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Wii Remote Not Working

The Wii gaming system was first introduced by Nintendo in 2006 and has sold millions of units since. Crucial to enjoying any gaming system is an easy-to-use and well-functioning remote control.  If your Wii remote is not working, this can spell disaster for your gaming enjoyment. Read on to learn more about why your remote might not be working and what to do about it. 

If your Wii remote is not working, first check to see if you need to replace the batteries. If this is not the solution, check the battery contacts to make sure there is no corrosion. Then try cleaning the remote power button.

Wii Console and Remote

To clean the remote power button, open up the power button cover plate and then brush over the contact with a dry, new, toothbrush to clear off any corrosion or debris. If the power button within the remote is out of alignment or if the power button connection has shorted out, you will need to replace the power button.

You can also check to see if the buttons on the Wii remote are not pressing down normally or if there might be some food or liquid that has gotten under the buttons. To clean the buttons, use the same new toothbrush you used before with some warm soapy water.

Take the batteries out and then gently moisten the toothbrush with the warm soapy water and clean around the buttons that appear to be sticky. Then dry the buttons off with a paper towel. if this does not solve the problem, you may have to replace the key buttons on the front of the remote.        

Wii Remote Gyroscope not Working

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A gyroscope is a sensor in the Wii remote that allows the game on the screen to rotate automatically and adjust to where you are moving your controller.  The Wii gyroscope allows all rotations to occur smoothly and gives you the ability for multiple commands to be given at once.  In this way, you are essentially controlling the game with your movements instead of using a joystick.  

If your Wii remote is not working and its gyroscope is also not working, download and then install reWASD which gives you full control of your Nintendo remote. Open up the program and then create a new profile when you see the gyro icon on the gamepad.

Wii Remote not Vibrating

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One of the best aspects of using the Wii Remote is the vibration feature. This gives a rumbling aspect to the game you are playing. If this is not working, it can ruin your fun. Try some simple troubleshooting steps to see if this leads you to a quick solution so you can keep playing your game.

If your Wii Remote is not working and your Wii Remote is not vibrating, first make sure that your battery power level is not low. Then, make sure that the Rumble Feature is switched on in the Wii Remote Settings.

Then, go to the Wii Menu and point at the Wii button on the TV screen. When you do this, the Wii Remote should activate a Rumbling Motion. If this does not work, then the problem is with the Wii Remote itself.

Wii Remote no Sound

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If your Wii remote has no sound, it could be from a problem with the Wii Remote speakers. Rapid troubleshooting can quickly determine the cause of the problem. You can always check the game’s instruction manual to make sure that the game is utilizing the Wii Remote’s speakers.

If your Wii Remote is not working and it has no sound, press the Home button on the Wii Remote. Select Wii Remote Settings and then use the + or – buttons to try to increase the volume. You can also make sure that there is no wireless interference that could shut down the Remote’s Speakers.

Wii Remote not Pointing

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Your Wii Remote Pointer is crucial for allowing movements and gestures on the screen while playing your games. If it is not pointing, your entire gaming experience can be ruined.  

If your Wii Remote is not working and is not pointing, make sure that you are between three and ten feet directly in front of your TV screen when you use it. Check to see if there are any bright lights which are affecting your remote’s functioning and that the Sensor Bar is properly positioned.

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Wii Remote not Showing Cursor

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If your Wii remote is not showing the cursor, it can hinder your whole gaming experience. Careful troubleshooting can get to the root of the problem quickly.

If your Wii remote is not working and is not showing the cursor, check to make sure that the pointer lens is not obstructed. Check the battery strength and then make sure that Wii remote is in sync. Check the sensor bar to make sure the sensor bar wire is not frayed.

The sensor bar has infrared LEDs within it along with a tiny very low resolution camera at its end that can become obstructed or corroded.

The sensor bar should be in the center either on top of or on the bottom of the TV. Make sure to remove any infrared light emanating devices that could be affecting te sensor bar.

If this has not solved the problem, go to the Wii main menu and try using the + and – buttons to scroll through all of the Wii channels. If you are still not seeing the cursor, then the Sensor Bar is probably malfunctioning.

You can also try taking the batteries out of the Wii Remote, waiting for about 60 seconds, putting the batteries back in and then re-syncing the remote and checking if the Wii remote cursor is working normally again.

Wii Remote Keeps Flashing

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If your Wii remote keeps flashing, it can be both distracting and frustrating. Batteries contained in the Wii Remote should typically last for about thirty hours.  If you are using the num-chuks, however, the batteries tend to drain much faster and this could be the reason for the Wii Remote’s incessant flashing.

If your Wii Remote is not working and keeps flashing, replace the batteries. Then resync the remote with the Wii Game Console by powering off and then powering on. Take off the battery cover from the remote and press the red Sync button.

You will see all the lights stop flashing with only one blue light remaining on.

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