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Benq Monitor Not Working

It can be frustrating when your Benq monitor does not work as you would expect. They are a high-quality monitor, but problems do occur on occasion.

The most common reason why a Benq monitor doesn’t work is that a video card is defective. You can check the video card by looking in Windows diagnostics or by booting in bios and checking the settings. Another reason why a Benq monitor may fail is that the graphics driver needs to be updated or has become corrupted.

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Although these are the most common reasons why you may have problems with the monitor, they are in no way the only reason why a problem could occur. We have a list of some of the different things to try when your monitor is giving you problems.

Benq Monitor Not Working

The first thing to do is to make sure that the monitor is actually getting power. The easiest way to do so is by pushing the power button and seeing if it comes on. If it does, your problem may be solved!

You might also see an LED light that is lit on the monitor as well. This is an indication that it is getting power but it will not help you troubleshoot, other than the fact that you know that the power is working.

If the monitor is not receiving power, it could be a problem with the power supply. This could include such issues as the breaker is tripped, the receptacle is bad, or the power cable needs replaced.

You can check for a tripped breaker by looking in the breaker panel. If one of the breakers is out of line and has a red line on the side of it, it likely needs to be reset.

The receptacle may also have an internal breaker. These are typically associated with the kitchen and bathroom, but some people may have GFCI breakers throughout their home.

There is a test and an on switch directly on the GFCI breaker. There may also be a GFCI receptacle nearby that controls the receptacle you are working on.

Test the receptacle by plugging something into it. A lamp is an obvious choice but anything that powers on quickly will suffice.

Be aware that receptacles can fail and at times, half of the switch may be hot and the other half might be turned off. They can even be on a wall switch in that way.

If you find that the receptacle has failed, it should be replaced by a qualified electrician. If you do have power, you can consider some other options that we will list below:

Bios – If you are able to boot into bios, you may be able to check the graphics card and the monitor at the same time. You can check them within the bios settings, and take appropriate action.

Cables – There are many different cables that may run to your Benq monitor. If any of those cables is old or has any signs of visible damage, it should be replaced. Make sure that you are firmly attaching any cables in place.

Applications – Don’t overlook the possibility that an application may have caused the conflict and is stopping your monitor from working. You can press the alt + tab keys on the keyboard to check any open programs.

You can even take things a step further by booting into safe mode. This is done by restarting the computer and when you see the Windows logo, press the F8 key repeatedly. It will give you the option of booting into safe mode.

Safe mode has the benefit of not loading many of the drivers and background applications that could cause a conflict with your Benq monitor. If it works in safe mode, it is likely a software or driver causing the problem.

Restart the Computer – Although it may seem somewhat cliché, restarting the computer can actually help in many cases. I’m not talking about turning it off and turning it back on again, take the following steps:

1. Shut the computer down

2. Remove the battery if it has one

3. Remove all cables

4. Hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain residual energy

5. Wait five minutes

6. Plug in the computer power and monitor

7. Start the computer

This full refresh of the memory cache may help the computer to recognize the monitor and get things working again.

Second Monitor – If you are using the Benq monitor as a second monitor, you may need to go into the display settings. Hold down the window key while pressing the P key to display the settings and make any necessary changes.

Benq Monitor No Signal Detected

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If a signal is not being detected on your Benq monitor, there may be a simple solution.

The most common reason why there is no signal to a Benq monitor is that the cable connecting the monitor to the computer has become damaged. Visually inspect the HDMI cable or, if you are using a different cable, make sure that it isn’t cracked or cut.

If the monitor is not detecting any signal from the computer, that means that it is ignoring any output that is reaching it. This may be due to the monitor being plugged into the wrong port.

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DVI is the most popular and best option for plugging in a Benq monitor. Otherwise, you can use HDMI but you may need to use a DVI converter.

Consider the follow articles to help you diagnose monitor signal problems.

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No HDMI signal from your device

Benq Monitor Not Connecting

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Is your Benq monitor not connecting? Here are some steps you can take to get it back up and running again.

Typically, if your Benq monitor is not connecting, it is not receiving power. Make sure that the power is up and running to the receptacle where it is plugged in and ensure that you have turned the monitor on before trying to connect to the computer. Replace any damaged power cords.

Any of the cables could be problematic and cause the monitor to not connect properly. This would include DVI, HDMI, and VGA. If necessary, convert DVI to HDMI at your computer.

Benq Monitor Not Turning On/Off

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Any time a monitor is not turning on and off, the first thing to check is the power supply.

Unplug the monitor from the power supply by disconnecting the cable from the back of the monitor. You should also unplug it from any power strip and plug it into the receptacle directly. After reconnecting the power supply, it should turn on. If it doesn’t, try a different power cable.

Restarting the computer may sometimes help the monitor stay on. It could be a software issue or a driver that is forcing it to shut off periodically.

You might also want to try restarting the computer in safe mode to see if it is a driver or background application that is causing the problem.

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Benq Monitor Not Displaying

Is your Benq monitor not displaying? It is sometimes just an oversight on your part that causes the problem.

Make sure that the monitor is on by pressing the power button. It may be necessary to refresh the connection by restarting the computer. Try the controls that are on the monitor and see if you are set to the proper port. Check the connection between the graphics card on the PC and the monitor itself.

There may be conflicts that can cause the monitor to stop displaying. This may be due to software running in the background or even something else that is plugged into the computer.

Unplug everything from the computer and restart the PC. As it is starting, press F8 when you see the Windows logo. Doing so will bring up a menu and allow you to enter into safe mode.

If the monitor is working well in safe mode, it is likely a driver or a software issue.

Benq Monitor No Sound

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Are you not hearing any sound on your Benq monitor? Here’s what to do.

User error is often to blame when there is no sound on a monitor. It is necessary to go into settings and point the computer to the right audio output. Make sure that you have chosen the Benq monitor. Inspect for damaged cables that are connected to the monitor.

It may also be a cable connection. There are various options available when connecting a Benq monitor. This includes HDMI and VGA.

Test the computer by plugging in a different external speaker and trying to play sound. If the sound doesn’t play, it may be a settings problem.

Benq Monitor Won’t Stay On

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Has your monitor shut off? Does it continually shut off? Here’s one reason why.

When a monitor overheats, it shuts down until it cools off. This keeps the circuitry from becoming damaged. Check the vents on the sides or the back of the monitor and make sure that they haven’t become clogged. You should also never block the vents because they allow for proper airflow.

A problem with the video card may also be to blame. Hold down the Windows key along with Ctrl + Shift + B to reset the video driver.

Make sure that the video cables are not loose. If there are screws to attach the cable to the monitor, make sure they are in use.

If your Benq monitor is experiencing problems, it is likely an issue with a cable. It could be a power cable, an HDMI cable, or any other cable that operates the monitor. Inspect the cables and make sure that they are new because the technology has changed over the years. There are other reasons why a monitor may fail as well, including drivers and software conflicts.

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