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Bissell Vacuum Won’t Turn On/Stay On/Turn Off/Charge

Bissell is known nationwide for its affordable, diverse range of home vacuum cleaners. But just as with any electronic device, these helpful machines can experience problems from time to time.

A Bissell vacuum that won’t turn on, stay on, or charge is likely struggling with power supply connection problems. Check that the vacuum is plugged into a working outlet and that the breaker’s switches aren’t flipped. It may also be an issue with the motor or clogged debris in the system.

Top view of stick vacuum on hardwood floor

Let’s explore some of the most common problems that Bissell vacuum cleaners exhibit and discover potential solutions to these issues. You can use this information to troubleshoot your vacuum cleaner’s power problems and figure out the best possible fix.

Bissell Vacuum Won’t Work

Handheld vacuum on hardwood floor

There are several reasons why your Bissell vacuum cleaner might stop working. Figuring out the precise cause of the problem is the best way to determine the proper solution.

Your Bissell vacuum cleaner might stop working if it has:

  • A burned-out motor
  • A physical clog near the bottom air intake
  • Excess hair or debris caught along the rotating brush
  • Damaged charging cables
  • Broken on/off buttons or switches
  • Poor connection to power sources

If your Bissell vacuum cleaner powers on but refuses to suck up dirt and debris, you may be dealing with a clogged vacuum or a faulty motor. However, if your vacuum cleaner is making excessive noise, whining, or producing foul odors, you might need to clean the vacuum’s rotating brush.

Loose strands of hair, string, and thick dust can quickly accumulate around this brush, causing the motor to work extra hard to keep the brush moving. This can overwork the motor and cause it to burn out and fail.

A Bissell vacuum cleaner that refuses to turn on, turn off, or charge is relatively easy to troubleshoot and fix. The culprit is an unplugged power cord, a faulty power outlet, or a worn-out charging cable in many cases.

Still, it’s crucial to troubleshoot your issue before purchasing a new part, accessory, or vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Vacuum Won’t Turn On

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The primary power issue that a Bissell vacuum cleaner might have is a failure to power on. The precise cause behind this problem often depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you’re using.

For example, traditional corded vacuums require external power to turn on, but cordless models contain chargeable batteries that supply power to the device. Consequently, you’ll want to double-check your vacuum’s power supply before moving forward with the troubleshooting process.


If you’re working with a corded Bissell vacuum cleaner, then your device might be failing to power on due to:

  • An unplugged power cable
  • A faulty power outlet
  • A complete lack of power
  • A blown fuse in the fusebox
  • A damaged power cable

In very rare cases, a burned-out internal motor may be the culprit. When the wiring connecting the power supply to the motor overheats or is damaged, the vacuum cleaner can fail to turn on.

Cordless models are a bit different. If your cordless Bissell vacuum cleaner refuses to turn on, you could be dealing with:

  • A faulty charging cable or charging station
  • A faulty internal vacuum battery
  • A broken on/off switch

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to diagnose the cause of a cordless vacuum’s power problems without investing in a new charging cable or charging station. However, you might not need to purchase additional equipment to solve your cordless vacuum issues, especially if your device is still under warranty.

That said, shipping your malfunctioning cordless vacuum cleaner to Bissell for repairs or replacement can be a hassle. Let’s discuss some potential fixes to help you avoid this extra step and save a little time.

How To Fix

Are you using a corded Bissell vacuum? If so, the first thing you’ll want to do is check to ensure your vacuum cleaner is fully plugged into the outlet. If it is fully connected but still refusing to turn on, you may want to try plugging the vacuum into a different outlet and trying again.

However, if switching outlets doesn’t fix the problem, it’s time to check your home’s breaker box. Your switches may have flipped, shutting off power to specific areas of your home. This often happens when your home’s electrical system overloads.

If your switches are in order, you could be dealing with a blown fuse. Unless you’re an experienced electrician, it’s crucial to hire outside help to fix blown fuses in your circuit breaker box. Electrical shock can be fatal, especially if you’re not wearing non-conductive safety gear.

Cordless Vacuum Fix

If you’re using a cordless Bissell vacuum cleaner, the outlets aren’t the problem. A cordless vacuum that won’t turn on is likely suffering from a dead battery or charging difficulties. Many cordless models feature LED lights to help users stay aware of battery power levels. You should refer to your device’s user manual to confirm that your vacuum cleaner is charging correctly.

If you connect your Bissell cordless vacuum to its charging, but no signal lights activate, you’ll want to test your charger to see if it’s working correctly. A multimeter is an affordable, handy device that’ll help with this task. The AstroAI Multimeter is a fantastic option, primarily due to its simplistic design, and budget-friendly price.

To test your charger’s functionality:

  1. Connect your positive and negative cables to your multimeter and power it on.
  2. Set the multimeter to register volts (the V symbol, followed by a flat line above several dots).
  3. Ensure that your cordless charger is plugged into a working wall outlet.
  4. Insert the tip of the red testing cable into the adapter head while placing the black cable against the side of the adapter head.
  5. Check the reading on your multimeter.
  6. A reading below the listed volt output (the voltage listed on your charger) or a measurement of zero indicates a faulty charger.

If the charger is working correctly, your vacuum cleaner may have a dead battery. In this case, you’ll either want to contact Bissell for repairs (if your vacuum cleaner is still under warranty), hire a professional technician to replace the battery, or purchase a new cordless vacuum.

Bissell Vacuum Won’t Stay On / Keeps Turning Off

Handheld vacuum picking up popcorn on the hardwood floor

Another common issue that Bissell vacuum owners might encounter is a device that fails to stay on or keeps turning off during use. Fortunately, in most cases, the issue is simply an unplugged power cord.

However, you might also need to replace your cordless vacuum charger. Alternatively, your corded vacuum cleaner might have a frayed or faulty power cord. Let’s quickly explore the best ways to troubleshoot this problem.


When your Bissell vacuum cleaner doesn’t stay on, it can be practically impossible to clean your floors and upholstery. If you’re using a traditional corded vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to check the power plug first.

A slight pull is often enough to remove the plug from the outlet, resulting in an immediate power failure. Still, if your plug is flush with the outlet, and the outlet is working, the power issue could be the result of:

  • A faulty on/off button or switch
  • A damaged power cord
  • An overfilled debris canister

If you own a cordless model, then the issue could be the result of charging station troubles and the above culprits (besides the power cord problem).

How To Fix

While plugging your vacuum back into the outlet is the fastest potential fix for this problem, it might not be the right solution for you. If your device’s power button is malfunctioning, you may be able to temporarily ‘fix’ the vacuum cleaner by continuously depressing the power button.

However, you’ll either need to hire a professional appliance technician, contact Bissell’s product support team, or purchase a replacement vacuum to fix a faulty power button permanently. Additionally, if your corded vacuum cleaner’s power cord is frayed or defective, you’ll likely need professional technical repair or replacement.

However, if the problem is the charging station, you can purchase a replacement charger and avoid repair fees.

Newer models often have canister sensors that detect debris levels inside the vacuum cleaner. In some cases, your machine might be automatically shutting itself off due to an overfilled chamber. Emptying your vacuum cleaner’s debris canister typically solves this issue, allowing your device to function without sudden shut-downs.

Bissell Vacuum Won’t Turn Off

Upright vacuum on dark hardwood floor

Corded Bissell vacuum cleaners never fail to turn off when separated from a power source. But cordless models can refuse to power down in some cases. This issue can crop up when the power button is physically stuck inside the plastic body of the device.


When a cordless Bissell vacuum cleaner refuses to turn off, it’s typically because the power button is malfunctioning. This might be because it’s become partially dislodged, causing it to stick when depressed. Or if it is kept in or around the kitchen, it could be stuck due to grease and food debris, such as sugar and flour that gets in the air.

Internal wiring failures can also contribute to this problem.

How To Fix

The first thing that Bissell vacuum cleaner owners will want to try is depressing the on/off button or adjusting the power switch. Use a clean cloth and wipe the switch to remove any debris or build-up.

If the device continues to run, you’ll want to carefully separate the battery compartment from the vacuum cleaner’s body.

Some models might place the battery within the vacuum body, which can be more challenging to access. In this case, you may need to disassemble your vacuum to its original in-the-box condition or wait for the battery to run out of energy.

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Many Bissell cordless vacuums carry their power supply in the handle, so you might only need to detach the handle. Still, a vacuum cleaner that fails to power off requires a professional repair or official replacement, as removing the battery may be only a temporary solution.

Bissell Vacuum Won’t Charge

Upright vacuum picking up dog food treats on hardwood floor

Is your Bissell vacuum refusing to charge? If so, you’re likely dealing with a charger or outlet problem.

Fortunately, both of these problems are relatively easy to address and solve. Still, sometimes the issue goes a little deeper. For example, a dead battery won’t accept a charge, leading to charging difficulties.


When your cordless Bissell vacuum stops charging and refuses to accept a charge, the problem might be:

  • The internal battery pack
  • The vacuum cleaner charger
  • The wall outlet
  • The charger plug’s connection

Your vacuum won’t charge if the charger is disconnected from the wall outlet or USB outlet. It’ll also refuse to store power if the wall outlet isn’t working or if the charger is broken. Finally, a dead battery won’t accept or hold power, leading to a failure to charge.

How To Fix

To fix a Bissell vacuum cleaner that won’t charge, you’ll need to check that your charger works. You can do this by plugging the charger into a working outlet and observing any LED indication lights for status changes.

If nothing lights up, you might have a faulty charger on your hands. Still, some chargers and charging stations don’t utilize LED indicators. In this case, you may want to use a multimeter to test your charger’s power output.

If the vacuum charger isn’t to blame, and your outlets are in excellent shape, your cordless device’s battery might be dead. While a drained battery can accept a charge and store electricity, a ‘dead’ battery cannot function, necessitating replacement.

However, replacing your vacuum cleaner’s internal battery isn’t easy, and it might not be possible. At worst, you may need to purchase a replacement cordless vacuum if your current model refuses to charge.

Bissell Vacuum Has No Power

Stick cordless vacuum on carpet

There are several reasons why your Bissell vacuum cleaner lacks power. First, it might not be plugged into an outlet.

Secondly, the outlet that it’s plugged into might not be working. But if both of these common causes aren’t to blame, you might be dealing with a dead battery or a damaged power cord.


A Bissell vacuum that has no power might be suffering from:

  • Connection issues
  • A dead battery
  • A faulty charger

The best way to determine the precise cause of your powerless device is first to consider its type. Corded vacuum cleaners might have zero power due to a faulty outlet, a damaged power cord, or a lack of household power. Your device might also have unplugged from the wall outlet during use.

Cordless Bissell vacuum cleaners might have no power due to a dead battery, a faulty charging station, or a non-operative wall outlet.

How To Fix

Does your vacuum cleaner lack power? If so, you’ll want to check that it’s plugged into a wall outlet. Even cordless models need external power to charge, so check your charging station if using a cordless vacuum cleaner.

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If your devices are plugged in and the wall outlets are functioning, the issue might be a little trickier to diagnose. For example, traditional corded vacuum cleaners might fail to power on if the power cord becomes frayed or fried. Cordless models might fail to receive power when their internal battery dies or when the charger malfunctions.

To fix these issues, you’ll want to contact a professional appliance technician or Bissell’s product support team. You can also choose to replace a faulty vacuum charger or buy a replacement Bissell vacuum.

Bissell Vacuum Power Button Not Working

Upright corded vacuum on dark hardwood floor

When your Bissell vacuum cleaner’s power button stops working, you might assume that the issue is the power supply. And while an unplugged device is occasionally to blame, you might also be experiencing problems due to a damaged power button or faulty wiring.


A Bissell vacuum cleaner power button might stop working if:

  • A small piece of debris becomes lodged beneath or beside it
  • The plastic casing around it cracks and breaks apart
  • The vacuum cleaner’s battery refuses to store electricity
  • The charging cable or station is faulty
  • The vacuum charger isn’t plugged into a working outlet

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to check is your vacuum cleaner’s power connection. After all, if your charger isn’t receiving any power, it won’t be able to charge your device’s battery. If the charging station is working correctly, you’ll want to examine the power button for signs of damage.

How To Fix

Plugging your vacuum cleaner charger into a working outlet is the easiest potential solution to this problem. But you might also need to replace your faulty charging station with a new, working one.

If the issue is a physical one (a stuck or faulty power button), you’ll need to hire an appliance technician to repair your vacuum cleaner. You could also choose to contact Bissell for a replacement, which may be the best option if your device is still under warranty. In some cases, the only solution will be to purchase a replacement vacuum cleaner.

Final Thoughts

Bissell creates affordable, hard-working, and ingenious home vacuum cleaners. However, these helpful devices can occasionally exhibit problems, including trouble charging, powering on, and turning off. Fortunately, you can fix many of these issues quickly and easily.

The most common culprits behind Bissell vacuum cleaner charging and powering problems are unplugged power cords, faulty outlets, blown fuses, and faulty charging cables. In some cases, a Bissell vacuum cleaner might also fail to power down or turn on due to minute mechanical issues in the device handle. Still, checking your power supply is often the best solution.

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