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Acer Monitor No Signal (How To Fix)

You are excited about getting a new Acer monitor, but when you plug it into your computer, you get the “no signal” message. It is very frustrating. So, to help you keep your sanity, here is a guide on how to handle various circumstances when the dreaded message appears on your screen.

When your Acer monitor no signal message displays, it means that it does not receive a video signal from the computer. Some possible causes for no signal message could be a loose connection, the monitor is in standby mode, or out-of-date drivers.

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It is not obvious what exactly is causing signal loss from your computer to the monitor. You may have to determine the cause by elimination, starting from the most common cause to the more complex one.

Acer Monitor No Signal After Sleep

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You may find that the monitor works fine, but if you stop working for about 30 minutes or longer, both the computer and the monitor go into sleep mode. When you want to work again, the Acer monitor displays the “no signal” message. The only way to get the monitor to work again is to restart both the computer and the monitor. It is quite annoying.

Acer monitor no signal after sleep may be caused by a setting in the Power Management tab under Hardware Properties is turned off. You need to verify that the Allow this device to wake up computer function is enabled.

If the monitor receives no input from the computer after you want to wake it up from the sleep function, it could be that the settings that allow the device to wake up are disabled. To turn the setting on, look under the keyboard settings on your PC, find the power management tab and turn it on. Don’t forget to save your changes by pressing OK and OK again.

Acer Monitor No Signal Orange Light

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Both the computer and the monitor are electronic gadgets, and as such, they are prone to getting their electronic messages scrambled from time to time. The best way to reset and restore order in their electronic signals is to ensure that all power has been drained from the devices to restore them to their original functionality. Then you can try connecting them again to see if they work together.

To get the Acer monitor working after “no signal” message and an orange light come on, you may need to disconnect the monitor from power source and the computer and press and hold the power button for 60 seconds to bleed off the residual power.

When the “no signal” message and the orange light comes on, it means that the monitor is not receiving signal from the computer and is in sleep mode. To fix this problem, first bleed of all the power from the monitor to reset it to factory settings, then jiggle all the cable connections to ensure that all connections are sound. Hopefully, this works, and you will be able to get signal again, if not there is a good possibility that your video driver is faulty.

Acer Monitor No Signal Mac

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After the recent upgrade Mac introduced, many users had to deal with strange “no signal” message appearing on their Acer computers. To fix this, users need to disconnect all power and connecting cables from the devices, wait for all residual power to drain and plug everything in again.

When the “no signal” message appears on your Acer monitor when connected to a Mac computer, the first thing you should do is to restart both devices. If this does not solve the problem, try downgrading DisplayPort version 1.4 back to DisplayPort version 1.2.

If replugging and restarting do not work, you should also try changing the Display Port version. The update seems to have messed those up. To get your monitor working again, try changing the settings on the Display Port.

Acer Monitor No Signal Windows/PC

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Acer monitors have various options for selecting the signal input form. If the monitor is set to a different setting than the motherboard, the signal will not be able to get through, and “No signal” message will appear on the monitor’s screen. To fix this, you need to select monitor settings that are the same as your computer.

When your Acer monitor shows “No Signal” with Windows/PC, it may be because the monitor and computer input settings are not the same. If you are using HDMI to connect the monitor to the computer, but the monitor input is set for VGA, the “no signal” message will display.

You can use the buttons on the right, back, or underneath the monitor screen to change the monitor settings. Each monitor has unique placing of these buttons and setting configuration, so consult your user manual to figure them out.

Acer Monitor No Signal Blinking Blue Light

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Sometimes in addition to displaying “no signal” message, your monitor also has a blinking blue light. Usually, the light represents when the monitor is in standby mode, but it can also mean that it does not get any video signal from your computer.

There are two common reasons why your Acer monitor displays “no signal” message and has a blinking blue light. It either does not recognize your computer’s video feed or indicates hardware issues.

Modern monitors have a built-in automatic system designed to correct any anomalies it detects within their operating system. Usually, once the power is disconnected, the system returns to factory settings, and all the anomalies are discarded from its memory. That’s why unplugging the monitor and waiting some time for the power to drain completely from the circuits is often the best solution to many electronic device problems.

Acer Monitor No Signal HDMI

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A monitor can be connected to a computer through video (AVG) or an HDMI channel. You need to make sure that both the computer and the monitor are set to the correct input channel to avoid getting the “no signal” HDMI message.

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Acer monitor “no signal” HDMI message will display when your monitor has multiple video input channels and the one selected is incompatible with the signal it receives from the computer. To fix this problem, make sure the input signal is transmitted through the compatible channel.

To make sure the input signals are synchronized, cycle between the settings on your monitor until you get the right one displayed.

Acer Monitor Randomly No Signal

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It can be troubling if you get a random message on your Acer monitor saying there is “no signal.” If it happens during playing a game or working, it may be due to a loose connection. A cable may have loosened while you were using the computer. It happens.

The most likely reason your Acer monitor randomly displays “no signal” message is that a cable has become loose. Check all the cables and connections to make sure the cables are firmly connected.

To fix this problem, ensure all the cables firmly fit into their sockets.

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Seeing a “no signal” message on your monitor means that the monitor is not receiving the video signal from your computer. It can be a bit tricky to find the correct cause of the problem, but hopefully, this guide can help you find the culprit when it happens to you.

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