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Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Not Working

Screen mirroring, or screencasting, as some people call it, is one of the more enjoyable benefits of owning a Samsung smart TV. When it isn’t working, we want to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Generally speaking, when screen mirroring is not working on your Samsung TV it is associated with a network difficulty. It could be a problem with the Wi-Fi in your home, with the network settings on your TV or your mobile device. In some cases, it may even be associated with Internet connectivity.

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We rely on the networks in our home for many different reasons, including when we want to mirror our phone to our screen. This is not typically a difficult problem to fix but it sometimes requires the proper diagnosis.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Not Working

The following are some suggestions to help you get your screen mirror problem fixed as quickly as possible. In many cases, a simple hard restart of the TV will fix the problem.

To restart your TV properly, you have to start with the television set turned on. You can then do this hard reset either using the remote control or by using the buttons on the TV directly.

Performing a Hard Reset from the Remote Control

If you have your original Samsung TV remote, you can perform a hard reset without ever touching the TV. Start by turning the TV on so you are looking at a show on the screen.

Hold down the power button on the TV remote control supplied by your Samsung television. You will have to hold down the power button as the power shuts off completely and continue to hold it down until the power comes back on again.

What you have just done is perform something called a cold boot. It clears the memory cache so that you are dealing with a clear memory. Not only might this fix the problem with screen mirroring, but it also helps the TV to run more smoothly as well.

Performing a Hard Reset Using Your TV Power Buttons

If you don’t have the remote or if you would just like to perform a hard reset by using the TV power buttons, you would start in the same way. Make sure that the TV is turned on and that a show is on the screen.

Reach around behind the TV and unplug it. You can also unplug the TV from the power strip or receptacle. This will shut down the TV immediately. Don’t worry about the TV being on when you do this, it is part of the process.

Wait for 30 seconds with the TV unplugged and then plug it back into the power outlet again. Using the power button on the TV, turn the power on so that the screen comes on.

In doing this process, you are cold booting the TV and discharging all residual power from the TV. It clears the memory cache and you will notice that the TV is running smoothly. It will also typically fix any problems with screen mirroring.

There are other ways to fix this problem and you can try the following in order to see which one works for you:

Check Your Wi-Fi

One of the most often overlooked issues with screen mirroring is an issue with the Wi-Fi. In order for the screencasting to work properly, you have to be on the same Wi-Fi network on your TV and your mobile device.

This is often overlooked because we typically use mobile devices that are also connected to a network, such as T-Mobile or AT&T. That will not work, as screen mirroring will use your home Wi-Fi system to send the signal from your mobile device to your TV.

You should also ensure that you are not using the guest network at your home and you are not connected through a hotspot. In either case, there may be limitations that would keep the screen mirroring from working.

If you are having problems with Wi-Fi, it may be necessary to restart the modem and router. This is done by unplugging the router from the wall and disconnecting any cables that are attached to it. Wait a few minutes before plugging the cables back in and eventually, plugging in the power.

It will take a while before your router fully reboots. There may still be some lights flashing at that point, but that is perfectly normal.

Get Closer

Something else that you can do to help fix this problem is to get closer to the TV. Although Wi-Fi has an excellent range, you may still be limited if you are on the fringe of that range in your home network.

Getting closer to the TV while holding the mobile device will allow it to connect easier. Once you are connected and the screen mirroring has started, you may be able to put some distance between you and your Samsung TV.

Bluetooth Problems

Screen Mirroring relies on Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth. Both of them involve connecting mobile devices to your Samsung TV or connecting out from your Samsung TV to another device.

If nothing else is working, try disconnecting Bluetooth in the settings menu on your Samsung TV. It may help to get things working again with your screencast.

Check Your Device

Make sure that your mobile device is casting properly. Try casting to another device, such as a TV or Windows PC.

Check Your TV

There may be an issue with the mobile device. Try connecting another device, such as a tablet, and screencasting to your Samsung TV.

Incompatible Device

Not all mobile devices are compatible with screencasting. The same is also true of all Samsung TVs. You will need to have a more modern device and TV in order for screencasting work.

Although an older Samsung TV may not work with screencasting directly, you can get a device that will allow it to occur. This could include a Chromecast device that can screencast from mobile devices. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you should be able to use Chromecast.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Freezing

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It can be frustrating when you are trying to screencast and it continually freezes. It really limits your enjoyment of this technology. Fortunately, it is often easy to fix.

A Samsung smart TV uses many apps and it also runs with memory in the background, just like a computer. If there are more apps running on your TV, including some that may be running in the background, it can slow everything down and cause freezing problems when you are screen mirroring. You can clear the TV by doing a cold restart, unplugging it while it is turned on, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in again.

Along with doing a cold restart using the buttons on your TV, you can also do it with the remote control. Start with the TV turned on, continually hold down the power button on your remote control as the TV shuts off and eventually, turns back on again.

A cold restart clears the memory cache and frees up a lot of extra memory so that everything will run more smoothly.

Internet problems may also cause the screen mirroring to freeze, as can Wi-Fi issues within the home.

Do an Internet speed test from your mobile device. Unplug the router and plug it back in after a few minutes. Do another Internet speed test and it should be refreshed.

Make sure that you are on the same Wi-Fi network on both your mobile device and the Samsung TV. If you are on a guest network or hotspot, it may not work.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Keeps Disconnecting

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Do you have a problem with your screen mirroring continuing to disconnect? It can be more than a hassle, it can make the mirroring process unusable.

Typically, a problem with the Wi-Fi is seen in any Samsung TV that has a mirroring process that continues to disconnect. Particularly, if the Wi-Fi signal is weak because the video will transmit through the Wi-Fi signal from the secondary device to your Samsung TV. Moving closer to the TV may help. Moving the router closer to the TV may help as well.

If you are not on the same Wi-Fi as the Samsung TV, it may also cause the mirroring to disconnect. More than likely, however, being on a different Wi-Fi will keep it from working altogether.

More than likely, a Wi-Fi problem may be associated with being on the guest network or trying to tie into a hotspot. Since the guest network may have certain restrictions, you may not be able to easily connect and mirror using it.

Something similar happens when you try to use a hotspot. They may have the bandwidth but it may be throttled when you try to mirror something.

If you are still having problems mirroring and it continues to disconnect, try connecting a different device to your Samsung TV. You can also try connecting your mobile device to a different device.

Finally, you may want to try a hard reset. The easiest way to do this is to start with the television on and hold down the power button on the remote control until the TV turns off and then back on again.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Not Showing Up

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If you try to mirror a secondary device to your Samsung TV and nothing happens, it is beyond frustrating. Fortunately, it is an easy fix in most cases.

For the most part, you can restart both the TV and the device to get the mirroring working again. If there is an issue with either of the devices, it may not work properly. Restart the TV by holding down the power button on the remote control until the TV turns off and then turns back on again. You can restart your mobile device in the settings menu.

When you are still having a problem mirroring your device, try to mirror it with another TV or perhaps your computer. At least it will help determine if the problem is with your mobile device or the Samsung TV.

Take a close look at the Wi-Fi connectivity. It is the strength where it should be? If you are trying to connect through Wi-Fi and you are far away from the router, you may not have enough bandwidth to send a signal to the Samsung TV.

If you find that your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough, you can move the router closer to the TV. You might also want to try restarting the router by unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging it back in again.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Not Available

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Did you try to mirror your phone or tablet to your Samsung TV and it doesn’t seem to be available as an option? Consider the following possibilities.

If you are seeing an error that tells you screen mirroring is not available for your Samsung TV, it may be that you are using an older TV. Older technology is not always compatible with the newer technology and that includes screen mirroring. One way to get around this is to buy a Chromecast device or another device that plugs into the TV using HDMI and allows you to mirror your portable device.

You might also have a problem with your Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi may be working fine as well, but you may not have things set up properly with your TV or your mobile device.

In order for screen mirroring to be available, both the Samsung TV and your mobile device have to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Don’t use the guest network or a hotspot, use your primary home network.

If you are too far away from the router or if there is too much in between you and the router, it can also lower the signal and mirroring may not be available. Check this as a possibility if it continues to be a problem.

Samsung Screen Mirroring Sound But No Picture

Samsung Screen Mirroring is a convenient feature that allows you to display the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your Samsung TV. However, if you’re experiencing “Samsung Screen Mirroring sound but no picture” issues, it can be frustrating and confusing.

A possible cause for the issue of “Samsung screen mirroring sound but no picture” is outdated software on one or more of the devices involved. To resolve this, make sure that both the sender and receiver devices have the latest software updates installed by checking for updates in their settings. Another solution is to verify that the communication channels between the devices are functioning correctly.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring No Picture

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If your Samsung TV is working but there is no picture when you try to screen mirror, it may be an easy problem to fix.

The typical way to resolve a picture problem when you are screen mirroring is to restart the TV. You have to do more than turn the TV off and on, you have to clear the memory cache in the process. This is done by starting with the television turned on, then hold the power button on the remote control and continue to hold it while the TV powers down and then starts up again. Check screen mirroring as it is likely working at this time.

If you still have problems, the connectivity strength of the Wi-Fi may not be where it should be. If you are too far away from the router or if there are too many objects between the TV and the router, the signal may be hampered.

Try moving the router closer to the TV to boost the strength. You can also try moving the wireless device closer to the TV to start the screen mirroring process.

Finally, you can always check the TV by trying to connect another device. Similarly, you can try to connect your mobile device to another TV to see if it works.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Stopped Working

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There is a simple solution to a screen mirror problem when it suddenly stops working with your Samsung TV.

Performing a hard reset of the connected equipment may sometimes fix the issue. This would include resetting the network, shutting down the router by unplugging it, and waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in. Turning your mobile device on and off may also help, as does unplugging the TV and plugging it back in after 30 seconds.

Restarting the devices refreshes the memory cache and helps to flush out any problems that may be stopping the connection from happening. Otherwise, you may need to move the router closer to the TV to boost the signal strength.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Black Screen

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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to screen mirror your Samsung TV and ending up with a black screen. Here is how to fix it.

Restarting the TV will fix a problem with a screen mirroring black screen. It is necessary to fully restart the TV so you are flushing the memory cache and resetting many of the features.

Start with the TV turned on and unplug the TV from the power source. After 30 seconds plug the TV back in and turn it on using the power button on the TV.

It may also be necessary to perform a complete reset of the Samsung TV if this issue is not fixed. Make sure that you create a backup of any settings because doing a factory reset is going to wipe any of the settings you may have.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring No Sound

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Did your sound stop working when you were mirroring your TV? Here’s a solution that has helped many.

If you’d don’t have the proper speaker selection set in the settings on your TV, your screen mirroring is not going to have any sound. Check the settings and make sure that you are set on the proper speaker, whether it is internal or external. If you are using an external speaker, such as a soundbar, make sure that it is powered on and plugged into the TV.

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There is also likely a setting on your Samsung TV that allows for sound mirroring along with screen mirroring. Make sure that you have it set properly.

If you are still having problems, shut both the TV and the speaker system down fully and wait a few minutes before restarting.

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Not Full Screen

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Is your screen mirroring not going to full screen on your Samsung TV? Try the following to fix it.

Try going to the settings on your phone or other device and changing the aspect ratio. You might need to look for a connected device in the settings and change it to full screen. Otherwise, you will need to change the settings on your TV by entering the menu, selecting picture, selecting screen adjustment, and adjusting the screen ratio and fit.

It may take a little practice for you to get exactly where you want to be but adjusting your screen settings in this way will certainly help you to use more of your Samsung TV screen real estate.

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When the screen mirroring is not working on your Samsung TV, it is likely a problem with the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is used to send the signal from your secondary device to the TV so if there are any hiccups along the way, it will not work. Try restarting your router by unplugging it and waiting five minutes before you plug it back in again. That is often enough to fix the problem.

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