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Bissell Vacuum Keeps Clogging (How to Fix)

Vacuuming is a fast and easy way to get your house clean. But over time, it may incur damage from the usual wear and tear. They’re not necessarily cheap too, so immediately replacing it is not always possible. How do you fix a vacuum that keeps clogging?

Keep the hose free of any obstructions. Large pieces of debris can get stuck when suctioned, causing a clog. Instead of forcing them with the vacuum cleaner, pick them out and throw them away. Putting a net over the tip of the hose can help filter out the large pieces of debris.

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Keep in mind that vacuum cleaners are intended to suction clean dirty and dusty surfaces. They are not really meant for clearing debris and other small items that may be on the floor.

How to Unclog Bissell Vacuum Keeps Clogging

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Bissell is another popular vacuum brand because it’s so lightweight, it makes tracking any trail of dust easy to clear. If you want an upright cleaner, and don’t mind it coming with a cord, then Bissell could be a good choice, especially if you only need to do light cleaning. 

Check the Bissell vacuum’s suction knob to make sure it’s on Floor Suction mode. If this is on, but the vacuum still isn’t suctioning well enough, press the Tank Release to empty the dirt bin. Make sure that the brush roll isn’t clogged with debris as well.

Unclog the Brush Roll

To unclog the brush roll, check that there aren’t any large pieces debris stuck on its bristles. Check for any broken items that may also have sharp edges, which may potentially damage the equipment. 

Hairfall, pet hair, and carpet fibers usually get caught in the brush bristles. Don’t tug at them, but instead cut through them first, and then you can take them off the brush.

Check the Dust Bin

Sometimes, the clog is not one item, but rather the entire dust bin. If the bin is at full capacity, it won’t be able to allow any more content inside–even dust particles. If the dust bin is full, this only means that you don’t empty it out after use.

For a more efficient clean, always clean out the vacuum afterwards. This also helps keep the equipment in good shape.

Four Reasons Why Your Bissell Vacuum Keeps Clogging

Cleaning the floor using Vacuum

Vacuums don’t simply get clogged on their own. In order to prevent it from constantly getting clogged, you need to know what’s causing the problem.

The most common reason your vacuum keeps getting clogged is that it suctions large pieces of debris that don’t fit well in the hose. You can usually hear it when this happens because the hose makes a gurgling sound. It could also be that the bag is full because it’s not cleaned.

Suctioned Large or Irregular-Sized Objects

It’s ideal to pick up the large items first off the surface you’re cleaning before starting the vacuum. This way, you minimize the risk of catching large or irregular-sized objects that may cause the vacuum to clog.

In some cases, the item may have sharp edges that can tear the inside of the hose as it’s being forced into the vacuum, causing more problems. 

Vacuum Hose or Bag is Full

Obstructions or large debris are not the only things that can cause clogs. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of leaving the bag or hose full. Even dust particles can lead to a buildup if not regularly disposed of. 

Hair is also a usual cause of clogs, much like they tend to do in the drains. To be safe, make sure to empty the vacuum of its contents as soon as you’re done using it. This way, you’re always sure that the vacuum is empty, and so minimizes the risk of clogging. 

The Vacuum Suctioned Liquid 

Sometimes, it can’t be helped that the vacuum rolls over wet surface. While this shouldn’t cause a problem with the equipment directly, it could cause the dust and particles inside the bag to get wet. Once they dry up, they can turn into a hardened mass, which is what’s going to cause the clog. 

The damage can get worse over time, especially if it is left unattended. The hardened mass of dust can become stuck on the equipment and can be difficult to remove. If this leads to more buildup, then the inside of the vacuum itself will start causing problems.

Other Components are Dirty

The filter and rollers are the other essential components of a vacuum. If this is the case, then the dirt from these parts will simply be sent back into the hose, which only adds up to the debris, thus causing the clog. 

Again, the simple solution to this is to make sure these parts are clean and cleared of dust particles and hair strands. 

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