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Acer Monitor Not Connecting To Laptop/Mac/PC

As a user of the Acer monitor, you may experience an issue with your Acer monitor not connecting to your Laptop/Mac/PC. The Acer monitor can be paired with any computer by using a cable with matching ports and properly attached, checking that the power cord has been plugged in and that the proper input source is being used. Your Acer monitor will then perform very effectively.

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How to Reset Acer Monitor

Resetting your Acer screen can be done in a few steps that may vary slightly based on your monitor, though they’re generally the same: Click the right arrow button until the ‘Reset’ feature is highlighted on the display screen. The feature is marked with a large ‘R’ with an arrow pointing off to the right. After the highlight, ‘Reset’ is displayed in the sub-menu. Press twice the ‘Menu’ button to reset your Acer monitor.

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