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Frigidaire Fridge Not Working/Cooling

I’ve been using my Frigidaire refrigerator without any issues but recently I noticed that it isn’t cooling. I looked into how to get it working again by looking at the advice of fridge repair technicians as well as the steps frigidaire recommend, and thought I’d summarize how to fix it.

Generally, it can be caused by the air vents being blocked, the temperature not being set correctly, and it can also be in safe mode due to a power surge. If it’s neither of these issues then it’s likely a component in the fridge is broken and needs to be replaced.

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Below, I will explain how to check each of the issues, as well as, how to proceed if one of the components is broken.

Frigidaire Fridge Not Cooling but Freezer Works

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I noticed with my fridge that the freezer was very cool and was working properly. But, when I opened the fridge it wasn’t cool at all. I found out this is generally very easy to fix. Here’s what causes it.

As a general rule, this is caused by the air vents being obstructed. The air from the freezer flows into the fridge to cool it. The vents are located on the hinge of the fridge door, or at the rear of the freezer. First, check that the vents are unobstructed.

I’ll begin by explaining fixes anyone can do that don’t involve replacing any parts, and are pretty quick to perform. And then explain common components involved in cooling the fridge that can be faulty and can need to be replaced. Either by you, if you have some electrical/DIY experience, or by a repair technician if not.

How to ensure the vents are clear

The fan that blows air from the freezer to the fridge can also be faulty, and as a result isn’t blowing air into the fridge. How to check the vents are unobstructed:

In the freezer there is a grill that has spaces for air to pass through. If a food item is covering the vents, no air can get into the fridge. On the hinge of the fridge door there can also be vents that may be damaged or blocked.

Visually inspect the vents to ensure they’re not blocked by a food item, or damaged. If they were blocked by a food item, and you cleared it, close the fridge and freezer and give it about 30 minutes to cool the fridge to check that your fridge is now starting to cool again.

Adjust the temperature settings for your fridge

There is a dial that you can turn on the inside of your fridge. Most models will have a recommended setting which should be set. There are two dials that can be used to adjust the temperature of a Frigidaire fridge. One is for the fridge, and the other is the freezer.

The fridge temperature gauge is located inside your fridge, and has a dial. Here’s a very good video from Frigidaire that shows how to change the temperature:

In summary, turn the dial on the refrigerator temperature down a bit and then check in 30 mins to an hour and see if your fridge is now cooler. The temperature dial is out of the way, but it’s possible someone may have accidentally bumped it and changed the temperature.

Or, some curious children might have turned it. If you have a digital temperature control Frigidaire recommends that the temperature should be set to 37°F (2.8 °C). Simply press the temperature control buttons until it gets to the required temperature.

Some Frigidaire refrigerators have a low, medium, and high setting on the digital display. So, set it to the low setting, and wait for 30 minutes or more and check back to see if it’s now cool enough.

Also, some digital displays can only have one button to change the temperature, so when you press the button it will go up in temperature until it reaches the maximum temperature and then loop around the lowest setting again. Simply keep pressing the temperature button until it goes back to the lowest temperature again.

Inspect the evaporator fan that blows air from the freezer to the fridge

There is what’s called an evaporator fan that is located at the back of the fridge. It will run and suck cold air from the freezer into the fridge. And is how the fridge is cooled. If it’s faulty it won’t run at all.

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Open your fridge and see if it is running by seeing if you can hear it. Also, put your hand near it and see if you can feel any air blowing out of it. This is a bit tricky to test because the evaporator fan doesn’t run all the time.

Restart your fridge

This is a simple step, but can help if the computer in your fridge has malfunctioned. To restart it simply unplug it at the wall outlet. If you have poor access to the wall outlet, such as, if it’s located behind the fridge, then it may be easier to turn it off at the switchboard.

Frigidaire Fridge Not Cooling After Power Outage

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After a power outage a Frigidaire fridge can not begin working straight away and will be in safe mode. But, it’s possible it can have blown one or multiple components. Here’s what to do to fix a Frigidaire fridge when it’s not working after a power outage.

Press ‘alarm reset’ on the digital display. The digital display will say ‘PF’ or ‘Power Failure’. When you press ‘alarm reset’ your Frigidaire fridge will work as per normal. But, if you don’t have a digital display then it’s likely a component has blown.

In that case it’s necessary to have a repair technician take a look at it. If you have experience with fixing appliances, and/or working with electronics you can remove each of the different components and test them using a voltmeter.

This can include the evaporator fan, the compressor, and the circuit board. That is a bit more involved, so if you’re comfortable taking apart your refrigerator then go ahead and do it.

Frigidaire Fridge Not Cooling and Beeping

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In my research I also noticed when it isn’t cooling it can also be accompanied by a beeping sound. There are one of a few reasons why a Frigidaire fridge will beep. Here’s what they are and how to get your fridge to resume normal operation.

The display will show ‘HIGH TEMP’, ‘PF’, or ‘Power Failure’. If it displays power failure or PF, then clear it by pressing ‘alarm reset’ and it will start cooling again. ‘High temp’ occurs if the temperature in your fridge is too warm, it will only stop once it gets to a lower temperature.

There is also what’s called ‘Sabbath Mode’. This is where your fridge won’t work on the ‘Sabbath day’ which is a Saturday. Sabbath mode can be disabled, the instructions for how to do that vary by model. So, it’s best to find the instructions in the user manual for your fridge.

If the tips above didn’t help our troubleshooting efforts check out our refrigerator not cooling article.

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