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How To Reset Hisense TV

Hisense TVs are known for their quick processing, crystal clear picture, and price point that works for any budget looking to find a TV on the market, but there are still times when such a great product needs a reboot. If you are looking to reset your Hisense TV, how is it done?

To reset a Hisense TV, turn the TV off and unplug it from its power source. Once unplugged, wait 30 seconds before plugging the device back in. When it has been plugged back into a working outlet, turn it back on and the soft reset will have been completed.

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There are so many reasons Hisense TV owners might find themselves wanting to reset their TV, as this process is a quick and easy way to resolve issues that span from small to big, and it also gives owners the opportunity to restore their TV back to its factory settings. If you are looking to complete a reset on your Hisense TV, but you don’t quite know how, take a look below to see just how this can be done as well as other reset methods that are out there.

How to Reset Hisense TV

If you find that your Hisense TV is operating a little more slowly than normal, that various applications aren’t responding the way that they should, or you have purchased a TV used that is not performing as you would have hoped, a reset is a great way to resolve any of these issues. To find out how to complete a reset with your Hisense TV, read below to get the exact steps to start and finish this process.

To reset a Hisense TV, turn the TV off by either using the remote control or turning it off from the TV itself, unplug the device from its power source and allow it to sit for 30 seconds, then plug the TV back into the power outlet. Once the soft reset is done, you can then turn the TV on.

How To Reset Hisense TV to Factory Settings

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Whether your Hisense TV is acting up in a way that you cannot figure out a resolution for or you are trying to rid a used TV of all the data that was stored on it by the previous owner, a soft reset is not exactly what you might be looking for. For something that will erase what is on the TV as well as any major bugs within it, a reset that will revert your TV back to its factory settings is necessary. To see how to do this, take a look below to find the exact steps.

To reset a Hisense TV back to factory settings, click on ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Storage and Reset’ > ‘Factory Data Reset.’ Once you have gotten through these selections, enter in either the default pin (0000) or the pin you set. When this is done, the reset will commence.

How To Reset Hisense TV Remote Control

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If you are not dealing with a problem when it comes to your Hisense TV, you may be thinking you are in the clear of any possible issues. However, there is one item that many find incredibly useful and use nearly every time they are using their TV: the remote. If you have a Hisense remote with your TV and it is not operating as it should, read on to see what you can do to restore the function of this incredibly useful device.

To reset a Hisense TV remote control, take the batteries from the remote and press the power button down for 5 seconds before putting them back in. Once you see the LED light blink twice, press 8 and 2 together for 6 seconds. You will then enter the sequence ‘9-8-1.’

How To Reset Hisense TV With Remote

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If you are looking to reset your Hisense TV in the most convenient way possible, the easiest method is to reset it by using your remote control. Of course, you have to be able to have a working remote for this to be possible, but resetting your Hisense TV with a remote simply requires you to punch buttons and follow instructions. If you are trying to reset your Hisense TV with a remote, read on to find the exact steps to complete his method.

To reset a Hisense TV, click the ‘Home’ button on your remote control and navigate to ‘Settings.’ Once you are here, go to ‘Storage and Reset’ > ‘Factory Data Reset’ > and enter in the relevant pin so that the reset can begin. Once entered, the process will start and complete within minutes.

How To Reset Hisense TV Without Remote

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Although remotes certainly make using your Hisense TV much easier and much more convenient, there are times when that small device is simply nowhere to be found. Even more, if you have purchased a TV that was previously used, you may not have received a remote control with the rest of the equipment. If you don’t have a remote control but are still looking to reset your Hisense TV, read below to see exactly how to do this.

To reset your Hisense TV without a remote, using a straightened paper clip, find the reset button that is located on the back of your TV. You will then push this button with the paperclip and hold it there for 15 seconds, or until your device restarts. Once restarted, the reset has completed.

To reset your Hisense TV back to its factory settings, go to the “Menu’ on your TV and click ‘Settings’ > ‘Storage and Reset’ > ‘Factory Data Reset’ and enter either the default pin of ‘0000’ or the pin you individually changed during setup so that the reset can begin and complete.

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