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AOC Monitor Not Working

We consider our monitor to be the window to our world. If your AOC monitor is on the fritz, there are some options that may help to get it up and running quickly.

The monitor must be plugged in to get power. If the power cord is not fully seated in the monitor and plugged into a receptacle, it will not work. Unplug the power cable and check the ends for damage. Fully seat it into the monitor. Bypass any power strip or UPS and plug it directly into the wall receptacle.

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This will often solve the problem. It may also be an issue with the power cable being damaged. If you inspect the cable and see that it is cut or there are wires showing, it should be replaced.

AOC Monitor Not Working

Aside from the possibility that there is a power problem, it may be an issue with other cables. In particular, those are the cables that connect the computer with the monitor.

Verify that you are connecting your AOC monitor with the proper type of cable. DVI is the most common option and it is the best option for video quality. VGA, HDMI, and USB-C may also be used in some cases.

Check with your computer model and see if it only accepts one particular type of video cable. If necessary, you can get a converter to change from one cable type to another to match your AOC monitor inputs.

Visually inspect the cables and make sure they are not damaged. If there is any damage, they should be replaced.

You may need to replace the cables, even if they are not damaged. HDMI and other cable technologies have been updated over the years. If you are trying to run a new AOC monitor using old cables, it might not work.

Other Devices – Something else that can affect the operation of your AOC monitor are any other devices that are plugged in. They may be creating a conflict or perhaps are causing a drain on resources.

Unplug all other devices, such as printers and scanners. Doing so may allow your monitor to work.

Screen Brightness – This is a solution that may sound simple but it is overlooked by many AOC monitor owners. If the screen is dimmed, the monitor may be working but won’t see what is on it.

Look for the screen brightness symbol on the top row of keys. It will typically look like a large sun. Press the key or the combination of FN + Brightness Key to see if the monitor comes online.

Try a Full Shutdown – Unplug all devices from the computer, including the AOC monitor. Shut down the computer completely and disconnect the power cable. Remove the battery if the computer has one.

After the computer is shut down and the power is disconnected, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. This will drain any residual power from the computer.

Plug the monitor into the computer and reconnect the power cable. Leave all other cables disconnected. Restart the computer. This may cause the computer to detect and begin using the monitor.

Reset Video Driver – Try resetting the video driver by pushing the Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B at the same time. When you release the keys, the video driver will reset.

Beeping Computer – Are you hearing a beeping sound when you try to connect your monitor and turn on the computer? If it is 1 beep followed by 3 beeps, it is a problem with the graphics card. If it is many beeps, it is a RAM problem.

AOC Monitor No Signal

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If you plug in your AOC monitor and don’t get any signal, fixing it is a priority. Fortunately, we have a great solution (or two) for you.

If you are using a damaged cable to connect your AOC monitor with your computer, the signal will not pass through it. Inspect the cable and if you see any noticeable problems, replace it. You can test the cable by plugging it into another device. Outdated or old cables should be discarded and replaced.

Typically, there is a reason why the graphics output from the PC is being ignored by the monitor. Aside from the possibility that the cables are bad or old, it may also be a setting.

Verify that you are connecting to the AOC monitor through the proper outlet. You should also check that you are using the right type of cable as there may be several options available.

If you still can’t get a signal. Power down the computer, remove the battery and power cable and hold down the power button to drain residual energy.

Now that the energy is fully drained, you can open the computer and inspect the graphics card. If it is damaged, you can replace it or buy an external graphics card (suitable for a laptop).

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AOC Monitor Not Detected

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When your computer is not detecting the AOC monitor, it is a frustrating situation. The solution is often easier than you would think.

If the monitor is not turned on, it will not be detected. Like many devices you plug into your computer, the AOC monitor should start working automatically. Verify that the monitor is plugged in using a sound, up-to-date power cord and press the power button. A computer restart may be necessary.

Sometimes you need to go beyond a simple computer restart if the monitor didn’t show up right away. Fully shut down the computer and then take the following steps.

  1. Disconnect all cables, including the power cable.
  2. Remove the battery if you have a laptop
  3. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain any residual power.
  4. Plug in the monitor, replace the battery and plug in the power cable.
  5. Restart the computer.

Try connecting the monitor to another computer if it is still not being detected.

AOC Monitor Not Turning On

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It can be frustrating when your AOC monitor won’t turn on but it doesn’t need to be difficult to fix.

If your monitor won’t turn on and the LED isn’t lit, unplug the power cable from the monitor and inspect it. The cable may be damaged or, perhaps, it wasn’t inserted into the monitor and receptacle fully. Replace the cable or put the old one back in place, making sure to seat the plug fully into place.

If the power is still not working on the monitor, check the cables that connect the monitor to the computer. Update the cords and replace them if needed. Try using a different cable (HDMI vs VGA).

Fully restart the computer, disconnect the monitor and reconnect it. The computer may recognize the new monitor and it may start working again.

AOC Monitor Not Staying On

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Is your monitor periodically shutting down for seemingly no reason? Diagnosing the problem will help you to fix it easily.

If your monitor is overheating, it will shut down temporarily to cool off and then restart again. Check the vents on the side or back of the monitor for a buildup of dust or debris. Blow out the vents with a can of air. Be careful not to allow the monitor to be exposed to excessive humidity or high temperatures.

A loose cable may also be causing the monitor to shut down. Slight vibrations in the monitor or a movement of the desk could slightly shift the cable and cause the temporary loss of power. Be sure to plug all cables in tightly and utilize any stability screws if avaialble.

Restart the video driver by pressing Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B at the same time. Hold the keys down for a few seconds and then release.

AOC Monitor Not Full Screen

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If the picture on your AOC monitor is only a percentage of the available screen space, the solution may be a button-click away.

The F11 button is the universal button to resize windows to full screen. Pressing the F11 (or FN + F11) might force the window to open and use the entire monitor. Otherwise, it could be a problem with the graphics card.

If you are using an older computer to run a newer monitor, it is likely to cause problems. Check the graphics card for an update and if necessary, but an external graphics card that meets the appropriate standards for the AOC monitor.

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Check for a software conflict. Boot your computer into safe mode with minimum drivers and background apps. If the monitor is working, it is probably a driver or software conflict to blame.

AOC Monitor Not Bright

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We depend on having a bright monitor so we can see what we are working on. Here is hot to make your AOC monitor brighter.

If your screen is dimmed, the monitor will be dim. There should be a key in the upper row of keys (the F keys) that allows you to adjust the screen brightness. It can also be done in the action center at the lower right-hand side of your windows desktop, beside the clock.

Another possibility is that the monitor is not yet fully warmed up after starting it. Sometimes, the display will be dim at first but will brighten over time.

A bad, old, or improperly seated cable is to blame if your AOC monitor is not working. Inspect the cable and replace or reseat it if necessary. Other cables that connect the computer to the monitor may also be to blame for monitor problems.

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