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How to Pair TCL TV to Xfinity / DIRECTV / Roku / Universal remote

It can be very frustrating trying to set up a new TV or remote, especially when you want to enjoy them. Sometimes the instruction manuals are very long and hard to read, and each remote has a different setup. This is why I have decided to create a guide for pairing your remote specifically to your TCL TV.

Pairing a TCL TV to a remote can be done in one of three ways; manually entering a TCL TV code into the remote, allowing the remote to find the code through its own database and pair automatically, or by following on-screen prompts. This process varies with different brands.

Remote pointed at TV screen

I will outline the specific processes involved in pairing a remote to your TCL TV. I have included a variety of brands to help you find the remote you are trying to pair.

How to Pair a Universal Remote to a TCL TV

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A universal remote can pair to any remote-controlled device, including your TCL TV. They can be one of many brands, each with their own unique setup. I recommend looking at the instruction manual to find which buttons are required for each method.

Manual Setup with the Remote and TV Code

Every brand of remote has a different code for your specific TCL TV. These codes can be found on the TCL website here.

To manually enter a code, you must first enter the setup mode. You should start by selecting the ‘TV’ button so that the remote knows you are setting up the TV. Most universal remotes will have a setup button, which you should press and hold until a light comes on.

Once you have selected the ‘TV’ and ‘Setup’ buttons, you will need to enter the 3-6 digit code you found earlier. If there are multiple codes to choose from for you specific remote, try each one until the remote is paired to the TV.

After entering the code, the light on the remote will indicate whether you have entered the correct code. If you’re unsure, try turning the TV on or off with the remote.

If you are struggling with which buttons to press on your specific universal remote, you can find the pairing instructions for each remote alongside their codes in the above link. Make sure the remote batteries are also working.

Automatic Setup with the Remote

Setting up the remote automatically is usually an easier option if you have multiple codes to choose from. This process involves selecting which device you want to pair with the remote and then letting the remote cycle through its database of codes to find your TV.

First, you will need to turn on your TV. Then you will need to start the search process on the remote. This usually involves holding down the ‘TV’ button with another button.

For an RCA remote, for example, you will need to hold the ‘TV’ button and the power button until a light comes on. Then you press the ‘play’ button to begin the search for your TCL code. Your TV should turn off after you press this button.

Then you need to cycle back through the codes by pressing the ‘rewind’ button every few seconds. The remote usually cycles through multiple codes at once, so when you have rewound to the correct code for your TV, you TV will turn back on again. This may take a few attempts, but you can set the code by pressing the ‘stop’ button.

Your TCL TV will now be programed to the universal remote.

How to Pair Xfinity/Comcast Remote to a TCL TV

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Comcast is the parent brand of Xfinity remotes. These remotes can be programmed with a code or by automatic pairing.

Pair Your Xfinity Remote with a Code

The TCL code for your Xfinity remote is most likely to be 11756. To pair this remote to your TV, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Turn on your TCL TV.

Step 2: Press the ‘TV’ button on the remote.

Step 3: Hold the ‘Setup’ button until you see the light blink twice.

Step 4: Type in the code using the number buttons.

If the code is correct and you have paired the remote correctly, it will blink twice. If something is wrong, there will be one red blink. If this is the case, try some of the other codes listed below or try pairing the remote automatically.

Other possible codes may be: 10842, 10037, 12434, 12290, 12292, 11756, 10706, 10047, 12293, 11454, 12253 or 10625.

Some Xfinity remotes do not have a ‘Setup’ button. In this case, hold down the ‘Xfinity’ and ‘Mute’ buttons at the same time instead of the ‘Setup’ button. Once the light has changed from red to green, you can enter the code.

Pair Your Xfinity Remote Automatically

If the above codes do not work, you can try the following process to pair the remote automatically.

Step 1: Make sure your TV is on.

Step 2: Hold the ‘Setup’ button until the light turns from red to green.

Step 3: Press the number buttons ‘9’, ‘9’ and ‘1’ and wait for the green light to flash twice.

Step 4: Press the ‘CH^’ (channel up) button until your TV turns off.

Step 5: Press the ‘Setup’ button to lock in the code.

Once you have paired the remote, check that all the buttons are working.

How to Pair Directv Remote to a TCL TV

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A DirecTV system comes with both a remote and DirecTV player. This means that you can use the DirecTV player to pair the remote to your TV. You can still also use the code method or automatic remote setup.

Pair Your DirecTV Remote through the Unit (HD)

To pair the remote to your TV through the DirecTV player, you will need to turn both on and then follow the steps below on-screen.

To start, press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote. Then make your way through the following settings.

‘Settings’ > ‘Remote Control’ > ‘Program Remote’

The unit will guide you through the rest. Once you have finished the setup, your remote will be ready to go.

Pair Your DirecTV Remote through the Unit (SD)

An SD (standard definition) receiver involves a similar process, but the on-screen selections are named differently. Again, start by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on your remote and selecting the following options.

‘Parental Favs & Setup’ > ‘System Setup’ > ‘Remote’ or ‘Remote Control’ > ‘Pair/Program Remote’

This will take you to the on-screen instructions to finish pairing your remote.

Pair Your DirecTV Remote with a Code

To pair with a code, you will need to find your remote’s model number, which is located in the upper left corner. You can then look up the specific code for that remote to pair with your TCL TV. You can Google search these codes.

Once you have one or a few codes to choose from, follow these steps to pair your DirecTV remote to your TV.

Step 1: Slide the Mode Switch across to ‘TV’.

Step 2: Hold the ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ buttons until the green light flashes twice.

Step 3: Press ‘1’ and wait for the green light to flash twice.

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Step 4: Enter the code and wait for the green light to flash twice.

Your remote should now work for the TV. If not, try a different code or you can set up the remote using one of the other methods.

Pair Your DirecTV Remote Automatically

Step 1: Slide the Mode Switch across to ‘TV’.

Step 2: Hold the ‘Select’ and ‘Mute’ buttons until the light blinks twice.

Step 3: Press ‘9’, ‘9’ and then ‘1’ and wait for the light to blink twice.

Step 3: Press ‘1’

Step 4: Press the ‘Chan’ down button until your TV turns on.

Step 5: Press the ‘Chan’ up button until your TV turns off.

Now your TV will be paired to the DirecTV remote.

How to Pair Roku Remote to a TCL TV

Streaming device remote controlling TV

A Roku remote should automatically come paired to your TV. Like the DirecTV, Roku remotes control a Roku player.

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Roku remotes are very user friendly, but they also don’t offer much functionality for your TV. They will only be able to control the power and the volume.

There is usually an initial setup process that will automatically detect your TV. This will take you through a series of questions to make sure the remote is properly connected.

If you are connecting the remote to your TV after this initial setup, you will need to pair the two in device settings. First, you will need to press the ‘Home’ button on your remote and then select the following options on-screen.

‘Settings’ > ‘Remote’ > ‘Set up Remote for TV Control’

This will guide you through the rest of the steps. As you can see, this is a very simple process.

If you have a new Roku remote that is not detected by the Roku player, you may need to try a different method. The steps below will pair the new remote to your player, so you can then pair it to your TV.

Step 1: Unplug the Roku player for two minutes.

Step 2: Restart the Roku player

Step 3: Once you are prompted to pair the remote, remove the remote’s battery casing.

Step 4: Hold the reset button (within the battery compartment) for 5 seconds.

You can also download a Roku TV app on any smartphone, which allows you to use your phone as a remote instead.

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