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Dryer Timer Not Working

The dryer timer is probably the most important component of your entire dryer.  It is made up of a series of camshaft (cams) operated switches that send electricity to the dryer’s motor and heating element when indicated for a particular drying cycle. The dryer’s timer motor then propels the cams via a series of gears. If the dryer timer is not advancing through the drying cycle that you select, you can go through some easy troubleshooting steps to determine what the problem is and how to fix it.

If your dryer timer is not working, test the motor control contacts which are driven by a camshaft that is within the dryer timer. Use a digital multimeter to do a continuity test to see if the motor control contacts are not open when the dryer timer is in an On position.     

Dryer timer counting

If the contacts are indeed closed, you will see a reading of 0.00 on the LCD screen of the multimeter. If the contacts aren’t closed, you will see a message on the LCD screen indicating O.L. Go ahead and set the multimeter to a position indicated by R x 1. Then, put the testing probe onto each one of the terminals and check the readings.

Dryer Timer Not Working and Not Heating

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Your dryer timer may not be working, causing your dryer not to heat due to a problem with a thermal fuse. The dryer thermal fuse provides an added level of safety in that if the temperature in the air that is flowing out to the outside vent is too high, the fuse will blow out both in an electric and a gas-heated dryer. Thus, it is extremely important to check to see if the thermal fuse has continuity or if it needs to be replaced.

If your dryer timer is not working and your dryer is not heating, unplug the dryer and then check with a multimeter to see if the thermal fuse has continuity. If no continuity is present, go ahead and replace the fuse.  Check the exhaust vent to make sure there are no blockages.

Dryer Timer Knob/Switch not Working

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If you have a dryer that has a dial type of timer which is broken, this can stop the dryer’s motor from working normally. If this is the case, you can easily use a multimeter to check to see if there is continuity in the switch used to Push to Start.

If your dryer is not working and the knob/switch is also not working, check the dryer timer knob/switch to see if there is electricity continuity between the knob/switch and the motor. Check the wiring diagram to make sure you are not neglecting to check any wires.

This problem could also be due to a malfunctioning circuit board which is responsible for controlling all of the important components of the dryer. If it is not working properly, the dryer will fail to start. Go ahead and unplug the dryer from the power source and locate the circuit board which is located in the area of the main control panel.

Check to see if there are any burned out area or burn marks where a component may have shorted out. If it turns out that the problem with the circuit board is causing the problem with the dryer timer knob or switch, it is time to replace the entire circuit board which will probably require the services of a Factory Trained Dryer Technician.

Dryer Timer not Working Right and Dryer Overheating

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The most common reason for a dryer timer not working leading to dryer overheating is from the restriction of airflow due to a collection of either lint or other debris in the internal duct work. This will then cause a backup of hot air inside of the dryer drum which will kick off the overheating emergency shutoff function to prevent a potential fire. This overrides normal dryer timer functioning.

If  your dryer timer is not working and the dryer is overheating, check to see if there are any obstructions in the internal or external duct systems. Make sure to clean out any lint or debris accumulations that could be causing dangerous blockages.

If you find that your dryer is indeed ceasing to work in a midcycle, it is most likely time to consult a professional to have all dryer vents vacuumed out and cleaned in order to prevent a potentially dangerous fire.

Dryer not Working, Timer Made Humming Sound

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If your dryer is not working and the timer is making a humming sound, there could be several causes of this problem. A foreign object could be causing an obstruction or you could have a problem with the dryer’s drive belt. Additionally, the issue could be due to issues with the rollers or pulleys or with the dryer’s motor itself.

If your dryer timer is not working and the dryer timer is making a humming sound, first check for anything that could be preventing the dryer drum from spinning. Check for any coins or objects that could be lodged between the dryer drum and the dryer housing.

The dryer’s drive belt turns the dryer drum. If it cracks or breaks it will prevent the dryer drum from turning. This problem will also lead to a loud and annoying humming sound. if the dryer drive belt breaks, it will need to be replaced by a Factory Trained Technician.

If the dryer motor has burned out this can also lead to a loud humming sound. You can disconnect the dryer’s power source and then take off the dryer drive belt. Then check the blower fan to see if it is obstructed in any way.

Now, make an attempt to move the motor drive shaft. If you do not find any problems with obstructions of the blower fan and you are unable to move the motor shaft manually, you will need to replace the motor.

This is a complicated and difficult job that most probably will require the services of a certified dryer technician.

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