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How To Reset Asus Laptop

You are trying to use your Asus laptop but you are finding some features on the laptop are not working. The battery is not holding its charge. The touchpad and Wi-Fi keep disconnecting. These issues can easily be resolved by resetting the Asus laptop.

To reset an Asus laptop, press and hold the Power button until the power light turns off. Remove the AC adapter. To do a factory reset, press and hold the Power button again for 40 seconds after removing the AC adapter.

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Resetting these features may sound daunting but it’s not. The steps are all outlined below and are easy to follow. You are a few steps away from getting your Asus laptop to work like new again.

How To Reset Asus Laptop Battery

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Your Asus laptop has been charging for hours but it doesn’t hold the charge when it’s unplugged. How do you reset an Asus laptop battery?

You can reset an Asus laptop battery by first letting the laptop battery drain completely. Remove the battery, if removable, and hold the power button down for 40 seconds. If the battery is not removable, remove the AC adapter.

Asus batteries contain a smart sensor that will reconnect itself when the battery is reset. This sensor ensures the battery is connecting to the operating system and provides a more accurate reading of the battery life.

Make sure the adapter is correctly and securely plugged into the laptop. If the connection is too loose, the laptop will not detect the adapter and will not charge.

Another cause for the laptop to not recognize the adapter is if the adapter cable is damaged. This can easily happen if the cord is in an area where it gets stepped on, caught under a chair, or even pulled on when trying to unplug it. The adapter will need to be replaced.

Battery Driver

A missing or outdated driver can also cause the laptop to no longer recognize the adapter. Reinstalling the driver will resolve this issue. Go to Asus’ website to see if there are any pending driver updates.

You can also download Driver Easy to automatically check and install any pending driver updates.

Step 1: Download the free version of ‘Driver Easy’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Tools’.

Step 3: Click on ‘Driver Uninstall’.

Step 4: Double click on ‘System Drivers’ to do a search of all your laptop drivers.

Step 5: Double click on ‘Batteries’.

Step 6: Select your laptop and then click on ‘Uninstall’.

Step 7: Close Driver Easy.

Step 8: Restart your laptop.

Step 9: Open Driver Easy again and click on the Update button next to the battery driver.

Step 10: Follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the battery driver.

How To Reset Asus Laptop To Factory Settings

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Your Asus laptop is running slowly and you want to free up drive space. How do you reset an Asus laptop to factory settings?

You can reset an Asus laptop to factory settings by going to the recovery menu. Power on the laptop and press the F9 key before the Asus logo appears. Click on the ‘Troubleshoot’ menu. Select ‘Fully Clean the Drive’. Restart the laptop.

Doing a factory reset of the laptop will take a couple of hours, depending on how many files are on the laptop. Once the laptop restarts, it will no longer have any saved preferences or personal data on it.

If you are not able to access the Recovery Menu from the Asus start page or if you have an older Asus laptop, you can access it from the desktop or from the backend.

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From Desktop

Step 1: Type ‘Reset’ in the search bar on the bottom left of the screen.

Step 2: Select ‘Reset This PC’.

Step 3: Press Enter

Step 4: Select ‘Reset this PC.

Step 5: Click on ‘Get Started’.

Step 6: If you want to save files, select the first option. This is a soft reset. For a deeper cleaner and troubleshooting, select ‘Remove Everything’.

From The Backend

Give these steps a try when the operating system does not load. This works best on older Asus laptops.

Step 1: Restart the laptop.

Step 2: While the laptop is powering back on, continually press the F9 key.

Step 3: Select the ‘Recovery’ option.

Step 4: Select the ‘Advanced Repair’ options.

Step 5: Select ‘Troubleshoot’.

Step 6: Select ‘Reset This PC’.

Step 7: Choose between ‘Soft Rest’ and ‘Hard Reset’.

Step 8: If doing a full rest, select ‘Fully Clean Drive’.

How To Reset Asus Laptop BIOS

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The BIOS contains your laptop’s hardware settings. Resetting the BIOS is important to do if you install upgrades within the Asus or if you replace components. How can you reset an Asus laptop BIOS?

You can reset an Asus laptop BIOS by pressing the F2 key on startup. You can also go to the Start menu > ‘Settings’> ’Update and Security’> Recovery> ‘Troubleshoot’. Restart the laptop.

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. The BIOS is responsible for managing the flow of data between the laptop’s operating system and any attached devices such as a keyboard, printer, mouse, and video adapter.

Each time the laptop is powered on, BIOS runs a self-test to make sure all of the connected devices are operating correctly. This is why it takes a few seconds for the laptop to fully start when rebooted.

Another way you can reset the Asus laptop BIOS is by assessing the default settings.

Step 1: Restart the Asus laptop.

Step 2: Once the BIOS screen appears, enter your password.

Step 3: Select ‘Configurations Settings’.

Step 4: Enter the date and time.

Step 5: Select ‘IDE Primary Master’.

Step 6: Select ‘IDE Primary Save’.

Step 7: Once updated, press ‘Esc’.

Step 8: Press ‘F7’ to load default settings.

Step 9: Press ‘F10’ to save settings and exit the setup feature.

How To Reset BIOS Password Asus Laptop

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A BIOS password is an extra level of security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your laptop’s hardware. What can you do if you forget this password or need to reset it? How do you reset the Asus laptop BIOS password?

You can reset the BIOS password on an Asus laptop by going into the Administrator Settings. Press the ‘F2’ key while the laptop is starting up. Select ‘Security’ in the main menu. Click on ‘Administrator Password’.

Thankfully, BIOS issues are not very common outside of user error, such as forgetting a password. But there are times when you need to diagnose a hardware issue or if you are having trouble booting the laptop.

How To Reset Asus Laptop CMOS

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You updated the firmware on your Asus laptop but not it refuses to start up. You may need to reset the laptop’s memory. How do you reset an Asus laptop CMOS?

You can reset an Asus laptop CMOS by reseating the CMOS battery. The CMOS battery is what saves the BIOS settings. When this power is removed, the CMOS and BIOS settings will be cleared and reset.

CMOS stands for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. This is the memory bank for your laptop. It stores data so that it is not lost when the laptop is turned off. This data is stored on the motherboard.

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Resetting the motherboard is a technical process and should only be done by a professional since it involves discharging electrical currents from the motherboard.

How To Reset Asus Laptop Network Settings

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If your Asus laptop is having trouble connecting to the network or a paired device, it might be time to reset the network settings. How do you reset an Asus laptop’s network settings?

You can reset Asus laptop network settings by clicking the Start menu > ‘Settings’ > ‘Network & Internet’ > ‘Network Reset’ > ‘Reset Now’. The laptop will restart, resetting the network settings.

Resetting the network settings is best to try when you are experiencing internet and connectivity issues. Resetting the network will remove minor software glitches and will force install any pending updates that could be affecting the performance of your laptop.

This type of reset is not the same as a factory reset. A factory reset will delete all saved information on the laptop, wiping it clean. Resetting the network settings will delete some local settings such as network connections, Bluetooth connections, and even paired devices.

How To Reset Asus Laptop Keyboard

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Are you pressing the keys on your laptop only to find the keyboard is not responding? How do you reset the Asus laptop keyboard?

You can reset an Asus laptop keyboard by restarting the laptop. Let the laptop reset without power for at least 10 minutes. If your laptop has a removable battery, remove the battery for at least 10 minutes.

Another reason why the laptop is not recognizing the keyboard could be the keyboard driver needs to be updated. A missing or outdated driver will cause the keyboard to be undiscoverable by the laptop operating system.

You can visit to search for your laptop drivers. If there is a driver update for your laptop, you can select it there.

Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers does require some time and skill. If you are comfortable going through this process, make sure you have the time set aside for this.

An easier and quicker option is to download the free program Driver Easy. It will automatically search all of your drivers and will detect any problem drivers. It will also automatically download and install the most current version of the drivers.

How To Reset Asus Laptop Fingerprint

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You place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and nothing happens. The sensor is not recognizing you. Can you reset the Asus laptop fingerprint?

You can reset the Asus laptop fingerprint by updating the driver. Right-click on the Windows logo and select ‘Device Manager’. Go to Biometric Devices and locate the Synaptics driver and right-click to uninstall the current driver.

Make sure there is no liquid on your finger and that it is clean. A tiny amount of moisture or debris can prevent the sensor from recognizing your print.

Use a soft cloth to gently clean the fingerprint module. This small sensor collects dust and other debris that affect its ability to scan clearly.

How To Reset Asus Laptop RAM

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RAM is the temporary holding area for data that is accessed by the central processing unit. It is faster for the laptop to access data from RAM than from the hard drive. How do you reset Asus laptop RAM?

You can reset Asus laptop RAM by updating the laptop software. Clear the memory cache to increase memory space and speed. Uninstall old apps or programs that are no longer used. Closeout software running in the background.

Resetting the RAM will increase its speed and performance but there are things you can do on a regular basis to make sure your laptop has enough RAM to work quickly and efficiently.

The first place to start is by locating your laptop’s RAM usage so you can see which programs are running and how much space they take up.

Step 1: Open your laptop Task Manager. You can do this by either right-clicking on the Windows Logo or by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys.

Step 2: Click on the tab titled ‘Processes’.

Step 3: Click on ‘Memory’ to view the programs currently running.

Another way to free up RAM is to disable software you no longer need or use. This is an especially good idea if you have had your laptop for some time, or are not the original owner of the laptop.

Startup Programs are activated each time the laptop is booted up. These programs are sitting idle or simply taking up space – valuable real estate that could be used for current software and to increase memory and space.

Step 1: Open ‘Task Manager’.

Step 2: Select ‘Startup Apps’.

Step 3: Disable the programs you no longer need by right-clicking on them and selecting ‘Disable’.

^This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 05/20/2022^

Background Apps

Background apps are applications that are running in the background when they are not in use. These apps will not only affect the RAM but also your laptop battery and data bandwidth. Here is how you can stop these apps from running in the background.

Step 1: Go to your laptop Settings.

Step 2: Click on ‘Privacy’.

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Background Apps’.

Step 4: Disable any apps that you are not using. Disabling these apps will also stop them from sending notifications about software updates.

Clear Page File

When you shut down or restart your laptop, page files are not cleared because they are stored on the hard drive. Clearing these pages out of the hard drive will also clear any RAM it has stored.

Step 1: Type ‘Registry Editor’ into the menu bar on the bottom left side of the screen.

Step 2: When asked whether or not to allow the Registry Editor to make changes to your device, select ‘Yes’.

Step 3: Navigate thru the options given and select ‘ HKEY Local Machine.

Step 4: Click on ‘System’.

Step 5: Click on ‘Current Control Set’.

Step 6: Click on ‘Control’.

Step 7: Click on ‘Session Manager’.

Step 8: Click on ‘Memory Management’.

Step 9: Click on ‘Clear Page File At Shutdown’.

Step 10: Under Value Date, enter the number 1.

Step 11: Click on ‘Ok’.

How To Reset Asus Laptop Touchpad

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You accidentally changed a setting and now the touchpad does not work. Can you reset an Asus laptop touchpad?

You can reset an Asus laptop touchpad by updating the touchpad driver. Open the ‘Device Manager’. Click on ‘Human Interface Devices’. Right-click on the touchpad you want to update. Select ‘Update Driver’.

If updating the driver did not resolve the issue, you can uninstall and reinstall the driver. Uninstalling the current driver will ensure you install the most current driver.

Step 1: Open ‘Device Manager’.

Step 2: Locate and select ’Human Interface Devices’.

Step 3: Right-click on the touchpad driver you are having issues with and select ‘Uninstall’.

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Step 4: Wait 20 seconds and then right-click on ‘Human Interface Devices’ again and select ‘Reinstall’.

Step 5: Restart your laptop to refresh everything. The touchpad should now be working properly again.

It is also a good idea to first make sure the touchpad is enabled before you try resetting it. Resetting it would only be extra time and work that is pointless if the touchpad is not enabled.

Step 1: To open Window settings, simultaneously press the Windows logo key and I (the capital letter i).

Step 2: Click on ‘Devices’.

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Step 3: Click on ‘Touchpad’.

Step 4: Click on ‘Additional Settings’.

Step 5: In the box ‘TouchPad’, make sure the option to ‘enable touchpad’ is check marked. You can also change the touchpad default settings to make it easier to use the touchpad.

How To Reset Asus Laptop Wi-Fi

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You sit down to use the laptop only to find out there is no Wi-Fi. A laptop is a glorified typewriter without Wi-Fi. The first place to start troubleshooting the issue is with the router.

Make sure the router is working and is within range of your laptop. If there was a recent power outage or power surge, restart the router by turning it off for at least 5 minutes.

Another cause for why an Asus laptop will not connect to Wi-Fi is if the power saver mode is turned on. This will cause the Wi-Fi to continually disconnect. Turning this setting off will resolve the issue.

You can reset the Asus laptop Wi-Fi by resetting the network settings. Go to the laptop Settings and select ‘Network & Internet’. Select ‘Network Reset’. Select ‘Reset Now’. Select ‘Yes’. The laptop will restart to refresh everything.

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