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GE Refrigerator Control Panel/Light/Door Alarm Flashing

When you purchase a new refrigerator, you expect it to perform in a way that requires little maintenance from you. However, appliances encounter issues from time to time. What do you do if your GE refrigerator control panel, light, or door alarm continues to flash?

If your GE refrigerator control panel, light, or door alarm keeps flashing, be sure that all doors are closed properly and all seals are tight. You can also reset the refrigerator, check that door sensors are properly aligned, change the water filter, or check for ice buildup within the dispenser.

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It is frustrating to receive a message from your appliances that something is awry when you don’t know the cause of the problem, but even more, when you don’t know how to fix it. A flashing light with your GE refrigerator can be caused by a variety of different reasons and can be stopped through a few different methods. Continue reading to find out what causing the problems with your GE refrigerator and the solutions to fix them.

GE Refrigerator Control Panel Flashing

Refrigerator door water dispenser

One of the most common problems for a flashing control panel are two very simple issues: either the refrigerator has lost power or a refrigerator door is slightly open. Both of these sound like very obvious upsets, but they are oftentimes overlooked due to the simplicity in their nature. Many owners jump to more complicated explanations, but before going deeper into your investigation, check for these two issues first.

To fix a GE refrigerator control panel that is flashing, you first need to check and make sure that your fridge is plugged into a live power source or is plugged in at all. If it is not, find a plug that has live power or properly plug the fridge back into its original plugin. If this is not the problem, be sure to check each door on your fridge to ensure all are closed tightly and do not have any lack of pressure at the seal.

GE Refrigerator Light Flashing

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The same issues can cause your GE refrigerator light to flash as the control panel. It can be an issue of either a door that has been open for too long, a disconnected or spoiled power source, or it can be an indication that the ice maker is not working properly or that the internal temperature of your refrigerator has been declining for over two hours. The latter two problems may be more alarming, but there’s one solution that typically offers an immediate fix.

If your GE refrigerator light is flashing, one of the most common and effective solutions is to perform an appliance reset. To complete an appliance reset on your GE refrigerator, you will need to unplug the appliance directly from its power source and wait for 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds have passed, you will plug the refrigerator back into the power source and the blinking should subside.

GE Refrigerator Door Alarm Flashing

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The door alarm light on a GE refrigerator is intended to show owners that the doors have been closed or that the seal on the doors has not been tampered or damaged with. If you are unloaded groceries for an extended period of time and leave your GE refrigerator doors open, you will be given an alarm signal that will flash and make noise telling you that the doors have been open and that temperature is decreasing within the fridge.

If your GE Refrigerator door alarm is flashing and you have not had the doors kept open for any amount of time, first check the sensors with the door to make sure that they are next to each other when closed. Then, check the light switch off your alarm to ensure that it functions properly and is not bad. You should also check the seal of each door and that they are closing tightly and not in need of a new rubber seal.

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser/Filter Light Flashing

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If your GE refrigerator water dispenser or filter light is flashing, you may be inclined to believe that the problem is grand, however, this flashing light is typically a very quick and very common fix. The cause behind your water dispenser or filter light flashing is typically just the need for a new water filter. The light will change colors from orange (you need to replace filters soon) to red (the filters are overdue for replacement) and will sometimes blink.

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If your GE refrigerator water dispenser or filter light is flashing, there is likely a need for your water filter to be replaced. Simply purchase the proper filter for your refrigerator model, remove the old filter and replace it with the new one, then press ‘Reset Water Filter’ on the pad of the door until the light stops flashing and turns back to green.

GE Refrigerator Temperature Light Flashing

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A flashing temperature light on your GE refrigerator can be a bit alarming as temperature control is the most essential aspect of any fridge. This can be caused by a door being cracked or by more advanced control board problems, but the flashing temperature light is an indication that the temperature has consistently decreased for longer than two hours. No matter the issue, there are a few solutions outside of resetting your fridge for 30 seconds.

If your GE refrigerator temperature light is flashing, first be sure to check that all doors (including your freezer door) have been closed tightly. Check the seal of each door as well to make sure that no areas are pulled away from the frame of the fridge. If the doors are closed and the temperature lights are still flashing, you may need to call for a maintenance check of your fridge to rule out any control board problems.

GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Light Flashing

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The ice maker light could be flashing for a few different reasons and you should check the icemaker itself to determine what the problem is. These problems include either that there is thin ice build-up with your icemaker or that ice is either stuck or jammed within the icemaker. Both of these problems have relatively quick solutions that can be done in a matter of minutes once discovered.

If your GE refrigerator ice maker light is flashing, you need to open your freezer or refrigerator door and first check the dispenser to see if any ice is stuck or built-up within it. If this is clear, remove the icemaker from your fridge and check to see if ice has gotten stuck at the exit point within the dispenser itself. If you see that there is a film of thin ice buildup within the ice maker, let it thaw and dry, then reinsert it.

GE Refrigerator Freezer Light Not Working

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If you open your freezer and notice that the light is no longer turning off and on, you might be feeling a little left in the dark concerning your freezer’s problems. A freezer light that is not working can be caused by a simple light bulb that has gone out, or it can also be caused by a problem with the door switch. A problem with a light bulb is something that owners can fix on their own, but if it is a door switch issue, you will need to call an expert.

If your GE refrigerator freezer light is not working, start with the simplest solution by checking to see if the lightbulb simply needs replacing. Once you have replaced the lightbulb and there still is no light, it may be possible that the light switch is defective which will require a multimeter test to check for continuity. This type of test will need to be conducted by a repairman who should be called to complete an inspection.

GE Refrigerator Freezer Light Blinking

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If there is not a problem with your GE refrigerator freezer light being completely out, but constantly blinking, you are left wondering what the solution is other than changing the lightbulb. This can be caused by a small malfunction within the control board, but it can also be an indication that more routine maintenance is needed in order to fix the problem. Take a few moments to try a solution before determining any more advanced plans of action.

If your GE refrigerator freezer light is blinking, there may have been a small problem occur within your control board that only needs a reset in order to fix itself. To do this, unplug your refrigerator from the wall and leave it for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. If the freezer light is still blinking after the reset, unfortunately, service is required and you should schedule an appointment with a repairman to fix the issue.

How to Reset Door Alarm on GE Refrigerator

To reset the door alarm on a GE refrigerator, first ensure all doors are properly closed. Then, locate the control panel on the front of the refrigerator. Press and hold the “Door Alarm” button for 3 seconds until the alarm turns off or the indicator light goes out, signaling the reset is complete.

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Detailed Steps:

  1. Ensure Proper Door Closure: Before attempting to reset, ensure that the refrigerator and freezer doors are completely closed. Check for any obstructions or food items that might prevent the doors from sealing shut.
  2. Access the Control Panel: Most GE refrigerators have a control panel located on the front, often near the water and ice dispenser.
  3. Press the Door Alarm Button: On this panel, you’ll find a button labeled “Door Alarm” or a similar label. Press and hold this button for approximately 3 seconds.
  4. Confirmation: If done correctly, the audible alarm should stop, or the indicator light on the control panel will go out, indicating that the alarm has been reset.
  5. Monitor: After resetting, it’s a good practice to monitor the refrigerator for a while to ensure the alarm doesn’t sound again, which might indicate a persistent issue with the door seal or sensors.

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