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Dell Laptop Not Turning On

Having a laptop that will not turn on is a frustrating experience. If you are having this problem, here are some options to consider:

Performing a hard reset of your Dell laptop will often reset things and allow the laptop to turn on again. Make sure you are shutting the laptop down and not simply putting it to sleep or into hibernation mode. Disconnect the power cable and all other cables and remove the battery. Hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain power. Wait a few minutes before restarting.

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There are many different problems that could lead to an issue with your Dell laptop. Many of the possible fixes are able to be completed by an average computer user. Others require professional technical assistance.

Dell Laptop Not Turning On

The following are some of the more common reasons why a Dell laptop will not turn on and how to fix them. Each situation is unique but trying what is on this list will often provide the easiest solution.

A laptop goes through many tests and checks while it is booting. If the system sees that anything is wrong, from the display to the memory, it may stop the process and wait for the issue to be fixed.

At times, the system may give you an indication of what is wrong by displaying an error code. This could be the easiest way to know what to do with the laptop because it gives you a good starting point.

There may also be times when you do not get a visible error message but the laptop may give a series of beeps. These audible warnings were built into the laptop in order to help the user know when there was a problem. The number of beeps corresponds to the type of error being experienced.

If you push the power button and nothing happens, it may be an issue with the power itself. Here are some things to do when the power seems to be the problem.

Check the Battery – At times, the power may be on to the computer but a bad battery might keep the computer from booting. Unplug the laptop and remove the battery. Plug in the laptop and see if it boots without the battery.

Check the Breaker – If the breaker is tripped in the breaker panel, it will keep anything relying on power from running on that circuit. This is usually easy to identify because other devices will not be running. You can also check the breaker panel for a tripped breaker.

Receptacle – Although most receptacles work without a problem for many years, it is not out of the question for them to go bad at times. Test the receptacle by plugging something else into it. This is not likely to be a problem since your laptop also runs on a battery but it is worth considering.

Power Cord – Visually inspect the power cord. If it is showing any signs of wear and tear or if it is cut or frayed, it may need to be replaced.

Power Port – If there was a weakest link identified on a laptop, it would be the port where you plug it in. Often, there is just a small soldered area that connects it to the board and even a little pressure can cause it to disconnect.

If the power port is the problem, you can have it soldered back in place again. This is likely to be a problem again in the future.

Dell Laptop Not Turning on Light Blinking

The light on your Dell laptop serves several purposes. It lets you know when the laptop is on and when it is charging. If your laptop is not turning on and the light is blinking, it is a cause for concern.

Resetting the laptop with a full shutdown will clear the memory and refresh the settings. Unplug the laptop, shut it down fully, and remove the battery. Hold in the power button for 30 seconds to drain any residual power. Wait a few minutes before putting it back together and turning it on again.

At times, your Dell laptop may let you know there is a problem by beeping along with flashing the light. One common reason why this happens is if there is a memory problem.

If your Dell laptop won’t start and it is beeping in a series of 4 beeps, that is an indication that there is a memory problem. This could be an issue with the memory stick or with the board. Try unplugging one memory stick at a time to see if it corrects itself

If you have any external items connected to the laptop, disconnect them. This would include scanners, printers, and monitors. Check the startup and plug them in one at a time to find out which was the problem.

Carefully inspect all cords for damage. A frayed or cut cord could be shorting out and might keep the laptop from booting.

Dell Laptop Not Turning on After Sleep

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We may wake our laptop up multiple times per day and we don’t give it much thought. If it doesn’t work one time, however, it can cause a lot of stress.

Generally speaking, a hardware failure is responsible for a Dell laptop not turning on after sleeping. It could be an issue with the monitor or with power management. Unplug anything connected to the laptop and try to boot it again. It may be necessary to update the power management drivers if you are able to boot up.

Try performing a forced restart. Push the power button and hold it in for 5 seconds. This will force the computer to shut down. If it restarts, follow all prompts to see if the problem corrects itself.

Finally, the laptop might not be rebooting because the battery drained and it is not recharging. Move your laptop to another receptacle and see if you can get it to charge. A light should glow to indicate it is charging.

Dell Laptop Not Turning on Black screen

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If you are trying to boot your Dell laptop and only seeing a dark screen, try a simple fix before getting technical help.

Typically, a black screen issue is a problem associated with the graphics driver. It may need updated or perhaps is no longer ‘talking’ to your operating system. Try plugging in an external monitor using the HDMI or USB port and boot the system. If that works, the issue is with your laptop monitor or graphics card.

You may need to force the computer to shut down fully. Press the power button and hold for 5 seconds until you hear the computer stop. Booting from a forced shutdown may get things working again.

Boot into safe mode by holding the Shift key and repeatedly tapping the F8 key when starting the computer. This will allow you to bypas many settings that could lead to the problem.

Dell Laptop Not Turning on Orange Light

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If you see an orange light on your Dell laptop and it is not turning on, the solution is often simple

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A solid orange light on your Dell laptop means the battery is critically low. You should plug in the laptop and allow it to charge before starting it. If the orange light is flashing, it means the battery is low. The laptop may not start with a low battery so it does not lose any work stored in memory.

The most common reason why the laptop has an orange light is that there is a power problem. Check the charger and power supply. Move to another part of the home or try another charger if necessary.

Sometimes, the battery is at the end of its life and causing this issue. Try taking out the battery and starting the computer plugged into the power supply.

Dell Laptop Not Turning on Beeping

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When a Dell laptop is experiencing a problem and can’t show a visual error message, it will alert you with a series of beeps. Here are what those beeps mean:

  • 1 beep – motherboard or BIOS
  • 2 beep – No memory found
  • 3 beep – Motherboard chipset, keyboard controller, or clock test
  • 4 beep – Memory problem
  • 5 beep – CMOS
  • 6 beep – Video
  • 7 beep – CPU

.On older models…

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  • 8 beep – LCD screen problem

Dell Laptop Not Turning on After Water Spill

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If you have spilled water on your laptop and it isn’t turning on, it is a cause for concern. Here are some things to consider.

The motherboard is probably shorted out and needs to be replaced if water was spilled on the laptop while it was powered on. It may also be a problem if you turn on the power after the spill.

There may still be hope, but you have to act fast.

Do not try to turn on your laptop. Allow it to dry out for a long time, perhaps even days. Unplug it, remove teh battery and remove the memory. Open the case if you are comfortable doing so.

When you are ready to turn things on, try starting it without the battery or memory connected. If it will not start, take it in for servicing.

When your Dell laptop will not start, try shutting it down and removing all cables. Unplug the power cord and remove the battery. Hold in the power button for 30 seconds to drain any residual power. Reconnect all cords and put the battery back in. Restart the computer and it should start up without any problem.

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