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Dell Laptop Sound/Audio Not Working

When it comes to reliable technology brands, some fall short, however, Dell is consistently at the top of many individuals lists, especially when it comes to laptops. Problems do arise though, leaving those experiencing sound and audio issues searching for a solution.

If your Dell laptop sound or audio is not working, try restarting the device, complete a sound playback test, switch to using the Windows Native driver, turn all sliders up within the equalizer, and uninstall the most recent updates to see if a bad update is the cause of the issue.

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Whether you are needing to hear a timer go off, are wanting a bit of background music, or are in the middle of the latest movie release, if you are using a Dell laptop, you expect the sound to work without a second thought. Although this would be the preferred outcome, some Dell laptop owners have found that the audio on their device is not working as it should be. If you have a Dell computer and the sound/audio is not working, read below to see what can be done.

Dell Laptop Sound/Audio Not Working

If you consider the primary functions of any laptop, the first and foremost expectation is that the device should be able to turn on and give you access to a variety of different utilities and applications. Many may not be thinking of the importance of functioning audio with their device, but when it comes time to need such a feature, it can be incredibly inconvenient when they are met with problems. If you own a Dell laptop and the sound/audio isn’t working, read on.

If the sound/audio on your Dell laptop isn’t working, try restarting your computer first. To do this, either hold down the power button on the keyboard until it has shut down completely or go through settings to manually access the ability to shut down the device.

Dell Laptop No Sound

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You may not be experiencing a general problem of the sound not working in some way on your Dell laptop, but might be having a blatant issue of the sound not working at all. This means that no matter what you are trying to play or use on your laptop, when it comes to sound, you are only met with silence. If you are trying to access an application that requires sound or work with a platform where sound is necessary, continue reading below to see what you can do.

If your Dell laptop has no sound, confirm that the volume is turned up to an audible level and then test the sound playback. For this, right-click the volume icon and select ‘Sound Settings’ > ‘Output’ > ‘Manage Sound Devices’ > select your laptop speaker > ‘Test’ > and listen for the audio.

Dell Laptop Sound Too Loud

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There are times when users want the volume level of their Dell laptops to be relatively loud and times when they want the audio to be barely audible, but mostly, they want to have the option to control the increase and decrease without any problem. Some Dell laptop owners have found that the sound on their device is too loud though, as the volume won’t lower even when they go to manually turn it down. If you are experiencing this problem, find the solution below.

If your Dell laptop’s sound is too loud, try using the native Windows driver. For this, open the Device Manager and go to ‘Sound, Video, & Game Controllers.’ Select ‘Realteck High Definition Audio’ > ‘Update Driver Software’ > ‘Browse My Computer For Driver Software” > ‘Let Me Pick From a List of Drivers On My Computer’ > ‘Show Compatible Hardware’ > ‘High Definition Audio’ > ‘Next’ > then select ‘Yes’ to install the driver.

Dell Laptop Sound Too Low

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It may not be as big of an issue as the sound being too loud on your Dell computer, but it is certainly just as inconvenient when the audio on your device is too low. This can make it difficult to hear the audio in online meetings, can make it impossible to follow the audio content on various videos, and can cause you to unnecessarily strain your own hearing to interpret the sound on your device. If this is the case for you, take a look below to find a resolution.

If the sound on your Dell laptop is too low, turn all slides up within the equalizer. To do this, go to ‘All Apps’ > ‘Dell Audio’ > ‘Speaker/Headphone’ > ‘Equalizer.’ Once you are here, turn up all the slides to their max level and save the setting with a label you can easily recognize.

Dell Laptop Audio Static/Crackling/Noise

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If you are not experiencing problems with the audio of your Dell computer not working, having no sound at all, or being too loud or low, you may be thinking that you have avoided any possible problems when it comes to sound and audio issues. For many, this is the case, but for some Dell laptop owners, they find themselves in a position where the audio works, but it is filled with static or is making a crackling noise that is very interruptive to their audio experience.

If your Dell laptop audio is producing static or is making crackling noises when being used, this could be due to a bad update. If you suspect this is the case, uninstall the most recent update by going to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Programs & Features’ then uninstall the Dell Support Assist and Agent.

Dell Laptop Audio Jack Not Working

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The audio jack on your Dell computer allows you to work with other devices, such as headphones, to customize your audio experience when needed. If you go to use the audio jack on your laptop and notice that it is not working, this can make listening to audio privately impossible. Read below to see what you can do to get the audio jack up and running again on your Dell laptop.

If your Dell laptop audio jack is not working, the most common problem is that the audio jack simply needs to be cleaned out. To do this, simply blow on the port to get rid of any dirt and debris that may be in the way. Also, be sure that you are using headphones that are working as well.

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If your Dell laptop sound or audio is not working, restart the device to see if any minor causes to the problem are resolved, complete a sound test to confirm that the audio is working, and be sure that all audio ports are free of any debris build-up that might prevent audio from working.

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