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Maytag Washer Odor Problem Or Smells Bad

Maytag washers have exceptional cleaning abilities. They are super fast and efficient in terms of water and energy consumption.  However,  these washers can develop an odor problem if you don’t use and maintain them properly. For instance, the washer may smell bad due to the accumulation of detergent, wastewater, body oil, lotions,  hair, etc., on the door gasket and washer tub, supporting the development of mold, mildew, and bacteria responsible for the foul smell.

If your Maytag odor smells bad, use baking soda and vinegar to clean the door seal and washer tub off any accumulation. If this doesn’t clear the smell, perhaps,  the washer filter is the culprit. Remove the filter and clean it using hot water and a high-efficiency detergent.

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However,  the above areas may not be the only ones responsible for the bad smell. Sometimes the bad smell may come from clogged drain hoses. In that case, you may need a drain cleaner to clear the clog and kill any bacteria. 

In addition,  the foul smell can come from a burnt motor, motherboard, or seized drain pump, etc., calling for a repair or replacement of the parts. So, you should use the type of smell to judge the corrective action you need.  

Maytag Washer Smells Like Burning

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Does your Maytag washer smell like burning during and after the spins?  A burning smell signals that a particular component of the washer is overheating due to an issue in the system, putting the device in imminent danger. 

If your Maytag washer smells like burning during the spins, switch it off to prevent breakdown. Inspect the power cord and sockets connecting to the washer for burnt signs. If they are intact, disassemble the washer to look for the burning/overheating culprit.

The possible culprits to inspect first include the drive motor, drive belt, drain pump, drive motor pulley, wiring harness, motherboard, and clutch assembly. 

Note:  you might need special tools like screwdrivers and a multimeter to test the electric units’ functionality. That means you must be knowledgeable in troubleshooting and repairing various elements in the washer. 

Top Causes of Maytag Washer Burning Smell

When I first bought my Maytag washer, I used to call a repair technician every time I detected a burning smell in my washer.  Thankfully, I met an old friend and an expert in washer repair who taught me the possible causes of the problem and how to solve them. I was even surprised to realize that I could solve most of the culprits alone.

The top causes Maytag washer burning smell include strained/broken drive motor, seized drain pump, broken drive belt, worn out drive motor pulley, defective clutch assembly, defective wire harness to and from the motor/ motherboard, and defective central control unit, etc.

I have discussed each in detail in the following section.

Overloaded Drive Motor

When overloaded,  the drive motor may fail to rotate the drum and produce a  loud noise alongside a burning smell. If not disengaged, the heavy load may cause burnout of the drive motor fuse or the motor itself.

Broken Drive Belt

When broken,  the drive belt won’t turn the drum. Instead, it will rub against other components in the system to create friction while emitting a burning smell.

Worn Out Drive Pulley

When worn out,  the drive pulley may cause the drive belt to slide while pulling, creating friction that leads to a burning rubber smell.

Seized Drain Pump

A  seized drain pump will produce a burning smell. However, how it generates the smell depends on whether it is driven by a belt or an electric motor. If driven by a belts, a seized pump would produce the smell due to friction between the pump surface and the sliding belts as they attempt to rotate it. On the other hand, a motor-driven drain pipe will produce the smell due to the overload on the drain pump.

How To Fix The Maytag Washer Burning Smell

When your Maytag smells smoke during or after the washing cycle, it signals something is overheating in the washer. You must identify and fix the problem before it breaks down your machine.

To fix the Maytag washer burning smell, switch off the machine and unplug it from the power.  Open up the device to access the internal elements for inspection. Repair any defective parts you may find in your washer.

What I’m trying to put through is that you need to test different parts, especially the culprits we have mentioned above, for repair or replacement. Check the following examples.

How To Fix A Worn-Out Drive Pulley

If  you suspect that your washer’s drive pulley is defective, 

  • Disconnect  the washer  from the power
  • Use  the manufacturer manual  to locate the drive pulley 
  • Remove the drive pulley to inspect it for any damages, grease buildups, wear and tear, burns, and other damages
  • Replace the drive pulley if damaged

How To Fix A  Broken Drive  Belt

The broken drive belt is most likely the problem if your Maytag washer releases a burnt rubber smell during or after the spins. 

To  fix a broken drive belt:

  • Open the rear panel of  your washer  to access it
  • Remove the clamps  attaching  the  belt  to the motor  and the  drive pulley
  • Remove  the belt  to inspect any  flares, burns, cracks, or  any other signs of damage
  • Replace or with a new one

How  To Fix A Broken Motor

If the drive belt is not the problem, perhaps, the drive motor has burnt down, or the wires connecting to it have a  connection failure. 

To fix a  broken motor,  

  • Remove the motor to test it and the continuity of the wires connected to it using a multimeter.
  • If the motor is in good shape, the multimeter should read 0 or something not exceeding 0.5 ohms, while a wire with perfect continuity should give a multimeter reading of 0 ohms.
  • Replace the  motor  and its connections if they do not match  the above readings

As you can see, you need to troubleshoot the individual culprits mentioned earlier to identify the cause of the burning smell.  

You should test most electrical components and their wire connections for continuity. 

Be sure to replace the electrical component or wire that doesn’t have a multimeter reading of between 0 ohms and 0.5 ohms.

On the other hand, you should inspect for signs of damage or wear and tear for non-electric components like drive belts, drive pulleys, etc.

Maytag Washer Smells Musty Or Moldy

Woman putting clothes inside the washer

You enter your laundry room and are welcomed by a musty smell. You try to find the source and realize that your Maytag washer is the culprit. And the worst of all, you realize that the washer has transferred the smell to your best clothes. What will you do? Throw the washer away? 

If your washer smells musty, it may mean that you haven’t been cleaning your washer regularly, leading to an accumulation of soap scum, body oil, and other elements, which combine with leftover water to create a breeding zone for mildew and bacteria. 

A rotten egg smell might accompany the musty odor due to infestation by bacteria.

The Top Causes Of The Maytag Washer Smells Musty Or Moldy

A Maytag washer that smells musty can easily transfer the smell to your clothes. It can also leave some fungi on your clothes, resulting in respiratory and skin reactions. 

That said,  you need to find out the causes of the musty smell to correct them lest you become a  victim of allergic reactions.

The top cause of the Maytag washer smelling musty is the development of molds or mildew in the washer tub, the door gasket, dispensers, and other parts. The molds grow on a layer of soap scum, dirt, body oil, and other debris, which accumulate on the tub and the door gasket due to poor cleaning. 

However,  the accumulation in the washer tub,  the soap dispensers, door seal, etc., may not come from poor cleaning alone. Sometimes the accumulation might  result  from:

Use Of The Wrong Detergent

Generally, Maytag washers need a high-efficiency detergent to reduce the accumulation of suds on the soap dispenser, washer tub, and door gasket.  When you use a  regular detergent,  they may end up producing excess suds, leading to scaling.

Use Of Excess Detergent

Applying too much detergent will produce excess suds, which may accumulate on the tub, dispenser, and other areas. This applies to H.E detergents too.

Use of Hard Water

Hard water is potent in minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese, etc., which may accumulate on the tub’s walls and other contact areas.

The musty smell might also result from over-applicating the cold water cycles and over soaking your clothes.

How To Fix Maytag Washer Smells Musty Or Moldy

The musty smell can be a nuisance. You should clear it away to reclaim your laundry comfort and avoid the worst effects you may experience from inhaling and contacting molds in your clothes.

To fix a Maytag washer that smells musty, use baking soda and white vinegar to clean the washer tub,  soap dispenser, and door gasket of any accumulation, including any molds. Also, use the right amount of recommended detergent when cleaning to prevent the accumulation from recurring in the future.

Below are the steps for cleaning the door gasket and the washer tub.

How  To Clean The Door  Gasket

  • Open  the washer  door and pull its seal inside out
  • Remove  any solid debris like buttons, cons, and hair
  • Dip a piece of towel in white vinegar and baking soda  solution and use it to wipe any accumulation on the deal
  • Leave it to dry air

How  To Clean A Washer Tub

  • Sprinkle a ¼  cup of baking soda into the washer tub and close the washer
  • Pour two and ½ cups of white vinegar into the soap dispenser
  • Rub a  hot water cycle

You may have to conduct several cycles depending on the resistance of the grime.

Maytag Washer Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Sewer Gas, Or Sulfur

Woman putting clothes inside the washer

Another problem that can make you feel like throwing away your Maytag washer is the release of rotten eggs smell/  sewer gas/ sulfur smell.

When your Maytag washer smells like rotten eggs, it signifies a bacteria infestation on the door seal,  washer tub, soap drawer, drain pipes, and other internal parts. This infestation may be due to the buildup of dirt, soap scum, water minerals, etc., creating a breeding zone for bacteria. 

Top Causes Of Maytag Washer Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Sewer Gas, Or Sulfur

Don’t rush to throw your Maytag washer when you detect a pungent smell from it. Instead, identify the causes of the problem to solve them and prevent the machine from transferring the smell and the bacteria to your clothes.

A Maytag washer would smell like rotten eggs, sewer gas, or sulfur due to bacteria infestation of its internal parts. The growth of bacteria on the inner parts of the Maytag washer is facilitated by a buildup of minerals, detergents, hair, and other debris. 

The top causes  of  this accumulation include:

Use Of Hard Water

Hard water can cause mineral buildup in the screens that filter the water, eventually restricting its flow into your machine and causing a breakdown.

Use Of The Wrong Detergent

Using the wrong detergent may produce excess suds, which may mix with hair, body oils, and creams to form a sticky layer,  which promotes the development of bacteria on the internal components.  The same case applies if you use excess detergent.

Keeping Clothes In The Washer Tub

Not removing the clothes from the tub after the cycle is complete can support the development of molds and bacteria in the washer.  This is because the wet clothes create a  dump environment where these microorganisms need to thrive.

How To Fix Maytag Washer Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Sewer Gas, Or Sulfur

Now that you know what is causing your washer’s strong, pungent smell,  the next step is to learn how to revert the washer to its pristine condition. 

If your Maytag washer smells like rotten eggs, use baking soda and white vinegar to clean its main washing parts like the drum, detergent drawer, drains, etc., to clear any buildup. Also, ensure you remove your clothes from the washer immediately after the washing cycle.

Clean The Detergent Drawer

  • Pull the dispenser  out until you detect some resistance
  • Press  the two tabs and continue pulling out
  • Sprinkle it with a cleaning agent, and use a brush to clean any accumulation 
  • rinse it with a hot water
  • Leave it open  to air dry

Clean the Washer Tub

  • Sprinkle 250grams of  baking soda into the washer  tub and close it
  • Pour two cups of   white  vinegar into the  soap  dispenser and then activate the  hit water cycle

Clean The Filter

  • Locate the filter to remove it
  • Pick  any visible debris and then dip it in a hot  soapy  water
  • Clean and leave it in the sun to dry

Clean The Washer Drains

If you suspect the washer drains are clogged, you can quickly unclog them using a drain cleaner. 

  • Pour  the  cleaning agent into the machine dispenser, 
  • Run a hot water cycle

You can also unclog the drain using baking soda and a white vinegar solution. However,  you must run a  hot cycle to facilitate the penetration of the clogs.

Maytag Washer Smells Like Oil

Woman putting clothes inside the washer

Does your Maytag washer smell like oil? Does it leave oil stains on your clothes after the cycles?

An oily smell in your Maytag washer may signify that there is oil leakage in some part of the washer or that there is excessive accumulation of oil and grease from the clothes due to continuous cold water cycles.

Top Causes Of Maytag Washer Smells Like Oil

When you detect the oily smell in your Maytag washer,  you might be interested in finding out the cause of the problem to solve it.

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The top cause of the Maytag washer smelling like oil is a broken transmission system. The smell aside, the leakage might leave oil spots on your clothes after the cycles. The oily smell might also emanate from the grease and oil buildup in the washer due to cold water cycles.

The main transmission components that might leak the oil include the drive pulley, drive motor bearings, the drive belts, agitator, etc. 

How To Fix Maytag Washer Smells Like Oil

If your Maytag washer emits an oily smell, you need to clear the smell as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to detect the smell on your clothes or see oil spots on them. 

To fix the oily smell, run an empty hot water cycle with white vinegar to remove any oil/ grease accumulation on the washer tub and the drains. Also, dip a towel in a vinegar and baking soda solution and then use it to wipe any layers of oil on the door seal.

If the oily smell doesn’t cease after a thorough cleaning, there may be a leakage in the transmission system. 

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Run an empty cycle and listen to whether the washer produces squeaky sounds alongside the oily smell. If yes,  then the transmission system is defective.  And, it might be time to replace your machine.

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