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How to Reset Maytag Washer

Maytag Washers have many settings available in terms of the amount of heat available and different tumbling settings.  They also can be reset in case you run into a problem with your washer not performing properly or indicating error messages. Read on to learn more about how to reset your Maytag Washer.

To reset your Maytag Washer, first press Power/Cancel. Then, select a new cycle to run. Now, press Start/Pause, and your Maytag Washer should then reset. Then, run a test load to make sure the washer has reset.

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Is There a Reset Button on a Maytag Washer?

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Maytag Washers have many settings, but they do not have a specific reset button. A Maytag Washer can, however, be reset in several simple steps as listed below.

To reset your Maytag Washer without a reset button, first put the washer in Stand-by Mode by pressing the Start/Pause Button and then hold it down continuously for three seconds. After this, you should see all the indicator lights off. Then go ahead and rotate the Cycle Selector Knob clockwise.

Within the next 6 seconds, go ahead and rotate the selection knob clockwise or to the right for one click and then wait for a half second. Then, rotate the selection knob right or clockwise for one click and wait for another half second.

Now, rotate the selection knob one click or rotation in the clockwise direction and wait for one half second again. Now rotate the selection knob in a counterclockwise or left-hand motion for one click and wait for another half second.

Finally, rotate the selection knob clockwise or in the right-hand direction for one click.

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At this point, you should be able to see all the LCD lights except for the lid locked indicator light flashing every half second in an on and then off fashion.

Keep rotating the selection knob until the LCD panel indicates only Wash, Rinse and Done are functioning. The press Start one time. Go ahead and unplug the washer from the power source. Wait for a period of ten seconds and then plug the power source back in.

At this point, the washer should not start up and there should not be any lights lit up on the LCD display. If your washer does not start automatically, then the process has been completed. If your Maytag washer does restart within a period of ten seconds, it is most likely the time to go ahead and schedule an appointment with a Certified and Factory Trained Maytag Washer Technician.

How to Reset Maytag Washer Control Board/Computer

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Maytag Washers are universally known as being very durable and very reliable and efficient. Occasionally, though, problems occur with your washer that need rapid attention. These problems can often be resolved through careful troubleshooting and resetting your Maytag Washer Control Board/Computer.

To reset your Maytag Washer and reset the washer control board/computer, go ahead and press Power to turn the power to the washer off. Then, plug the washer back into the power source. Now, lower and raise the washer lid six times within a twelve second time frame.

Then, go to Washing Options and press the Delicates and Knits Button and hold the button for several seconds. Now, you should be able to see the LED Display Screen start to flash and blink, which is an indication that the codes for the Maytag Washer have all been reset to previous settings.

Now, press any button to transfer back to the LCD Screen that will now be in Standard Display Mode.  

How to Reset Maytag Washer Motor

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If your Maytag Washer is not spinning or is spinning and not agitating or is only agitating or your clothes are coming out of the washer soaking wet, it means that the washer motor has gone into an error code and needs to be reset. Fortunately, you can reset the washer motor easily by following the steps as listed below.

To reset your Maytag Washer and reset your Maytag Washer motor, take the plug out from the wall outlet for a period of sixty seconds. Then go ahead and plug the power cord back into the wall socket. Now, lower and raise the washer lid six times within a twelve second time frame.

How to Reset/Clear Maytag Washer Error Codes

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When you find that your Maytag Washer is not running well, you may see one of many different error codes showing up on the LCD Display. These codes are determined by a special internal diagnosis system which is designed to lead you to an analysis of the problem so that you can fix it quickly and easily.

To reset your Maytag Washer and to reset and clear Maytag Washer Error Codes, first check the timer on the washer machine to make sure it is working properly. If you get Error Code dET it indicates a problem with the detergent dispenser.  

Check the detergent dispenser’s position and then press Cancel or Pause two times to clear the error code.

If you get the error code Int, it indicates an interruption of the progress of the wash cycle. Press Pause/Cancel and then press the Power Button to delete the error code.

Error codes rL or F34 indicate that there was an item that remained in the washer drum during a cleaning cycle. Run the clean cycle again when the washer drum is empty and then restart the clean cycle.

If you see the error code SUD or Sd on your Maytag Washer Display, it means that there are too many suds in the washing machine. This will prevent your washing machine from spinning properly. This error code will be removed once you remove all the excess suds from the washer tub.

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Error code F5 E2 indicates that the door of your washer is not closing properly. Check to make sure there is nothing blocking the closure of the washer door. Press Pause or Cancel two times and then press the Power Button once to erase the error code.

If you have a different brand of washing machine please find your brand in our how to reset your washing machine article.

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