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How To Cut Roof Tiles

One of the things that need to be done when you are installing a new roof is to cut roof tiles. How can you do this properly?

The best way to cut roof tiles is to use a tool that is specific to the material, such as a diamond blade, utility knife, or tin snips. Mark the roof tile and cut along the line to either score or completely cut the tile.

Man cutting roof tiles

As you can imagine, there are going to be different tools that are necessary for cutting roof tiles. After all, you wouldn’t use the same tool for cutting concrete roof tiles that you would for cutting asphalt roof tiles.

At the same time, however, the basic principle is the same. After marking the tile, you would use a tool that is appropriate to the material in order to make the cut. In some cases, you may even be able to stack the tiles and cut them with a power saw.

How To Cut Roof Tiles

Through it all, there is one important factor that should never be neglected. You need to pay careful attention to your safety when cutting roof tiles.

If you are creating any type of dust when cutting, such as using an angle grinder or circular saw without water, you should wear a respirator. At a minimum, wearing an N95 is the best choice because it will protect you from harmful dust, including silica.

Safety glasses are also something important to wear because they protect your eyes. You can also upgrade to goggles but don’t assume that your prescription glasses are going to protect you. You should wear safety glasses over your prescription glasses.

Wearing the proper gloves is also important for working with tiles, especially those that can have sharp edges. Gloves will also help to protect you to a certain extent when using a utility knife or another sharp object for cutting the tiles.

Finally, be careful when it comes to working at heights. Don’t get too comfortable on the roof because you can easily fall before you realize it.

Let’s take a look at some different types of roof tiles and how they are cut.

How To Cut Concrete Roof Tiles

Man cutting roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles are very durable and as a result, they require some specific methods of cutting. Once you have everything set up properly, however, the process is relatively smooth.

The best way to cut concrete roof tiles is by using a wet saw. It will cut through the tile easily, allowing you to make straight cuts without difficulty and without creating a lot of dust in the process.

The reason why it is so important to use a wet saw is more than just the fact that it keeps the saw blade cool, it also can protect you and your health. This is an important factor that many people tend to overlook when working with concrete, particularly when cutting dry concrete.

Concrete contains silica, and if you get silica in your lungs, it is not going to come out. Too much silica in your lungs can easily build up and cause a medical condition that is known as silicosis. Anytime you’re cutting concrete, it is best to avoid breathing in the dust.

If you can’t avoid the dust and need to cut concrete roof tiles dry, then you should wear the proper respiratory protection. Generally speaking, an N95 is recommended for that purpose. It can help to protect your respiratory health and is a good way to avoid the dangers associated with that dust.

You should also wear the proper gloves and consider some safety glasses when doing this type of cutting as well.

Another consideration for using a wet saw is the blade that you are using. A diamond blade is the proper type of blade for cutting concrete. If you try to use a regular blade, it will wear out quickly and will not provide you with the results that you need.

There may also be times when you need to cut some odd angles or shapes in concrete roof tiles. This could include any time you’re going around the protrusion, such as a vent pipe.

One option you have available is to use a jigsaw. You can also use a drill or a hole saw, provided you have one that works with concrete. When using a jigsaw, make sure that you are using a diamond blade so that it will last long enough to make the cut.

How To Cut Clay Roof Tiles

Man cutting roof tiles

Clay roof tiles are very popular in certain areas. They also require a specific method for cutting, if you want to cut them properly.

The easiest way to cut a clay roof tile is to score it with a utility knife and then snap it along that edge. This works very well for thinner clay roof tiles. If they are thicker, you should use a slate cutter or another type of cutting tool that will get through them properly.

It is not difficult to work with clay roof tiles. In fact, thinner tiles are relatively easy to work with and you only need a straight edge and utility knife to get most of the cutting done. If you’re going to be using higher-quality tiles, however, there are some tools that you may need to use.

Depending upon the tools you have available, you may find that a tile-cutting tool, such as a wet saw works well for clay roof tiles. It is not generally necessary to use such a tool unless you have a thicker tile, but it can work well when the need arises.

Cutting a roof tile dry in this way is going to create a lot of dust. There are some undesirable elements inside clay roof tiles that you would not want to breathe in. This could include silica and perhaps some other dust that is better avoided.

That is why we generally recommend using a wet saw or some other type of water-based cutting tool that will keep the dust to a minimum. If you do need to use a tool that creates dust, be sure you protect your lungs with a respirator.

There are going to be times when you need to cut unusual shapes in the clay roof tiles to go around obstructions. One of the options you have available is to use a good pair of snips.

With the right snips, you can cut away the majority of the tile that is not needed. You can then shape the tile with another type of tool or simply work along the edge.

A number of other tools can also be used for cutting clay roof tiles, including an angle grinder or a Dremel Tool. As long as you pay attention to the dust and protect yourself, you can use these tools to get the job done.

How To Cut Composite Roof Tiles

Man cutting roof tiles

Many people have turned to composite roof tiles because they are less expensive, yet are very durable. If you are installing these tiles, how can you cut them?

The easiest way to cut a composite roof tile is to use a utility knife. As long as the knife is sharp, it will cut through the tile quickly and easily. When cutting any odd shapes, you can also use the utility knife to shape the inside edge and make it flawless.

Composite is popular because it is more affordable. Just because you are using a type of roofing made from recycled plastic or fiberglass does not necessarily mean that you are giving up anything when it comes to looks.

In fact, you will have a very difficult time telling that you have used composite roof tiles when you look at them from the street. Regardless of whether they were made to look like cedar shake shingles or slate, they do a good job of imitating them.

At the same time, however, composite roof tiles offer you the benefit of sustainability and they will last a very long time. Some of these tiles are guaranteed for decades.

The other benefit is how easy it is to work with composite roof tiles. You can cut them with a utility knife in most cases or you can stack them together and cut them with a circular saw.

Since you’re making the cut with a utility knife, it makes a very neat edge. You can have them installed quickly and easily, often much easier than you would the type of tile they were trying to mimic.

How To Cut Slate Roof Tiles

Man cutting roof tiles

You will have a difficult time finding any type of roof material that outperforms slate roof tiles. If you are planning on installing them, how can you cut them to do so?

The easiest way to cut thinner slate roof tiles is by scoring them with a sharp instrument and then snapping them at that line. This is something that can be done over and over again throughout the entire roofing project. If you are using thicker slate tiles, you can use a dedicated pair of tile cutters to cut along the line.

Regardless of whether you are using tile cutters or snapping the slate, you will want to score it first. That line will make the tile just a little bit weaker at that point, making it easier for you to follow the line and to make the cut.

For those who are using a thicker slate, there are some other options that may be available. You might still be able to snap the tile but you will find it better to use a saw for that purpose.

Of course, if you’re going to be cutting slate roof tiles with a dry saw, such as a circular saw or an angle grinder, you will want to wear the proper respiratory protection. You will create a lot of dust in the process, so work in a ventilated area.

Many people find that an angle grinder works best but you need to clamp the tile down properly ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is to ruin a piece of slate because it is expensive.

After clamping down the slate roof tile, you can work the angle grinder along the line for a very accurate and quick cut. A circular saw equipped with the proper type of blade will also work wonders in this regard.

Pay close attention to your health when working with slate roof tiles. Where some all-purpose gloves, and your safety glasses, and when cutting them dry, use an N95 to protect your respiratory system.

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How To Cut Artificial Slate Roof Tiles

Man cutting roof tiles

There is a big difference between cutting slate roof tiles and artificial slate roof tiles. If you have the artificial type, how can you cut them properly?

Artificial slate roof tiles can easily be cut with a sharp utility knife. The tiles are relatively thin and the knife will cut through them quickly and easily. After cutting the tiles, they can be installed on the roof using regular roofing nails.

Artificial, (synthetic) slate roof tiles are becoming more and more popular. As many people appreciate the look of slate, not all of them appreciate the high price of purchasing it.

Admittedly, slate is a long-lasting type of roofing material and it is not out of the question to have it last for anywhere from 50 years up to a century. That may not necessarily be the case with artificial slate roof tiles, but they can have a long lifespan as well for the price that you pay.

Cutting single artificial slate roof tiles is a matter of using a utility knife. You should make sure that the knife blade is kept sharp and replace it when necessary.

It is also important to pay attention to your hands when making cuts in the tile. This is especially true of your non-cutting hand because it can easily get in the way as you get more and more comfortable with cutting the artificial slate. Don’t allow your rush to cause a serious injury.

If you are cutting an unusual shape in the artificial slate roof tile, you can do so using some tin snips or a heavy pair of cutters. As you cut away the material, you can then use a utility knife to shape the inside edge and make it just what you need it to be.

A power saw can also be used when cutting many artificial slate roof tiles to the same size. After stacking them together and securing them properly, you can use a circular saw or an angle grinder to cut down through multiple tiles at the same time.

One thing is certain, once you have the artificial slate roof tiles cut and installed, you will not be able to tell the difference when standing at a distance.

How To Cut Asphalt Roof Tiles/Shingles

Man cutting roof tiles

Asphalt roof shingles or tiles are some of the most popular types of roofing material that is used. How can you cut them properly?

In order to cut a piece of asphalt roof tile, you should use a straight edge and a utility knife. The utility knife blade should be kept sharp and it should be able to cut through most of the asphalt roof tiles with a single stroke.

If you are unable to cut the entire way through an asphalt roof tile or shingle with a utility knife, you may be able to score it sufficiently. Many people who do this will be able to bend the tile back and forth until it breaks at that line. There is no need to cut the entire way through if it doesn’t do so in one swipe.

If you’re going to be cutting many asphalt roof tiles, you might find it beneficial to use a hook blade. Hook blades provide a much better way to cut the asphalt and it will cut it more cleanly. In addition, a hook blade will last a lot longer than a standard utility knife blade.

Another option you have available is to use tin snips. Although these snips are not designed specifically for asphalt roof tiles, they can cut them just as easily. You use them similar to scissors and when you’re only cutting a single tile, you can cut through it quickly.

Finally, if you need to cut multiple asphalt roof tiles to the same size, you can do so with an angle grinder or a circular saw. After securing the tiles so they don’t move, you can cut along the edge with the circular saw to resize multiple tiles at the same time.

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Asphalt is easy to cut but you need to be cautious that you are not cutting yourself in the process. Take your time and make the cut a good one, even after you become comfortable with the process.

The easiest way to cut roofing tiles is to use a tool that was made specifically for that purpose. Thinner tiles can often be scored and snapped with a utility knife. Thicker tiles can be cut with a wet saw, circular saw, or a good pair of tin snips.

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