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HP Monitor Screen Issues (How to Troubleshoot)

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An HP monitor screen that is having issues will prevent you from performing even the simplest of tasks on your computer. To make matters worse, trying to figure out the exact cause can be frustrating on its own. Thankfully, there are some troubleshooting tips that can help determine the cause and fix the problem. 

When you have HP monitor screen issues, the issue could be caused by either a bad monitor or an issue with your computer. If the issue is with the computer, the most common culprits are either a memory problem or a hard drive problem.

The first thing to check, however, when your HP monitor is having issues is to ensure there is power to the screen. You will also need to check to ensure that all cables running from the computer to the monitor are plugged in all the way.

If all the cables are in good working order, your next step is to check whether the issue is a display one or a computer one. This can be done by hooking a different monitor up to the computer. If you don’t have a second monitor, you can always test the HP monitor on a different computer. Once you have determined that the issue is with the monitor or the computer, you can choose the best course of action to fix the problem.

In most cases, if the issue is with the monitor, the monitor itself will need to be replaced. If the issue is with the computer, however, you may be able to fix the problem without having to purchase a new desktop. 

For computer problems, the two most common culprits for HP monitor screen issues (how to troubleshoot) is either a memory problem or a hard drive problem. One way to potentially fix a memory problem is to try to reset the electronics inside the monitor. This can be done by unplugging the monitor from power and waiting 60 seconds. Reconnect the monitor to power and turn it on.

Unfortunately, if your computer has a hard drive issue, it will typically require replacing the hard drive with a new one.

HP Monitor Screen Goes Black

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When the computer screen is black with no error messages displayed on the screen, the issue could be a problem with the computer or the display itself. Before you can fix the problem, however, you will need to determine what is causing the issue. This can be done by connecting a different monitor to your computer. If the monitor works, then the issue is with the original monitor. If it doesn’t work, then the issue is with the computer. 

If your HP monitor screen goes black, reset and update the computer’s BIOS. This can be done without seeing the screen. Restart or turn on the computer and begin pressing the F10 key repeatedly for 8 seconds, followed by pressing the Down Arrow key 3 times, and then press the Enter key twice.

This will cause the computer’s BIOS to reset and restart. If the screen is still black after the restart, there may be an issue with the graphics card. Updating your graphic card drivers may correct the problem. You can check the latest drivers for your computer by visiting the official HP website. 

HP Monitor Screen Is Blurry

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A blurry HP monitor screen is no laughing matter. Not only does it make working or playing on your computer harder, but it can cause eye strain and even headaches. Thankfully, the issue is usually a simple one to fix. 

If your HP monitor screen is blurry, the screen probably has the improper resolution. In the search field under the Start menu, type “Resolution” and then click on “Change Screen Resolution.” In the Advanced Display Settings, click “Resolution” and then select “Recommended.”

Select “Apply” to confirm the changes. Check your screen to see if the blurriness is fixed.

HP Monitor Screen Turns Green

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Nobody wants to see a green screen when they turn on their HP monitor. While this issue is an annoying one, there are a few things you can do to correct the problem.

An HP monitor screen that turns green is typically caused by a bad screen cable or a faulty display panel. Both issues could potentially be fixed yourself, especially if you have experience working on monitors.

However, since LCD screens contain various intricate parts, your best option may be to contact a repair technician or replace the monitor. Before you work on the monitor, make sure it is not still under warranty. If it is, you could potentially have the problem fixed without paying for it. 

HP Monitor Screen Cut Off

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A monitor screen that cuts off at the top, bottom, or sides will prevent you from seeing the full screen. This can prevent you from performing both professional and personal activities. Thankfully, the issue is usually one that can be resolved by correcting the monitor’s resolution rate. 

An HP monitor screen that cuts off is usually caused by an incorrect resolution rate. Another potential cause of the problem is an incorrect driver installed on the monitor. The good news is that these issues are usually easy to correct.

Open the “Resolution” page on your desktop and check the resolution. In most cases, the recommended resolution works the best. Try the recommended resolution first to see if that fixes the problem. If not, then change the resolution to 1920 x 1080. If the screen still cuts off, try downloading and installing the correct display driver for your desktop. This can be done by visiting the HP Software and Driver Downloads

HP Monitor Screen Not Centered

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While an HP monitor screen that is not centered can be annoying, the issue is usually not one to be too concerned about. In fact, you can usually fix the problem easily by performing a factory reset.

To fix an HP monitor screen that isn’t centered, locate the screen setting menu, which is generally found on the monitor. Find the “factory reset” button and press it down for 10 seconds. Once the button is released, the HP monitor will factory reset.

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The exact location where the screen setting menu will be depends on the model of your HP monitor. In most cases, the buttons are located under the screen or on the side of the monitor. Check your owner’s manual if you’re unsure where the menu is located.

HP Monitor Grey Screen

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Grey screens are no laughing matter. Not only does it prevent you from using the monitor as intended, but it could leave you with an expensive repair or replacement bill. However, before you rush out and get a new one, try the following troubleshooting steps. 

To fix an HP monitor with a grey screen, you will need to first restart the computer. As the Windows operating system loads, press and hold down the Power button for 10 seconds. This will cause the computer to shut down.

Repeat the process 3 times. This will cause Windows to boot up in recovery mode. Once in recovery mode, the Windows operating system will try to repair itself, which should correct the grey screen. If not, reach out to HP customer support for further assistance. The issue could be internal, which will require the help of a repair technician or a complete replacement of the monitor.

HP Monitor Not Showing Full Screen

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When your HP monitor won’t show the full screen, it interferes with your ability to work, stream movies, or even play computer games. Thankfully, the issue is typically caused by the monitor being set to the incorrect resolution. 

To fix an HP monitor not showing the full screen, press the Windows key while also pressing the R key. This will open the Settings screen. Select System > Display. Locate the Display Resolution section and ensure you have the correct resolution for your HP monitor selected.

If you’re unsure as to what the correct resolution is for your specific monitor, check with either your owner’s manual or by contacting HP customer service. They can tell you the correct resolution for your specific HP product.

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HP Monitor Pink Screen

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Turning on your monitor to see either a fully pink screen or a screen that is tinted pink is not fun. It can prevent you from using the computer as you would like. While the issue could potentially be a serious one requiring replacing the monitor, you should first test to see if the matter is caused by a bad driver or hardware failure. 

If your HP monitor has a pink screen, turn the computer off and back on. During the boot up process, press the F10 key repeatedly to access BIOS. If the pink screen is still showing in BIOS, the issue is a hardware failure.

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If, however, the pink screen goes away in BIOS, then the issue is with the graphics card drivers. To fix a pink screen caused by graphics card drivers, you will first need to uninstall the current drivers and then reinstall them. You will also need to ensure the drivers are updated as well.

HP Monitor Red Screen

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The color red sometimes signals that something is wrong. So it’s no surprise that seeing a red screen on your HP monitor can cause terror and stress. Thankfully, a red screen isn’t always as bad as it may seem, and is usually just a bad cable and not an actual problem with the monitor’s hardware. 

To fix an HP monitor with a red screen, check the monitor cable and look for any signs of damage or fraying. If damage is found, replace the cable as soon as possible. Consider seeking the help of a professional if you’re not comfortable replacing the cable yourself.

Even if you don’t see damage, consider replacing the cable as there may be an internal issue with the monitor cable resulting in the red screen.

HP Monitor Showing Lines On Screen

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While the lines on your HP monitor are not something you want to deal with, the issue is usually an easy one to fix. In most cases, the lines are caused by the cables connecting the computer to the monitor. When these cables are not properly connected, it can result in display problems, including lines showing on the screen.

When your HP monitor is showing lines on the screen, unplug all the video cables connecting the monitor to your computer. Inspect the ends of each cable for any broken, bent, or damaged pins. Replace any cables that have damaged pins.

If there are no damaged pins, reattach the cables, making sure they are securely connected from the computer to the monitor.

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HP Monitor Purple Screen

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Even if purple is your favorite color, you don’t want your HP monitor screen turning that color. This can disrupt your everyday computer use and just make working on the device more difficult than it has to be.

An HP monitor with a purple screen is typically the result of the computer’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) malfunctioning because of excessive heat. To prevent the computer from overheating and turning the screen purple, make sure to clean the heat sink.

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This will remove obstructions that can increase the chance of your computer overheating. Once the computer has cooled down, the purple screen shouldn’t be an issue. Keep in mind, however, that the computer will continue to overheat if the underlaying cause isn’t addressed. This could be an obstruction that prevents the computer from cooling down or a faulty computer fan. 

HP Monitor Screen Too Dark

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An HP monitor screen that is too dark is annoying, but rather easy to fix. The issue is caused by the display’s brightness being turned down too much, which causes the screen to look too dark.

To fix an HP monitor screen that is too dark, pull up the Windows Control Panel and then go to Power Options > Power Management. Find the brightness section, which will have a slider. Slide the slider to increase the brightness to your liking. Make sure to select “Save” to apply the changes.

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