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Bose SoundBar Not Connecting

Not everything is as plug-and-play as it should be. It can be frustrating, but if your Bose soundbar is not connecting, it is often easy to fix.

If your Bose soundbar is not connecting, do a soft reset by turning off both the soundbar and the device it is connected to. Disconnect all cables. Wait 60 seconds, plug in the TV and then plug in the soundbar. Connect the two and you should be back in business.

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Doing a soft reset is often enough to fix any problems with the soundbar. You can try doing a simple reset by disconnecting the soundbar itself or you can disconnect all devices, leave them off for a minute and turn them back on.

There may also be other issues that result in a Bose Soundbar not connecting. Some of them may be more specific. Consider the following when trying to fix your soundbar and you will be enjoying it in no time.

Bose Sound Bar Not Connecting

There are numerous types of connections that may be associated with your Bose soundbar. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and possibly being hardwired into the system.

Any one of these different connections may experience problems. Diagnosing the problem is half of the battle and often, the fix is as easy as moving things around or performing the reset of the device.

We will cover the different factors that may be associated with getting your Bose soundbar up and running again. This will include some specific problems, some of which may be associated with the TV and not the soundbar itself.

Bose Sound Bar Not Connecting to TV or Keeps Disconnecting

Living room with flat screen TV and soundbar

If you have done any work with Bluetooth devices in the past, you realize that they can be rather persnickety.

The same can also be said for Wi-Fi, although it tends to be a little more stable. That being said, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi could keep your Bose soundbar from connecting to the TV. It may also make it disconnect frequently.

The first thing to check is if the soundbar is within 33 feet of the television. Considering the fact that most people keep the soundbar directly under or over the television, this is not likely to be a problem.

If you do happen to have the soundbar in another area of the home and it is more than 33 feet away from the source, or if there are obstacles in the way, the Bluetooth may not be able to connect.

If you are on the fringe or if something else is interfering with the signal, it could cause the Bluetooth to disconnect frequently. This is often one of the easiest problems to diagnose and fix. It’s just a matter of moving the soundbar closer to the television.

If you absolutely have to have the soundbar in a different area of the home, you may want to try using a Bluetooth extender. There may be other options, such as direct wiring, although that may take a considerable amount of work.

A reset of the product might also cause the soundbar to connect with the TV and stay connected. A soft reset, which involves shutting off the power or unplugging the soundbar for 60 seconds and plugging it back in may do the trick.

It might also be necessary for you to do more of a full reboot. This would include turning off the power or unplugging both the TV and the soundbar as well as unplugging any cables to the soundbar.

Wait 60 seconds and plug in the TV. After it reboots, plug in the soundbar and connect the wires. It may take up to 60 seconds for the soundbar to reboot.

Clearing the memory of all Bluetooth devices may also help. You can do this in the app, but it may also be necessary for you to go into your Amazon account and unassociated your Alexa account.

After clearing all of the Bluetooth devices, reset the soundbar and put it in discovery mode. You can then reestablish a connection.

If all else fails, you can test the Bluetooth device by connecting it to another Bluetooth device. Not all Bluetooth devices work in both directions.

Bose Soundbar Not Connecting to Wi-Fi or Keeps Disconnecting

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Wi-Fi Is difficult and if it is not working, there are numerous issues that could be behind the problem. Here are some of the things to do to get your Wi-Fi up and running again.

Reset Product

The first thing to try is simply unplugging the soundbar and plugging it back in again. It will re-connect to Wi-Fi and often, solve your problem.

Turn off Wi-Fi

On many routers, there is an option to turn the Wi-Fi off and on with a button. If you have this availability, try doing it to see if you can get the soundbar to connect.

Restart Router

If you are still having problems, you can restart the router. Unplug the router and disconnect all cables for 60 seconds. Turn the router back on and plug in the cables again.

Distance Problems

Although many routers have an extended range, you may lose some of the signal strength if the soundbar is a considerable distance from the router. Try moving the soundbar closer to the router and see if it stabalizes.

Network Change

If any changes were made to the network, such as renaming the network or changing the password, you may need to go through the setup to connect to Wi-Fi again.

Check the Network

Try connecting to the network with another device, such as a laptop or a home assistant device (Google, Alexa). It can help you to determine if the network is up and running.

Guests Network/Hotspot

Connect your Bose soundbar directly to the primary Wi-Fi account. Running it on your guest network or hotspot will not typically provide enough signal to run the device properly.

Network Extenders

Although a network extender may, in theory, be a great thing, it doesn’t always play well with Wi-Fi devices. If you are connecting through a network extender, try bypassing it and connecting to the router directly.

Too Many Devices

If too many devices are running on the same Wi-Fi network, it will often cause all of the devices to slow down. The same can also be true of the network in your general area if you are running it at a busy time of the day.

Update Firmware

Check for a firmware update on the Bose website. You can download any updates to a memory stick and plug the stick into your soundbar to upload.

Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset would involve disconnecting any voice assistant and then pressing the power and skip forward buttons on the remote control for five seconds. The soundbar will reboot and the amber light will glow solid on the soundbar when complete.

Bose Soundbar Not Connecting to App or Keeps Disconnecting

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

If the soundbar is not connecting to the apps or if it continually disconnects, you may be using the wrong app. You should be connecting to the Bose Music App, although they do offer several others that aren’t as compatible.

Resetting various parts of the system may also help. This could include turning the soundbar off or unplugging it for 60 seconds. You may also need to reset your router or at the very least, turn the Wi-Fi on and off.

Signing out of your account may help to reset things properly. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the app and getting a fresh start.

In order for the app to work properly with your Bose soundbar, both your mobile device and the soundbar have to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure that it is your home network and not a guest network or hotspot.

On the Bose app, there is a networking location permission. This can be found in the settings of your mobile device. Make sure those permissions are turned on.

If you have a secondary mobile device, including another phone or a tablet, try connecting to the soundbar through it using the app. This will let you know if the problem is with the app or with the soundbar.

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Finally, make sure that the router is close enough to the soundbar. Most routers have an extended range but the further away you get from the router, the less signal is available to the device.

Bose Sound Bar Not Connecting to Bluetooth

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

If Bluetooth seems to be giving you a problem, there may be a simple solution. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Bluetooth is very convenient but it does have a limited range. You have to be within 10 m, (33 feet) for Bluetooth to work. In addition, the soundbar receives Bluetooth but it cannot be the source for another Bluetooth device.

At times, you may find that the Bluetooth becomes disabled on the soundbar. Perhaps a button was pushed inadvertently or it wasn’t enabled when the power cycled. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.

You may need to start a scan so that other Bluetooth devices can be connected to the soundbar. It can be put into scanning mode or it will automatically do so when you turn the soundbar on and off by unplugging and plugging it back in.

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If this doesn’t help, you can disconnect all Bluetooth devices, including removing all Bose devices from the app. Start fresh by connecting with the soundbar and see if it works.

Finally, perform a soft reset of your system by powering down the soundbar, disconnecting the power cord, and disconnecting all power cords for other components.

After waiting a minute, turn the power back on and wait for the soundbar to reboot. Afterward, you can plug in the power cords for the other devices.

A factory reset may be necessary and this is a last-ditch effort. Remove all of the voice assistants that are connected to the soundbar and then press the skip forward and power buttons for five seconds on the remote control.

Your soundbar will reboot and an amber light will glow solid to let you know it is back up and running again.

When your Bose soundbar is not connecting, the Bluetooth may need to be reset. You can do a hard reset by unplugging the soundbar and plugging it back in after 60 seconds. You can also remove all connected Bluetooth devices from the app and start from scratch.

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