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HP Printer Won’t Connect/Not Detected on Computer/Network

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You can connect HP printers to your computer via Bluetooth, WiFi, or a USB connection. If there is a connection failure between your devices, the printer and its software needs maintenance.

If your HP printer doesn’t connect to your WiFi, there is an issue with the current driver software. If the computer does not detect the printer, the printer needs to be cleaned or have a software update. Owners can solve problems with their HP printer at home without the need for a professional.

This article will discuss possible reasons why your HP printer will not connect to your WiFi or your computer. Also, we’ll tell you the different ways to troubleshoot this problem at home.

HP Printer Not Detected

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HP printer not detected often occurs due to outdated or incompatible drivers. To address this, ensure you have the latest drivers from the official HP website, compatible with your operating system. Installing these drivers can often resolve the issue and allow your computer to recognize the printer correctly.

When your laptop does not detect your printer, this could be due to:

  • Dust obstructing the USB port
  • Incompatible driver software (printers need their matching drivers to function correctly)
  • Lack of use
  • Poor USB connection

In each case, the solution is simple and will take a few minutes.

Dust Is Obstructing the Printer’s USB Port

The USB port of the printer cable needs to be clean for a successful connection to occur. Check your USB port for dust and grime. Remove any visible dirt by blowing or gently wiping the cable with a dry cloth. Afterward, reconnect your devices. The computer should detect the printer at this point.

The Computer’s Driver Software Is Not Suitable for Your HP Printer

When the printing software saved on your computer becomes outdated or obsolete, your HP printer will stop getting detected.

To confirm that your drivers need updating, follow these steps on a Windows 10 computer:

  1. Open the “Settings” on your computer.
  2. Select “Update & Security.”
  3. Click the “Check for Updates” option.

The software will scan itself and conclude if the drivers need to update or not. Following this, the system will prompt you to install any updates which may involve you having to restart your computer.

The HP website has drivers available for every model. To install the most appropriate drivers for your HP printer, follow their onscreen instructions to extract the driver files.

There is another option available for you to install your new driver software at home:

  1. Shut down and disconnect the printer.
  2. Head to the HP driver website. Enter the model number of your printer.
  3. Download the driver. This software is available under the “Driver” heading of the page.
  4. Begin the set-up wizard to program the software.
  5. Connect the printer via USB when prompted by the installer.
  6. Complete the installation. Test the connection by printing a page.

You Don’t Use Your HP Printer Often

If you do not use your HP printer often, then dirt and filth can build up on the mechanics. When this happens, your laptop and other devices cannot detect the printer. Wipe your printer down regularly to avoid this.

Suppose your printer has a lot of dust and grime already. In that case, use an air duster to clean the inside of your printer.

We recommend the AFMAT Cordless Air Duster for a deep clean on your HP printer. It’s an environment-friendly air compressor that delivers powerful airflow to get the tiny dust bunnies and help your printer run efficiently.

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The Printer’s USB Cable Is Not Properly Connected to Your Device

Correctly connecting the printer’s wire on both ends can solve some connection issues. If your printer is not showing up on your computer screen while connected, inspect the cable for any discrepancies. Fully insert the wires if you suspect they are loose.

HP Printer Not Showing Up on Network

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If your HP printer isn’t appearing on the network, a probable cause could be connectivity issues. To resolve this, ensure the printer and router are in close proximity, minimize signal interferences, and consider restarting both devices. Additionally, verifying the printer’s wireless settings and updating its firmware might help re-establish the connection.

You might also consider resetting the printer and reinstalling the drivers to correct the problem.

Use this method to restore your printer to its factory settings:

  1. Select the “Set-up” menu from your printer’s screen.
  2. Enter the “Tools” menu.
  3. Choose “Restore Factory Defaults.”

Following the reset, reinstall the HP software that supports the printer. To accomplish this:

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  1. Disconnect the printer from all of your devices.
  2. Go into the “Programs & Features” menu of your operating system.
  3. Click the HP printer’s model name.
  4. Hit “Uninstall.”
  5. Restart the computer.
  6. Turn on your printer.
  7. Download the latest driver.
  8. Reconnect your printer.

HP Printer Won’t Connect on USB

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If you’ve noticed that the HP printer stopped connecting through the USB, run the HP print and scan doctor. Ensure that the printer is plugged into the computer while the program is running.

If the scanning software could not detect the issue, try reinstalling the driver programs. Dated programs and old drivers hinder your computer’s ability to recognize when the printer links to it.

HP Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi

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Your HP printer won’t connect to the WiFi if you recently changed the WiFi settings. For example, modifying the WiFi network’s name or password will stop your printer from connecting during its next use.

When you change WiFi settings, configure the printer’s settings again. To remedy this issue:

  1. Turn off the WiFi on your printer. Hold the WiFi icon on the control board.
  2. Enter the “Set-up” menu via the gear icon.
  3. Restore network settings. Choose the reset option to return the printer to its factory default settings.
  4. Power on the WiFi.
  5. Touch the “Wireless Settings” option on your screen. Commence the set-up wizard.
  6. Select the desired WiFi network. If it does not appear, enter the network’s name by selecting the input option. The name has to be exact.
  7. If there is a password, enter it to complete the set-up.

Only touchscreen HP printers will respond to these steps. For other printers, use these tips to reset the network settings and start connecting your printer to the WiFi again.

HP Printer Keeps Connecting and Disconnecting

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An HP printer stuck in a connection loop is a sign that there is a malfunction in the driver software. Remove and reinstall the HP printer programs to resolve this issue in minutes.

For most models, you will be able to find the right software for your printer on the HP website. Suppose you find the correct driver and your printer does not detect it. In that case, an HP support recommends restarting the print spooler.

HP Printer Keeps Disconnecting From Network

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Constant disconnection by your printer from your network could mean there is a problem with your router’s firmware. You can obtain the latest firmware from the router’s support page found in its manual.

After downloading, restart your router and test the printer’s connection. If you don’t notice any improvements, run a clean install of your HP printer on the device you’re using to print. Microsoft recommends the following steps to do this:

  1. Turn on and unplug the printer.
  2. Uninstall any printer software. Find these in the “Apps and Features.”
  3. Open the “Control Panel” menu. Remove the HP printer by right-clicking the icon.
  4. Restart the printer.
  5. Extract the file downloaded from the router’s website. Run the set-up as an administrator.

Final Thoughts

The benefit of having an HP printer is that you do not need technical experience to reconnect your printer when it malfunctions. With these tips, you can fix an HP printer quickly. However, there are rare cases where these steps may not work.

If all of your at-home repairs are unsuccessful, contact a local HP printer technician to diagnose the issue.

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