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How to Reset LG Monitor

LG has a great range of monitors for home use, gaming, and various office applications.

Due to their broad appeal, especially amongst the gaming crowd who enjoy the 4K and ultrawide monitors, you may find that you need to reset your LG monitor after it’s been changed for recreational use.

To reset an LG monitor back to its original factory settings, press the menu button to access the monitor setup window. Press the “Menu” button on the monitor control panel to view the Monitor Setup window. Then press the menu again and scroll to factory reset. Press yes and then the menu option.

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After selecting yes and menu, your monitor will be reset to the default factory settings and you can then make any changes you like based on your preferences.

The buttons are a little hard to see, but you’ll find the LG monitor controls located on the left side of the monitor.

Newer LED monitors have a joystick button that is located in the middle of the bottom edge of the screen.

Pressing the joystick once will activate the on-screen display (OSD) menu. Moving the joystick button up and down and from side to side will allow you to scroll through the menu options.

If you’d like to reset the monitor to its energy-saving mode, then press the right arrow button which highlights the Super Energy Saving mode. Then press the menu button again and scroll down to highlight the reset option.

Press the menu option and select yes, which will enable the default energy-saving settings.

How to Factory Reset/Hard Reset LG Monitor

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While LG Monitors come with plug-and-play capabilities, there are times that you may want to reset the monitor back to its original factory settings.

To factory reset your LG monitor, push the joystick button at the bottom of your screen to access the on-screen display. Scroll to the reset menu option and press the joystick button once. Then select reset and OK. The monitor will then reset to the factory default settings.

There are arrows on the screen menu to indicate which way you must move the joystick to access the setting you wish to change.

Push the joystick button in the direction of the arrow and the item you select will be highlighted.

If you wish to exit, then you can select the left direction key by moving the joystick in that direction.

Pressing on top of the joystick button will activate the selection you make.

If you are using a Mac, then resetting the LG monitor is done via the graphics card screen settings as there are no buttons to reset the monitor on the screen.

The monitor connects via its plug and play capability and any changes to screen resolution, brightness or orientation are made in the graphics interface.

How to Reset LG Monitor Service Menu

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It is not easy to find information on how to reset the service menu on the newer model LG monitors.

The older monitors have buttons while the newer models use a joystick button.

To reset the LG monitor service menu, make sure the monitor is off. Press the joystick button to the left three times and then once to the right. Then press the select button to switch the monitor on as normal. After the monitor is switched on, press the select button to the left to choose the menu.

After accessing the service menu, you can make your reset selections by following the on-screen options and selecting them as required.

When you finish with your selections, you can exit the service menu by scrolling to the bottom and then pressing “select”.

The menu will be available until you switch the monitor off again. After that, the monitor will return to its normal mode, and pressing the select button will bring up the standard on-screen menu.

How to Reset LG Monitor Power Saving Mode

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As with all electronic devices, power usage continues to be a major concern amongst consumers.

LG monitors come with a power-saving mode which reduces power consumption specifically when the monitor is not in use for an extended period.

It may also enter power-saving mode if there are issues with the HDMI cable or if the graphics card has an error.

To reset the LG monitor’s power saving mode, first, check to see if it is in power-saving mode. The blinking light on the front of the monitor will show that the monitor has entered power-saving mode. Switch the power off and check that all cables are secure. Then press the power button to reset the monitor.

Power saving mode originates from the monitor and not your computer. If the graphics card senses that there is power, it may send a signal to the monitor to let it know that it is available but will not provide a full video signal.

There are a variety of reasons for your monitor to be in power-saving mode.

Here are a few of the more common issues:

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  • If your video cable is plugged into the incorrect port. To correct the issue, switch off the monitor and remove the video cable. Plug it into the correct port and switch the monitor on again.
  • A failed graphics card. Before buying a new card, try removing it from the motherboard and then reinstalling it.
  • Failing or damaged power supply. If the power supply cable is damaged or there is a fault on the internal power cables, your monitor may continually be entering power saver mode. Replace the power supply and cable to fix the problem.
  • When there are 2 or more monitors installed on your PC, you may experience problems with the monitor being set to the incorrect source. You should ascertain whether the PC has booted and if there is any movement of fans or hard drives. If the PC is on, then look for the source or input button on the monitor and press it.
  • Your motherboard may be dead or dying, in which case you’ll need to decide whether it is worth replacing or whether you should buy a new PC.
  • Failed RAM can also cause power saver mode issues, which will be resolved with replacement modules.
  • The CMOS battery may have lost power and require replacement.

How to Reset LG Monitor Display Settings

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While setting up an LG monitor is usually quick and painless due to its plug-and-play capabilities, you may wish to make changes to the standard display settings.

To reset the LG monitor display settings, access the main menu by pressing the joystick button on the monitor. When the menu appears, navigate using up, down, left, and right joystick movements to make your selection. Configure your monitor in the settings menu or use the pre-set gaming mode.

While the menu is on the screen, you’ll receive instructions on how to use the joystick via a box in the lower right corner of the screen.

Once you have finished changing the settings, you can move the joystick left or press the on/off button to return to the settings menu.

To exit completely, keep moving the joystick left until you leave the menu.

How to Reset LG Monitor Resolution/Screen Size

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If you are unhappy with the screen size or resolution settings on your LG monitor, then changing it is a simple task.

To reset the LG monitor resolution or screen size, click the Windows Start button to open your Control Panel. Select Appearance and Personalization and click on the Adjust Screen Resolution option. Select the drop-down list and find the recommended resolution.

Check the monitor after setting the resolution to see that your image is crisp and clear.

Depending on the size of your screen, you may have to try different screen resolutions before finding the one that suits your purpose.

A resolution setting of 2560×1440 contains 78% more pixels than the 1920×1080 resolution setting.

While the 2560×1440 setting gives you a more vivid image and larger screen area (depending on your pixel per inch ratio), it consumes more power and resources during games.

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