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How to Fix Delay/Lag/Slow Response On TCL TV

For those wanting a large screen with an exceptional picture for a price that won’t drain their bank accounts, a TCL TV is a product that can meet every criterion. However, if your TCL TV is delayed, lagging, or is slow to respond, how can such issues be resolved effectively?

A TCL TV might be slow to respond due to accumulated cache and temporary files which burden the system. To mitigate this issue, regularly restart the TV to clear unnecessary files and enhance its responsiveness. Navigate to the settings menu, select the system restart or power options, and choose to restart the TV to facilitate this process.

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Whether you have a smart TCL TV that is capable of a number of different functions and operations or are working with a more basic model, you still expect your device to be able to run well without the need for too much intervention outside of occasional updates. This would be exactly the case for every TCL TV owner in a perfect world, but if you find that your TV is delayed, lagging, or slow to respond, read on to see how this issue can be resolved.

How to Fix Delay/Lag/Slow Response On TCL TV

Clear Cache

A “TCL TV slow to respond” issue can occur for a variety of reasons. First, it might be because of an overloaded cache and the piling up of temporary files, which could bog down the system’s performance. To alleviate this issue, regularly clear the cache through the settings menu. Generally, you would go to “Settings,” find “Storage & reset,” then “Internal storage,” and select “Cached data” to clear it. This can help to enhance the responsiveness of the TV.

Update Firmware Version

Secondly, the sluggish response time could be attributed to an outdated firmware version, which might not be equipped to manage the TV’s resources efficiently. Keeping the TV’s software up-to-date can sometimes solve the problem. To update the firmware, access the settings menu, navigate to the “System Update” or a similar option, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update, potentially enhancing the speed and responsiveness of the TV.

Close Unnecessary Applications

Lastly, the TV might be slow to respond because of too many applications running simultaneously, consuming a substantial portion of the memory. Closing unnecessary applications can free up the memory and improve the TV’s response time. To do this, use the remote control to access the home screen, where you can view all open apps, and close the ones not in use by highlighting them and pressing the “Options” (or three horizontal lines) button and selecting “Close”. Regularly reviewing and managing the number of running apps can prevent slow response times in the future.

How Do I Fix the Sound Delay on My TCL TV

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When it comes to sound on a TCL TV, whether you are using the built-in speakers that come with the TV or are using some type of sound bar or other separate sound system, you expect the sound to sync perfectly that is displayed on the screen of your device. Although this is normally true for most TCL owners, some have reported issues with the sound delaying. If this is the problem you are experiencing, read on to see how the sound can be synced.

To fix the sound delay on your TCL TV, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Audio.’ From here you will go to ‘Advanced Settings’ > ‘Digital Audio Out’ > select ‘Pass Through’ > ‘Back’ > ‘Sound Mode’ > and click on either the ‘Live’ option or the ‘Movie’ option to sync sound properly.

How to Reduce Input Lag on TCL TV

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Input lag is a problem that is experienced by TCL TV owners who have another device connected to their TV through an HDMI port. This may be a streaming device, a gaming console, or even a computer that is connected, but when the device is being used on the screen of their TV, they notice that the connection lags, causing the content to relay slower than it should. If you are experiencing input lag, what can be done to stop it?

To reduce input lag on a TCL TV, be sure to have your TV in ‘Game Mode.’ To enable this setting, switch to the HDMI port your device is connected to and click the ‘*’ button on the remote. From here, select ‘Picture’ and when you see ‘Game Mode’ turn the setting to ‘On.’

How to Fix TCL TV Slow to Respond to Remote

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When you are using a remote control to operate your TCL TV, the response time should only be a few seconds, if that long, for the TV to complete the action you have inputted on the remote. However, if you press a key on the remote control of your TCL TV and the response is taking several seconds or more to complete, this can be incredibly frustrating. If this is the particular issue you are dealing with, read below to see what the most likely issue is.

To fix a TCL TV that is slow to respond to the remote, be sure your remote is equipped with high-quality batteries and change out any batteries that have been used for a long amount of time. Also, be sure that nothing is obstructing the receiver of your TV when using the remote.

How to Fix TCL TV Slow to Start or Turn On

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Just like every other regular function, a TCL TV should be able to turn on within a few seconds after receiving the command to do so. There are times where this may take a bit longer than usual, such as after a power outage or after a big update has taken place, but if you notice that your TV is taking an extended amount of time to start or turn on consistently, there is an issue present. To see what to do to resolve this problem, read on.

If your TCL TV is slow to start or turn on, it could be that the TV needs to be updated. To check for updates that are available to your device go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Update’ > ‘Check Now’ then install any updates that are available when prompted.

How to Fix TCL TV Slow to Connect to WiFi

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If you have a TCL smart TV, you know that you must have a network connection to have access to the various functions offered on the device. If the TV is not connected, you will not be able to use certain apps and various features that need a connection to operate. IF your TCL TV is slow to connect to WiFi, what can be done?

If your TCL TV is slow to connect to WiFi, try restarting the TV and resetting your WiFi. TO do this, turn the TV off and back on, then unplug your router from its power source for 60 seconds. When the time has passed, plug the router back in, allow it to reboot, then try to reconnect.

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To fix a TCL TV that is delayed, lagging, or slow to respond, check for any available updates, enable ‘Game Mode’ if there is input lag present, turn the audio to ‘Movie’ or

Live’ mode if the sound is lagging, and reset the WiFi router.

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