing to find out that your Wii Remote is no longer syncing normally. Read on to see what could be causing this issue and the steps to analyze and fix the problem.

If your Wii Remote is not syncing, check the batteries. See if the battery level is lowered and, if so, put in new batteries. Then, unplug the power cord from the console and, after several minutes, plug it back in. Now try the Wii Remote again to see if it is now synced.

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Wii Remote Won’t Sync Just Blinks

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If your Wii Remote won’t sync but just keeps blinking, it creates an unpleasant and distracting situation in which, because of the constant blinking, it is impossible to even check if the Wii Remote’s batteries are charged onscreen.  Patient troubleshooting can rapidly determine the cause of the annoying blinking.

If your Wii Remote is not syncing and is just blinking, open up the slot cover for the SD card on the front of the Wii console. Then press the Red Sync Button for about fifteen seconds. This clears from the Wii console any Wii devices that are already synced. Then resync by pressing down the Red Sync Button on the Wii Remote. 

Wii Remote Synced but not Working

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What could be more frustrating than playing your favorite game and then having your Wii Remote no longer working and only the LED lights flashing and then shutting off completely. If this is the case, it could indicate a problem with the placement of the sensor bar. Read on to learn more about how to resolve this issue.

If your Wii Remote is not syncing or if it is synced and not working, check to see if the sensor bar is connected correctly to the Wii Console and see if the cursor is clearly apparent. Make sure the sensor bar is either placed on top of or below the TV in the proper position. 

The Wii Sensor Bar is able to pick up a heat signal from your Wii Remote in order to determine the exact spot that you are pointing to. Make sure not to have any electrical devices such as lamps that are located too near to the sensor bar as the heat from the lamps could confuse the sensor bar and result in a cursor that is moving around sporadically. Also, be sure there are no infrared heating lamps in your gaming room, and if there are, be sure to move them away from the Sensor Bar.

Wii Remote Blinking but Won’t Connect

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If you find that your Wii Remote is just blinking slowly and not connecting, it is most probably from a problem with your Wii Remote not syncing. To resume the normal functioning of your Wii Remotes so that it connects quickly and blinks rapidly as normal, try the following steps to resync your Remote.

If your Wii Remote is not Syncing and is blinking but won’t connect, re-sync it by pressing on the Sync button which is under the batteries on your Wii Remote. At this point, you should see the Player LCD of the Wii Remote start to blink.

As the blinking continues, press on the Red Sync Button on the Wii Console, and when the blinking stops you should be in sync.

Wii Remote Keeps Disconnecting

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If you are looking forward to playing a fun game with your friends or family members and your Wii Remote keeps disconnecting, it can totally ruin your day. Oftentimes, this problem is due to a wireless connectivity issue or a problem with the placement of the Wii Console which is too close to your playing area.

If your Wii Remote is not syncing and keeps disconnecting, it could be from a wireless connectivity issue. Move the Wii console nearer to your playing area and also try to move any other Bluetooth-connected devices away from the Wii Console.

Your Wii Remote could also be disconnecting due to a bad connection involving the power button. This is usually caused by a problem in the connections between the power button and the motherboard. In order to remove the motherboard to fix it, take out the three 10 mm screws from the faceplate that secure the holding bracket to the lower panel that is located near to the anterior part of the Wii unit.

Lift up the bracket and then pull the holding clip away from the area of the Wii antennas. Use tweezers to disconnect the LED cable’s plastic connector from the motherboard.

Open up the controller port cover and pull it straight up. Repeat this procedure for the memory card port cover. Take out two screws that are located along the top part of the controller port bezel. Lift the bezel from the controller ports and then take it completely out of the Wii console.

Then pick up the DV Drive Shield and pick up the DVD, leaving enough space to access the DVD drive power cable. Now lift up the fan connector with tweezers and take out both Wi-Fi Antennas. Then take off the motherboard cover and then take the motherboard out of the Wii unit to examine its connection with the power button.   

Wii Remote keeps Calibrating

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When your Wii Remote keeps calibrating, it can throw off your entire ability to play any game at all. This problem usually leads to your cursor not aiming correctly or not appearing on the screen. The only tenable solution is to go ahead and resync the Wii Remote.

If your Wii Remote is not syncing and keeps calibrating, place it on a flat surface with the buttons facing downward for ten seconds. Be sure that the Wii Remote is placed parallel to your TV screen. After the ten-second period, go ahead and point the Wii Remote back at the TV screen.

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