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LG Soundbar Not Working

You likely purchased an LG soundbar because they are known for being a quality product. There may be times, however, that they stop working but the fix is often a simple matter.

When an LG soundbar stops working, it is often associated with a power problem. Reestablishing the power by either turning on the breaker, checking the power cord, or fixing any of the cables will get the soundbar up and working again.

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Of course, there are many issues that could occur with a soundbar and some of them may be specific to various problems.

LG Soundbar Not Working

There are several scenarios where you might find your LG soundbar not working. Each requires some troubleshooting before you’ll be able to find a proper solution.

When your LG soundbar is not working, the issue could be because of the power supply, remote or cable. Check each of these instances to make sure everything is working properly. A soft reset might be required.

Power Problem

If the soundbar is not getting the power it needs, it is not going to operate properly. This can be an issue associated with many different factors, including the following:

Power Cords

When the power cord is damaged, the soundbar may not get the proper amount of power. Check the cord for any visible damage, including the plug that may have a burnt look to it. Replace if necessary.

Power Strip

Although most people tend to use a power strip for many of their electronics, it is always better to plug your LG soundbar directly into a receptacle. At times, this may even require that you have an electrician come and install additional receptacles.

If the power strip is overloaded, it may not distribute the power to the extent necessary for a soundbar to operate properly. In addition, some of the ports in the power strip may go bad.


Even the receptacle may go bad from time to time and need to be replaced. This can be easily checked by plugging in another electrical device, such as a lamp.

Breaker Box

If the breaker has tripped, it will keep the power from flowing to the soundbar. You can visually inspect the breaker and see if it is out of line with the other breakers in the box.

If so, reset the breaker by flipping it to the off position and then back to the on position again. Be aware that a tripped breaker may occur multiple times, so the issue is not always the soundbar.

If you unplug everything that is on the circuit and the breaker continues to trip, it is a problem with the wiring or the breaker itself. Contact an electrician. Do not attempt to work on the breaker box.

Remote Control Problem

Although it seems like a simple matter, a problem with the remote control is often overlooked. It can be a difficulty with the batteries dying or it may be the remote control itself.

We tend to have multiple remote controls for multiple devices. A universal remote will often help to correct issues when your LG soundbar is not working.

Then again, you need to set up the universal remote properly so that the different devices are not interfering with each other. Buy a high-quality universal remote.

HDMI Cables Not Connected

If your LG soundbar is connected to the television with an HDMI cable, you may want to check the cable. HDMI cables can go bad and it could cause the sound not to reach the soundbar

Soft Reset Required

There are a two different ways that you can do a reset to your LG soundbar. In either case, it may help to get it back up and working again.

Cycle Power

The easiest way to reset your device is to cycle the power. Unplug the device and wait 60 seconds before plugging it back in again.

You could also cycle the power for any other devices that are connected to the soundbar. Often, this will solve the problem.

Button Control

Another way to reset an LG soundbar is to hold down two buttons simultaneously. This includes the volume button on the soundbar and the sound effect button on the remote.

Both of these buttons should be held down at the same time until a reset screen appears on the display of the LG soundbar. You can then follow the prompts to reset the device.

LG Soundbar Not Connecting

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

There are a few different ways that your LG soundbar may not be connecting. Perhaps one of the most common ways is for the Wi-Fi not to connect.

A simple way to correct any connection issues is to reset the network. Try turning off the network and turning it back on. Doing so may help to resolve this issue. Not all routers have this option.

You may also want to try cycling the power on your router. It’s a good idea to do this on occasion in order to refresh the signal and strengthen the Wi-Fi.

Your LG soundbar must be running on the home network. Any other devices that are connected must also be running on the home network.

Do not run your soundbar on the guest network or a hotspot as it will not provide enough bandwidth or may limit its ability to connect with other devices.

If your network was recently reset, such as renaming it or changing the password then you may need to reconnect the soundbar.

From time to time, your Internet connection may update and your router will be assigned a new IP address. If that is the case, you may need to reboot your router and reboot the LG soundbar to get things connected again.

Often, an updated IP address will only be a temporary problem and the soundbar will reconnect on its own without any difficulty.

LG Soundbar Not Loud Enough

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

An issue with the LG soundbar not being loud enough is usually a combination of the volume level of the TV and the volume level of the soundbar.

One way to fix this problem is by turning the soundbar off and then turning the television volume the entire way up. Since you are connected to an external speaker, it will not affect the volume on the soundbar at the time.

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Be cautious, as this can result in a loud noise if the power button is pushed or if a setting is not right. Just do it as quickly as possible.

After the volume is turned up the entire way on the television, push the power button on the soundbar to turn it on. It should be very loud. You can then turn the volume down on the soundbar until it is at an acceptable level.

Leave the television volume turned the whole way up or, at least, near the top but without distortion. Do not adjust the television volume.

This problem often occurs when you are using multiple remotes. Some people adjust the volume of the LG soundbar and other people adjust the volume on the television.

In order to correct the issue and keep it from happening in the future, purchase a high-quality universal remote that operates all of your devices.

A soft reset may sometimes fix a problem with low volume on the LG soundbar. Turn the soundbar off and unplug it from the wall. Disconnect all cables to other devices. Wait a minute or two and then plug in the cords and power again. It should be reset.

If all else fails, you may want to try doing a firmware update. It’s a good idea to check for new firmware on a regular basis and update it, regardless of whether you are having a problem with the volume or not.

Download the updated firmware file from the LG website and transfer it onto a USB stick. Put the USB stick in the soundbar and watch for the confirmation pop-up to display.

You should then be able to update the firmware by pressing the play button. Do not disconnect the USB stick until the firmware is fully updated.

LG Soundbar Keeps Disconnecting

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

When your soundbar continually disconnects, it can really impact your enjoyment of watching a movie or listening to music.

Generally speaking, an LG soundbar will disconnect if the Internet is slow. This could be due to a number of different reasons, including being too far from the router or having too many items using the Internet at one time in your home.

The time of the day may also impact how fast your Internet speed is. If you are using your soundbar in the middle of the day when many people in your area are using the Internet, you may not have enough bandwidth.

Make sure that you are connected to your home network and not a hotspot or the guest network. If you can’t get it running consistently, you can connect to the router with an ethernet cable or perform a soft reset by turning the device off and turning it back on again.

LG Soundbar Keeps Switching

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Unfortunately, some LG soundbars will switch to other devices and this is a known issue. It often happens when you are using Google Assistant and it will disconnect from the television when you connect with Google.

The only way to fix this problem is to manually switch to ARC when using the television. It’s an inconvenience, to say the least, but it’s a relatively easy fix.

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You might also want to try doing a soft reset of the soundbar and all connected devices. This would include resetting your router by unplugging it and disconnecting the cables for a few minutes before reconnecting it again.

LG Soundbar Won’t Turn On

Living room with flat screen TV and soundbar

If your LG sound bar is not turning on, it could be due to a number of reasons. One common cause is a problem with the power supply. Make sure the power cord is securely plugged into both the sound bar and the wall outlet. If this does not solve the issue, try resetting the sound bar by unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in.

If the problem persists, you may need to contact LG customer support for further assistance.

It may also need to reset the power by fixing the tripped breaker in the breaker box. Turn the breaker off and back on again. If the breaker continues to trip, you may need to contact an electrician.

LG Soundbar Won’t Turn Off

Soundbar below the flat screen TV

Some people experience a problem with their LG soundbar continually turning on because the auto-on option is set. Make sure that this option is off and see if it fixes the problem.

It may also be a problem with the remote control. Check this by pressing the power button manually on the soundbar and see if the device turns off.

If the soundbar stays on when the TV is turned off, is there something else connected to the soundbar? That other device may be telling the soundbar to turn on or stay on.

When an LG soundbar is not working it can be traced to the power. Either a tripped breaker, bad receptacle, or faulty power cord may be to blame. Try reconnecting your soundbar by doing a soft reset. Unplug the device for 60 seconds and plug it back in again.

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