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Acer Monitor Screen Issues (How to Fix)

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Despite being a trusted brand, Acer monitors still experience screen issues every so often. These issues can vary from nothing more than an annoyance that you can fix in a matter of minutes, or something more serious that requires replacing the monitor. 

For Acer monitor screen issues, how you fix the problem depends on what the issue is.  One of the most common issues with Acer monitor screens is lines suddenly appearing on the display. This is typically caused by faulty or loose cables. 

Check the cables running from the monitor to your computer, ensuring they are connected securely. While checking the cables, inspect them for any damage or fraying. Immediately replace any cables that show signs of damage. 

In most instances, when you have Acer monitor screen issues, it is caused by either the wrong resolution for the display, out-dated or corrupted drivers, or bad cords or connections. Sometimes, however, the problem is with a dead or faulty monitor. Before you can address the problem, however, you will have to determine what is causing it. 

Acer Monitor Screen Tearing

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Screen tearing is when your Acer monitor has a GPU frame rate and refresh rate that isn’t synchronized with one another. The most common sign of screen tearing is a horizontal split that occurs on the display image. This split can occur in one location or multiple locations. There are a few different troubleshooting steps you can take to fix screen tearing. 

To fix Acer monitor screen tearing, change the resolution and refresh rate on your display. In most cases, the issue is with an incorrect resolution and/or refresh rate for your monitor. You can change these by opening your display settings and clicking on Resolution.

If the screen tearing is still occurring, try disabling Windows game-mode. While Windows included this option to help improve the gaming experience, some users have reported that this feature has actually caused their games to crash, as well as their screen to “tear”.

To disable game-mode, open the search box in your start bar and type “Game Mode”. Click “Open” in the game mode setting box and toggle the Game Mode button to the “Off” position.

Acer Monitor Screen Flickering

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A flickering screen can quickly give you a headache and make your eyes feel tired and worn out. It can also make working on your computer extremely difficult. Thankfully, the issue is usually due to the refresh rate, which is something that you can be easily fix in a matter of seconds.

When your Acer monitor screen is flickering, try changing the refresh rate. Other users have reported that switching the refresh rate to 60 Hertz typically fixes the problem. If the problem is still present after switching the refresh rate, the Windows display drivers may be out of date.

Another cause of an Acer monitor screen flickering is either a display driver or an app that is incompatible with your operating system. You can check to see which one is causing the problem by opening Task Manager. If the screen flickers, then the issue is caused by a display driver, which will need to be updated. If it doesn’t flicker, then there is an app causing the problems.

Acer Monitor Screen Keeps Going Black

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Nothing can put a damper on your day quicker than turning on your computer and being met with a black monitor screen. If this occurs after having the computer on for an extended period of time, you should restart the computer. In some cases, performing a simple restart can get rid of the black screen. If restarting doesn’t fix the problem, then the issue may be caused by bad ports and cables.

When your Acer monitor screen keeps going black, check the video ports and video cables. After you have turned off the computer, examine the port connectors on the monitor, as well as the computer. Any connectors that are damaged or bent will need to be fixed by a repair technician.

If the Acer monitor is still under warranty, contact Acer customer support for assistance. They can assist you with determining the best course of action for your monitor. This could be sending the device back to the manufacturer for them to repair or Acer sending you a replacement monitor. Depending on what the issue is and what your warranty includes, you could potentially have your monitor fixed or replaced without paying a dime.

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Acer Monitor Screen Resolution Problem

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Even though a screen resolution problem can make it almost impossible to use your monitor as intended, it is a relatively simple one to fix. In fact, it typically takes only a few moments to open the display settings and adjust the screen resolution for your Acer monitor.

Open your Start Menu and then click on Settings > System > Advanced Display Settings. In this section, there will be a drop down box that allows you to choose the resolution you want to change the monitor to. Once you have selected the resolution, click on the Apply button to confirm the changes.

If the resolution hasn’t changed, try performing a hard restart by shutting down the entire computer and then unplugging it from the electrical outlet. Wait 60 seconds before plugging the computer back in and then press and hold down the power button for 20 seconds. 

Acer Monitor White Screen Problem

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A white screen on your Acer monitor will turn your once usable computer monitor into an overly large paper weight. This problematic issue could be caused by a wide array of situations, that range from a simple glitch that requires a hard reset, or something more serious that requires the help of a professional. 

When your Acer monitor screen goes white, try performing a hard reboot by unplugging the computer from its power source for 60 seconds. Plug the computer back into the outlet, and press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. After the allotted time, restart the computer.

If the Acer monitor is still turning white, try connecting a different monitor to the computer. This will determine whether the issue is with the Acer monitor or the computer.

When the white screen appears on both the original and second monitor, that signals the issue is with the computer and updating or uninstalling/reinstalling the graphics card. If the white screen doesn’t appear on the second monitor, then the issue is with the Acer monitor. Reach out to Acer customer support for further assistance as the monitor may need to be repaired by a technician. 

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Acer Monitor Black Screen Blue Light Flashing

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A black screen is bad enough, but when your Acer monitor has both a black screen and a blue flashing light, you’re dealing with double the trouble. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this problem since it can be caused by a wide array of issues. Instead, you will need to first troubleshoot to find what is causing the black screen and blue flashing light, and then address the matter.

If the Acer monitor has a black screen with a blue flashing light, that signals a potentially serious problem. It could be a faulty power supply, dead monitor, or a bad transistor or capacitor. However, you should try a hard reset before any other troubleshooting steps.

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If the hard reset doesn’t correct the problem, the next option is to check the power cable, but make sure to turn off the monitor before this. Check the power cable and look for cracks, defects, or a brownish color. Replace the power cable if damage is found. Continue with the following troubleshooting steps if the monitor is still having issues.

Examine the cables that connect the monitor to the computer and replace any cables that are worn out. If the monitor is still blinking, the issue could be the transistor or the capacitor. If you’re familiar with these parts, you can remove the monitor’s back panel and check these two items and replace them if needed. If not, consider taking the Acer monitor to a trusted repair tech for assistance.

Acer Monitor Flashing Black Screen

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An Acer monitor that flickers and goes black is signaling that there is an issue with the graphics card. The good news is that updating the graphic card typically fixes the problem.

Fix an Acer monitor flickering black by opening the Control Panel and then clicking on Device Manager, followed by Display Adapters. Locate the name of your graphics card and right mouse click on it. Click on “Update Driver Software” and follow the updating instructions.

This may take several minutes to complete since it checks for updates, and then downloads and installs them. Your computer may also automatically restart during the process. 

Once the graphics card is updated and the computer is restarted, check to see if there is still  flashing black screen. If so, the Acer monitor could be faulty and will need to be repaired or replaced. One way to determine if the issue is with the monitor is to either connect the Acer monitor to a different computer, or connect a different monitor to your computer. 

If the Acer monitor still shows the black flashing screen even when connected to a different computer, then the problem is with the monitor itself, such as a bad transistor or capacitor. Replacing these parts will require removing the back panel from the monitor. You will also need to be familiar with the components found inside of the device, such as knowing which is the transistor and which is the capacitor.

If you are not comfortable performing the task, consider reaching out to someone who is. This could be a friend or family member who has experience working on computer monitors, or a computer repair shop.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 07/08/2022

Acer Monitor Screen Blurry

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A blurry screen is more than just an annoyance, it can greatly interfere with your ability to read, watch, or look at what is shown on the monitor. Thankfully, a blurry screen is usually not a serious problem. In fact, there are a few simple steps you can take to potentially correct the issue in a matter of minutes. 

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There are a few different reasons as to why the Acer monitor screen is blurry. It could simply be a dirty screen or incorrect resolution setting, or it could be incorrect cable connections. The first thing to try is cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth and 70-percent isopropyl alcohol.

If the screen is still blurry after cleaning, check your monitor’s resolution since it may be set too low. Another potential problem is using the wrong cable connections. For example, if your Acer monitor is an LCD but you are using a VGA cable, then that can lead your screen to appear blurry.

Acer Monitor Screen Resolution Shrunk Or Stretched 

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There are several different problems that can arise with an Acer monitor, including a screen that is either shrunk or stretched. Thankfully, the issue is usually caused by the wrong screen resolution and you can fix it by simply adjusting this setting. 

When your Acer monitor screen resolution is shrunk or stretched, the resolution is set incorrectly. To fix this problem, right click on your screen and select Display Properties. Scroll down to Resolutions and check what the monitor is set to.

You can adjust the screen resolution by moving the scale from left to right. Generally, moving the scale to the left will cause the screen to get smaller, while moving it to the right causes it to get bigger. Make sure to select “Apply” to confirm the changes.

Also, ensure that the pixel resolution is set at the recommended level. If it isn’t, then use the drop down menu to change it to what is shown as recommended. In most cases, the recommended resolution will state that it is recommended in parenthesis. If not, check with the monitor owner’s manual to confirm the resolution recommended by the manufacturer. 

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