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How to Reset Acer Monitor

Acer monitors come with a built-in control panel that allows you to adjust the display for optimum quality. While you can fine-tune elements such as brightness, positioning, contrast, and language, it’s easy to garble the display without an obvious way to return it to normal. The reset feature can help you retune your Acer monitor back to its default configuration when this happens.

Click the ‘Menu’ button at the bottom of your Acer monitor. Hold down the right arrow button until the ‘Reset’ feature is highlighted on the display screen. Note that the reset feature is marked with a big ‘R’ with an arrow pointing to the right. Once highlighted, you’ll see ‘Reset’ displayed in the sub-menu. Press the ‘Menu’ button twice to reset your Acer monitor.

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A reset of your monitor does not erase its language setting. But you’ll need to re-enter your custom settings, such as brightness contrast and image ratio, after performing a reset. The bottom line is that resetting your monitor may help you solve many display issues that could otherwise make it hard to use your monitor comfortably. You’ll find that the hassle of re-entering the custom settings is worth it.

How to Factory Reset/Hard Reset Acer Monitor

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Factory resetting, also known as a hard resetting or master resetting, is the restoration of an electronic device to its original system state — the state it was when it left the factory. The reset removes all settings, applications, and data added by the user. The most common reason an Acer monitor restores factory conditions is to fix a malfunction or remove user data before selling, disposing, or returning it to the manufacturer. 

Some Acer monitors are equipped with an On-Screen Display (OSD) button; you can press this button to reset the monitor settings. To factory reset your Acer monitor, press and hold the menu key. Next, head to ‘System Setup; a prompt menu will appear; click on ‘Yes’ from the display. This will help restore the Acer monitor to factory settings.

You can also hard reset by pressing the MENU button on the front of the monitor. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW buttons from the MENU window to choose the RESET icon, then press the OK button. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW buttons in the RESET window to select either ALL RESET or OK.

There are Acer monitors with a feature that lets you lock your OSD menu, so it does not activate when buttons are pressed on the monitor. You can turn the on-screen display lock on or off by pressing the directional joystick button behind the monitor to access the OSD menu. Highlight OSD using the down option on the joystick button,  press in on the joystick to select it, then use the joystick once more to change the OSD Lock setting to On.

How to Power Reset Acer Monitor

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Power resetting your Acer monitor is one way to troubleshoot a monitor that’s not working, probably due to power problems. A common reason why an Acer monitor isn’t working is that it’s not getting any power. This might be due to a problem with the power strip or a tripped breaker. You can first try plugging the monitor directly into a receptacle. Otherwise, you may need to power reset the monitor.

You power reset your monitor by removing all power from it, then pressing and holding the power button for about 30 seconds. Reconnect the monitor back to the power source and turn it on. Some monitors have an internal battery. If yours does, there’ll be a battery pinhole close to the power port on the monitor. Unplug the monitor and press the pinhole to reset the battery.

After these steps, check if the Acer monitor is now working. If the monitor is working, the power reset process has fixed the problem. If it doesn’t, and other devices are working on the same power supply, that can signal that the Acer power cable is faulty. Thus, you may need to replace the power cord.

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How to Reset Acer Monitor Display

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Your monitor’s display is arguably one of the biggest things you’ll immediately notice when using it. This entails features such as colors, brightness, contrast, and more. Resetting or changing the display on your Acer monitor is a simple task; there’s no difference between changing the display on an Acer monitor and a monitor from another company.

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To reset Acer Monitor Display, Go to the Settings app. From the main menu that appears, choose System; click display, then select Advanced Display Settings at the bottom of the settings window. If you wish to adjust the color or calibrate your computer, scroll down and click color calibration at the lower part of the advanced display settings window. Click Next to implement the color calibration.

To reset other settings, such as brightness and contrast, click on “Advanced,” then browse through the different options. As for brightness, select the brightness scale and scroll to the left or right until you are satisfied with the brightness of your monitor. Click ‘OK’ to set your brightness. If you also wish to change the text size, choose the option from the drop-down menu next to Scale.

Monitor or display calibration means aligning your monitor’s colors with the standards of the RGB (red, green, blue) color model. Because nearly all screens work on the RGB model, if you set the color on a properly calibrated screen, you’re giving your display the best chance of appearing how you want it to on other monitors.

How to Reset Acer Monitor Settings

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Before you reset Acer monitor settings, you might want to make sure that the settings are in the unlock mode. If your monitor’s settings appear locked, the first thing is to unlock it by pressing and holding down the main menu button on the monitor for about 15 seconds. This should change the lock symbol into an open padlock, and from there, you can set the preferences as desired.

Depending on the Acer monitor model you are using, if you press the OSD button, a menu displays where you can reset the monitor settings. To do this, press and hold the ‘menu’ key. At that point, go to ‘System Setup’ and select ‘Yes’ once you’re prompted to ‘restore factory mode.’

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Talking of what settings your monitor should be on if you’re using an LCD monitor, 6500K or D65 is the recommended white point, also known as the native temperature of your monitor. If you’re working with static images that you intend to print, the white point of 5000K (D50) is endorsed, as it appears more like white on paper.

A slow screen refresh rate commonly causes a flickering Acer monitor. To fix it, go to the display settings, choose a higher refresh rate and adjust it until the flickering stops. A loose or damaged display cable may also be to blame. Ensure the cable is well connected and not damaged.

How to Reset Resolution on Acer Monitor

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Everything you see on your monitor comprises millions of pixels. Resolution is a measurement of these pixels; the more the pixels in the grid, the clearer your resolution is. For example, a monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 has fewer pixels in the grid than a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

To reset the resolution on your Acer Monitor, go to the control panel. You can do this by pressing and holding Win + R, typing Control, and hitting enter. Click on appearance and personalization, select on displays, click adjust resolution, go to screen two options, and reset or adjust the resolution accordingly.

You should use the recommended resolution for your Acer monitor. The recommended Acer monitor resolutions range from 1280 × 1024 to 1920 x 200, depending on the size of your monitor.

 If you change the resolution inappropriately, the content might appear pixelated or blurry at times when your monitor seems blurry. You can get rid of that click ‘System’ in the Settings pane. In the Display section, select advanced scaling settings and toggle to turn on ‘Let Windows try to fix apps, so they’re not blurry. Do a restart and see if it fixes the blurry monitor problem.

Abnormal or missing images are another issue you may encounter. Use the OSD menu to adjust focus, clock, V-position, and H-position with non-standard signals. Check the display setting. In case the image is still missing, select another suitable resolution.

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How to Reset Screen Acer Monitor

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 While Acer makes high-quality monitors come with optimum default display settings, sometimes you may want to adjust a few things. Changing your screen can help you view and display information on your screen more clearly, but occasionally it may bring some frustrating issues that make you want to do a reset.

Resetting your Acer screen can be done in a few steps that may vary slightly based on your monitor, though they’re generally the same: Click the right arrow button until the ‘Reset’ feature is highlighted on the display screen. The feature is marked with a large ‘R’ with an arrow pointing off to the right. After the highlight, ‘Reset’ is displayed in the sub-menu. Press twice the ‘Menu’ button to reset your Acer monitor.

Sometimes you may encounter the no signal problem with your Acer monitor and even resetting isn’t an immediate solution. To fix the Acer monitor’s signal problem, turn off and unplug the monitor. Wait for 30 seconds, power on the monitor, followed by your computer. If the problem persists, ensure that you’ve selected the correct input and display resolution settings and that all cables are safe and undamaged.

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