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Dryer Filter Problem

It is common knowledge that you should check your dryer’s lint filter after every dryer load. This is because as clothing is rumbling around in the dryer at elevated heat levels, certain types of clothing and linens, and towels tend to shed off a certain amount of fibrous material. These materials are caught up by the lint screen in order to avoid obstruction of the dryer vent hose. Dryer filter problems can lead to higher energy use costs and the increased risk of a fire in the dryer. Read on to learn more about dryer filter problems and how to resolve them.

If you have a dryer filter problem, be sure to clean the dryer filter after every load of clothes. Due to the fact that the dryer filter only captures about twenty-five percent of the lint generated by drying, it is probably a good idea to have your dryer vent system totally cleaned by a professional at least two times per year.

Dryer Filter putting out

The dryer filter is usually located inside the dryer door. There is usually a raised handle that you can grab in order to take the dryer filter out of the dryer filter slot. You can clean the screen of the dryer filter using a soft brush and some mild liquid dishwashing soap. Then let it air dry before putting it back into the dryer filter slot.

Dryer Says Check Filter

Man fixing the dryer

If your dryer says check filter, this is only a reminder to check your dryer filter after each and every load and is not an absolute indicator that there is a problem with your dryer filter.  Usually, this check filter indicator will simply turn off once the drying cycle begins. If this problem persists, try these easy troubleshooting tips to assess the problem in order to quickly resolve it.

If you have a dryer filter problem and your dryer says Check Filter, clean out any lint. Pour water onto the dryer filter screen. If the water is pooling on the screen instead of simply draining through, use a brush and some warm and soapy water to clean the screen and then repeat the test.

Dryer Filter Not Drying

Woman putting the clothes inside the dryer

If your dryer filter is not drying there are a number of potential causes that should be investigated. The most likely cause is a major lint clog in the dryer filter. If this is the problem, the clogged dryer filter will lead to obstructed airflow which will obstruct drying.

If you have a dryer filter problem and the dryer filter is not drying, clean the lint filter and then try to dry your clothes again. Check the exhaust vent to see if it is clogged and if it is, clean it out.

Why Dryer No Lint Filter

Frustrated woman behind the dryer

The major cause of dryer caused fires are running dryers without a lint filter. Running a dryer without a lint filter drastically reduces drying performance and blows larger particles into the exhaust path of the dryer, clogging the ductwork with lint and debris.

If you have a dryer filter problem and your dryer has no lint filter, be sure to purchase and install an appropriate lint filter. Without a functioning lint filter, you run the risk of causing a major fire in your dryer that could eventually spread to your entire house.

Dryer Filter Keeps Falling Off

Man holding dryer's filter

If your dryer filter keeps falling off, check to see if it has suffered any structural damage. This could affect your ability to insert it into the dryer.

If you have a dryer filter problem and the dryer filter keeps falling out, turn the mesh part of the dryer filter around and then line up the two pieces together. Carefully click them together, making sure that they are in complete alignment.

Dryer Keeps Saying Clean Filter

Woman adjusting the dryer

The dryer’s moisture sensor can be faulty and can lead to the dryer indicating Clean Filter even though the dryer filter is clean and free of any debris. This can be easily tested to see if this is the issue to eliminate other possible causes of this message.

If you have a dryer filter problem and the dryer keeps saying Clean Filter, go ahead and place some totally dry clothes in the dryer and turn the dryer on. Normally, the dryer should only run for a few minutes before turning off since the clothes are already dry.  

After this, as an additional test, you can put clothes that are damp into the dryer and then turn the dryer on. Check the timer to see if the drying cycle runs normally.

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Dryer Filter Cleaning

Man cleaning the dryer's filter

Dryer filter cleaning is essential in order to avoid lint or debris obstructions that can cause backups and faulty drying. First, investigate the dryer filter and then check out the dryer exhaust vent to make sure it is clear.

If you have a dryer filter problem and need to clean out the dryer filter, clean the lint out of the dryer filter and then check out the dryer exhaust vent for any obstructions or clogs. Take off the dryer hose and clean it out too. Then, use a shop vacuum to clear out any excess lint or debris.

Dryer Shuts Down and Change Filter Light is On but Filter is Clean

Woman adjusting the dryer

It is extremely frustrating if you have a load of wet laundry to put in your dryer and to find your dryer shuts down with the change filter light on but the filter is clean. This can usually be due to one of several common problems including the dryer filter being clogged or an internal dryer problem.

If you have a dryer filter problem and the dryer is shutting down and the change filter light is on but the filter is clean, first clean out the dryer filter. Then try re-booting the dryer by unplugging it and pressing on the Start/Pause button for approximately eight to ten seconds. Then, plug the dryer back in and restart it and check if the problem is resolved.

Dryer Filter Won’t Go Back In

Man fixing the dryer

If your dryer filter won’t go back in, it is usually due to a warping of the  dryer filter.  It could also be from a loose head of a screw that is unfortunately sticking out.

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If you have a dryer filter problem and the dryer filter won’t go back in, the dryer filter may be a bit warped. Try to gently flex the dryer filter in the direction of the inside of the dryer as you slide the dryer filter back into place.

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