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Brother MFC Printer Not Working (How to Fix/Reset) 

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Offices that run Brother multi-function center (MFC) printers have done away with the requirement for separate faxes, printers, scanners, and copiers.

While this is convenient, a problem arises when the printer isn’t working, as none of these functions can take place.

To fix or reset Brother MFC printers, you must first check the connection between the printer and the computer it is connected to. This may be a network connection, so the printer drivers must be checked on local PCs as well as the office server. Switch the printer off and then on again to reset it.

When your Brother MFC printer is not working (how to fix/reset), the first thing to check is its status. Make certain that the printer is turned on and has power from the wall socket. The LCD and LED power lights should be on with no errors showing.

Move on to the USB cable connecting the printer to your PC. Disconnect it from both the printer and your PC. Some PCs have USB hubs to connect to multiple USB devices. To check the printer connection, bypass the hub and connect the printer cable directly to a USB port on your PC. This isolates the printer from problems you may be experiencing when using the hub.

Check that the printer cable conforms to the criteria set by Brother. It should be constructed of a shielded, twisted-pair cable that is no longer than 6 feet (2m).

Then check that the cable is connected to a USB port and not one of the other similar ports available.

If the printer is connected to a network, you should make sure that the cable is properly connected and that it is not crimped or otherwise damaged. Disconnect it from the network point and then reconnect it.

Printer Driver Settings

In windows, access the control panel and select the Hardware and Sound option. From the menu, select “Devices and printers”.

You must make sure that your Brother printer is on the list of installed printers. Right-click your printer and confirm that it is set as your default printer. You can also check that the printer has not been paused or is showing as offline. To fix these two problems, will require that you have administrator status and the appropriate password.

You can also select your printer and check the “See what’s printing” option. Select “Cancel all documents” and confirm with a “yes” selection.

By right-clicking on your printer, you can choose the printer properties. Check that the USB port check box is selected by going to the Ports tab.

Printing from Another Application

Attempt to print from an alternative application to see if the printer will work. If it does, then the problem lies with the original application from which you were sending your print job.

You should then either reinstall the application or contact the vendor to resolve the error.

Restart the Printer and Computer

Your next step is to restart both the printer and the computer.

Switch both machines off and then restart your computer. Once it has booted, switch the printer on. Then try to print again.

Reinstalling the Printer Driver

If all else fails, delete the printer driver and reinstall it.

First check that you have the latest drivers and if not, download the latest driver pack from Brother.

Brother MFC Printer Not Turning On

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Having your Brother printer not turn on can be a very frustrating experience. 

If a Brother printer is not turning on, it may be in sleep mode. The LCD will be blank and all you must do is press it to wake the printer. Change the sleep mode settings by entering the general setup menu. Then select Ecology, followed by sleep time.

The delay before entering sleep mode is set using the keypad. You have the option of selecting a number between 0-99 which represents the number of minutes the printer will take to enter sleep mode after the last operation.

Brother MFC Printer Not Connecting

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The convenience of connecting your MFC printer to the Wi-Fi network can sometimes not feel worth it due to the number of connection problems some offices experience.

When a Brother MFC printer is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network, the cause may be a weak signal or incorrect connection settings or driver or firmware that is outdated. Try moving the printer closer to the Wi-Fi router or resetting all the devices. Also, check that the network signal is activated.

If the Wi-Fi is working correctly, then check that the settings on the printer are correct. Make sure that the correct network is selected and that the login and password are correctly set.

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Brother printers have a report you can print to check the various network settings. It’s called the WLAN report and is accessed from the main menu’s report option.

Also, check that the printer setting for connecting to the network is set to on. Select the “WLAN Enable” option from the network menu.

Brother MFC Printer Not Printing

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Often a printer will suddenly stop printing for no apparent reason. Many different factors can affect the printer and stop it from printing.

When a Brother MFC printer is not printing, check that it is connected. If the connection is fine, perform a hard reset. Switch off the printer for at least 2-3 minutes and then turn it on again. If this fails, try reinstalling the printer drivers. Also, check that the cable is connected.

The printer may also not print due to a paper jam or a ghost paper jam.

When the paper jams the printer, it’s usually due to a misalignment or one of the rollers crumpling the paper. Once the paper jam is fixed, the printer may still not work due to debris left in the rear duplexer that you cannot immediately see.

You will have to get a technician to open the printer to remove the rollers to remove any bits of paper that were not properly removed.

The rollers do wear out and can be the cause of ongoing malfunctions that prevent the printer from printing.

A print queue may prevent the printer from printing if it is overloaded. You can then delete some of the print jobs which will free up the printer and allow it to continue printing again.

How to Reset a Brother MFC Printer 

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There are times when your printer will just not restart and you need to reset it.

To reset a Brother MFC printer, select the menu option on the LCD using the arrows to find the initial setup option. Select it and scroll to the reset option. Select the reset option you prefer and press OK. The “reboot y/n” message will appear. Select reboot and the printer will start the process.

Some Brother printer models do not have the subdivided reset functions. On these models, there is only a single option to reset the printer.

If you wish, you can exit the reset menu by selecting cancel and the printer will return to the main menu without rebooting.

[This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/13/2022]

How to Hard Reset Brother MFC Printer to Factory Settings

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There are occasions when rebooting the printer will not work. This is usually after a power outage or a general crash has corrupted files on your computer or the network.

To perform a hard reset to factory settings on a Brother printer, select the initial setup option from the main menu by using the arrow keys. Select the reset option and press OK. From the menu, select Factory Reset and press OK. Use the up arrow key to select Reset and then select restart.

Once the printer has rebooted, it will have replaced setup data with the original factory options. You will have to reinstall the printer as if it was the first time.

All the options, including network settings, will have to be entered again and you will need to check that the printer appears as an option on your PC or laptop.

How to Reset Brother MFC Printer Toner Life End Error

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As printers have become more advanced, they keep track of more aspects of their operation than before.

This unfortunately presents a few problems when the settings are not all reset after changing a toner cartridge.

To reset the Brother ‘Toner Life End’/’Replace Toner’ message, reset the new toner or cartridge replacement option. To do this, open the door and press the Clear/Back key. Select the cartridges you replaced and reset each one’s color and size. Press OK and close the toner door.

Mono printers are reset differently than mono printers.

Open the toner door and on the LCD press “*00” and then OK. If the drum replacement option appears, press “*00” and then OK.

Close the door and press the ‘Clear/Back’ button and the error message is fixed.

How to Reset Drum Counter Brother MFC Printer

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After a long period of use, the drum on your Brother printer will require replacement.

Unfortunately, after replacing the drum, you may still get a message that the drum counter must be reset.

To reset the drum counter on a Brother printer, close the front cover and select all settings on the LCD. From the menu options, select “Machine Info” and then scroll to the “Parts Life” option. Press and hold the Drum or Drum Life option until the message changes, then press “Yes”.

You can select the “Home” option, where you can check that the counter is reset to zero.

Be aware that the Brother printer has a built-in counter feature that will display a message for you to replace the toner once the counter records the set number of pages for that type of toner cartridge.

However, the ink cartridge may still have plenty of ink left in the cartridge, and replacing it will lead to a significant amount of waste, not to mention the unnecessary cost. You can reset the counter so that the printer will continue to print until the cartridge is actually empty.

How to Reset Brother MFC Printer Toner

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Resetting the MFC printer toner is necessary to avoid incurring extra costs when there is still toner left in the toner cartridge but the printer thinks it is finished.

To reset the Brother MFC printer toner, press the toner level icon. You will find it on the top, right-hand side of the home screen on the LCD. Then press the Toner Life button. Each of the color cartridges will display a toner level with an exclamation mark next to the empty ones.

The toner colors indicated will be reset by opening the front cover and pressing the “*” key on the LCD for 5-7 seconds.

[This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/13/2022]

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When the toner menu appears, select the colors you wish to reset and when the prompt appears to reset them, select yes.

Once you have selected and reset each of the colors, select Home on the menu and close the front cover.

How to Reset Ink Absorber Brother MFC Printer

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The ink absorber is a sponge that catches any excess ink that is left when the printer has finished printing a page and it purges or flushes out the ink system.

After a few months, depending on the number of times the printer has been used, this pad becomes saturated with ink and requires replacement.

To reset the ink absorber on a Brother MFC printer, get into maintenance mode and press and hold the home button for 5 seconds.  Hold the blank tab for 3 seconds and then press * 2864. After the beep, press the lower right-hand arrow twice until the arrows appear at the top left of your screen.

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Using the up arrow, keep pressing it until you reach the purge counter option. Then enter code 2783 to reset the purge counter to zero. The screen will return to the maintenance menu.

You will also have to reset the flushing counter. You’ll have to reset both black and color, so press 80 and then the right arrow twice. You should now use the up arrow to move to the menu option that reads “FLS BK Count”. Now enter the code 2783, which will reset the black ink counter.

Then enter 80 again and press the right arrow key twice. Now use the up arrow to reach the menu option that reads “FLS CL”, which is the color ink counter. Enter 2783 to reset the counter and it will take you back to the maintenance menu.

To exit, press 99, after which the printer will restart automatically.

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